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  • Dem Jews/GOP Jews WAS far more than 3 to 1 BUT NOW IT'S LESS than 2 to 1. I guess having a President who said "My Muslim Faith" twice helped.
  • On Martha’s Vineyard, 'Miss Me Yet?' Bush T-Shirts Are Outselling 'I Vacationed with Obama' Ones
  • Last combat troops are coming home from Iraq, a former President greets them. The current one vacations in MA.
  • Ann Coulter called World Net Daily 'a bunch of fake Christians' for pushing the Birther thing, this after WND dropped Coulter for planning to speak at GOProud's HomoCon event.
  • Obama’s job approval fell to 41%, the lowest level of his presidency, according to Gallup daily tracking poll released August 19.
  • 82% Say Voters Should Be Required to Show Photo ID
  • George Demos, GOP candidate for Congress from New York, challenged Obama to stand up for the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero that was destroyed on 9-11 and has been blocked by the Port Authority (which took over zoning for the entire area) from being rebuilt.
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being investigated for rape, hires Roman Polanski's Swiss lawyer. Liberal apologists start spinning in 3,2,1...
  • Judge: Somali Pirates Who Fired on U.S. Navy Are Not Really Pirates"
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