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Controversial Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into U.S. over Mexico border

Said Jaziri, who called for the death of a Danish cartoonist that drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, was being smuggled into California when he was arrested, along with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler.

If the Muzzies hate the Great Satan so much how come they keep wanting to sneak in?

Vice President Joe Biden told Jim Lehrer Thursday afternoon that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the target of anti-government demonstrations in Cairo, is someone he knows "fairly well" and does not consider to be a dictator.

After all, everyone knows Evil Dick Cheney was a dictator and Mubarak is nothing like him. Meanwhile, in the PC run amok file:

The Obama Administration has been pushing for a US Internet Kill Switch just like the one deployed in Egypt. Ironic, since the Internet's roots were ARPANET, designed to keep computers at universities and Defense installations linked together even in the event of a communist nuclear attack. But nothing can protect it from the communists within.

A last-minute decision to serve fried chicken and waffles at a campus dining hall in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. was a regrettable choice and lacked sensitivity, UC Irvine officials acknowledged Wednesday.

Because, you know, it is a stereotype that black people like chicken. At least they didn't serve chitterlings and watermelons.

Hawaii to Balance Budget by Selling Obama Birth Certificates

The state would charge $100 for a copy of President Obama’s birth records under a bill introduced in the Legislature by five Democrats. It would change a privacy law barring the release of birth records unless the person seeking them has a tangible interest. The bill has not been scheduled for a public hearing, and cannot move forward unless that happens. But the idea behind it is to end skepticism over Mr. Obama’s birthplace while raising a little money for a government.


The hula-hoop fad came and went, and at least when the excitement faded we were able to stick our hula-hoops in the garage, out of sight, out of mind. But with Obama, no, we gotta keep on hula-hoopin' for two more years. I also attribute part of the blame to the RNC for giving us Grampy McSame, and Palin for letting Katie Couric make her look stupid. If perky little Katie could do it, she wouldn't stand a chance against Putin. The best candidate out there for 2012 is Romney, but the GOP will self-destruct again, because the Evangelical base will never abide a "cultist Mormon" for President. Throw in the likely possiblity that the Great Recession will be over, and you're looking at another four years of The Messiah.

I think the result of this test case (a modern nation hitting the Internet Kill Switch) will backfire. Unable to surf to Facebook and Twitter, the people will flood the streets, and that’s precisely what Hosni does NOT want.

And by the way, it is the Obama Administration pushing for a US Internet Kill Switch. Ironic, since the Internet’s roots were ARPANET, designed to keep computers at Universities and Defense installations linked together even in the event of a communist nuclear attack. But nothing can protect it from the communists within.

Vice President Joe Biden told Jim Lehrer Thursday afternoon that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the target of anti-government demonstrations in Cairo, is someone he knows “fairly well” and does not consider to be a dictator.

After all, everyone knows Evil Dick Cheney was a dictator and Mubarak is nothing like him.

President Obama, please return your Nobel Peace Prize. Your support for the corrupt and repressive Mubarak regime shows you don’t deserve it.

Births for January 28

  • 1457 Henry VII, 1st Tudor king of England (1485-1509)
  • 1600 Clement IX, (Giulio Rospigliosi), Pistoia, Italy, 238th pope (1667-69
  • 1608 Giovanni Alfonso Borelli, Italian physiologist
  • 1611 Johannes Hevelius, Danzig, astronomer (star cataloger)
  • 1693 Anna "Ivanovna", tsarina of Russia (1730-40) (2/7 NS)
  • 1706 John Baskerville, English printer (typeface inventor)
  • 1717 Moestafa III, Sultan (Turkey)
  • 1768 Frederick VI, Danish king (1808-39); lost Norway to Sweden (1814)
  • 1775 Peter the Great, Russia
  • 1791 Louis-J-F H‚rold, France, opera composer (Zampa)
  • 1815 Andrew Jackson Hamilton, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 187
  • 1818 George Sewall Boutwell, MC (Union), died in 1905
  • 1822 Alexander MacKenzie, (L) 2nd PM of Canada (1873-78)
  • 1825 George Edward Pickett, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1875
  • 1828 Thomas Carmichael Hindman, Mjr Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1868
  • 1831 Henry Brevard Davidson, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1899
  • 1833 Charles George Gordon, England, military hero (China, Khartoum)
  • 1841 Henry Stanley, journalist/explorer (found Livingston in Africa)
  • 1853 Jos‚ Mart¡ y Perez, Cuba, poet/essayist/politician
  • 1855 William Seward Burroughs, inventor (recording adding machine)
  • 1858 M Eugne F T Dubois, geologist/paleontologist
  • 1865 Kaarlo Juho St†hlberg, 1st president of Finland (1919-25)
  • 1869 Ozaki Koyo, Japan, novelist/essayist/haiku poet (The Heart)
  • 1873 "Sidonie Gabrielle" Colette, Burgundy France, novelist (Ch‚ri, Gigi)
  • 1880 Mary Boland, US, comedienne/actress (Ruggles of Red Gap)
  • 1884 Auguste Piccard, Switzerland, scientist/explorer (balloonist)
  • 1884 Jean Felix Piccard, Switzerland, scientist/explorer (balloonist)
  • 1884 Lucien H d'Azambuja, France, astronomer (chromosome of sun)
  • 1886 Artur Rubinstein, L¢dz Poland, pianist
  • 1892 Ernst Lubitsch, Germany, actor (Love Parade)
  • 1897 Valentin Katayev, Odessa Ukraine, novelist/playwright (Embezzled)
  • 1898 Wies Moens, Flemish writer/nazi
  • 19-- Joel Crothers, actor (Edge of Night)
  • 19-- Susan Buckner, Seattle Wash, actress (George-Hardy Boys)
  • 1900 Anni Holdmann, Germany, 100m runner (Olympic-1928)
  • 1900 Hermann Kesten, German writer (Allert de Lange)
  • 1903 Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, crystallographer (1st woman in Royal Society)
  • 1905 Gaston R‚bry, Flemish cyclist
  • 1906 Allan Walker, actor/writer (Red Buttons Show)
  • 1908 Hans (Hendrik AJ) Tieme˜er, actor/director/writer (Fear)
  • 1910 Arnold Moss, NYC, actor (Loves of Carmen, Kim, Qu‚bec, Viva Zapata)
  • 1910 John Banner, Vienna Austria, actor (Hans Schultz-Hogan's Heroes)
  • 1912 Jackson Pollack, abstract artist (Lavender Mist)
  • 1918 Vito Scotti, SF Calif, actor (Flying Nun, Barefoot in the Park)
  • 1918 Wilson Ferreira Aldunate, Uruguayan politician/human rights worker
  • 1922 Robert W Holley, US, biochemist, worked with RNA (Nobel '68)
  • 1924 Frank R Lautenberg, (Sen-D-NJ)
  • 1928 Slade Gorton, (Sen-R-WA, 1981- )
  • 1929 Claes Oldenburg, US Pop artist (Happenings, Alphabet/Good Humor)
  • 1932 Thomas J Bliley Jr, (Rep-R-VA, 1981- )
  • 1932 William Parry O'Brien, Calif, shot putter, (Olympic-gold-52, 56)
  • 1933 Susan Sontag, NYC, author/film director (Benefactor, 1966 Pol Award)
  • 1934 Bill White, US, 1st baseman (Cards)/announcer (Yanks)/pres (NL)
  • 1936 Alan Alda, (Alphonso D'Abruzzo), NYC, actor (Hawkeye Pierce-M*A*S*H)
  • 1939 John M Fabian, Goosecreek Tx, Col USAF/astronaut (STS 7, STS 51G)
  • 1942 Hansdjrgen B„umler, Germany, pairs ice skater (Olympic-silver-1948)
  • 1942 Sjoukje Dijkstra, Netherlands, figure skater (Olympic-gold-1964)
  • 1943 Dick Taylor, rock vocalist (Pretty Thing-Cry on Me)
  • 1943 John Beck, Chic, actor (Mark-Dallas, Flamingo Road, Santa Barbara)
  • 1943 Susan Howard, Marshall Tx, actress (Donna-Dallas, Petrocelli)
  • 1944 Brian Keenan, rock drummer (Chamber Bros-Time Has Come Today)
  • 1944 Martin Fried, rocker (Cyrkle-Red Rubber Ball)
  • 1946 Renne Jarrett, Bkln NY, actress (Nancy)
  • 1946 Rick Allen, rocker (Box Tops-Letter)
  • 1949 Thomas J Downey, (Rep-D-NY, 1975- )
  • 1950 Barbi Benton, (Klein), Calif, Playboy model (Hee Haw, Sugar Time!)
  • 1950 David C Hilmers, Iowa, Col USMC/astronaut (STS 51-J, 26, 36, 42)
  • 1950 Leonid Konstantinovich Kadenyuk, Russia, colonel/cosmonaut
  • 1954 Anicee Alvina, Paris France, actress (Friends)
  • 1954 Shawn Murray, rocker (Mink DeVille)
  • 1956 Peter Schilling, rocker
  • 1959 Dave Sharp, rocker (Alarm-In the Summertime)
  • 1960 John Caliri, Providence RI, actor (Vinnie-Square Pegs, Double Trouble
  • 1961 Luann L Lee, Santa Monica Ca, playmate (Jan, 1987)
  • 1963 Danny Spitz, heavy metal guitarist (Anthrax-Protest & Survive)
  • 1981 Elijah Wood, actor
  • 1985 Athina Onassis, daughter of Christina

Passings for January 28

  • 814 Charlemagne, German emperor/Roman Emperor (800-814), dies at 71
  • 1119 Gelasius II, (Giovannis Caetani), pope (1118-19), dies
  • 1256 William of Holland, Holy Roman emperor, dies at about 28
  • 1393 Earl of Joigny, burned at royal ball
  • 1528 Philips of Kleef, gentleman of Ravenstein, dies
  • 1547 Henry VIII, King of England (1509-47), dies at 55
  • 1560 John a Lasco, (John Laski), Polish nobleman/reformed theologist
  • 1595 Sir Francis Drake, English navigator, dies at about 50
  • 1621 Paulus V, (Camillo Borghese), 233rd pope (1605-21), dies
  • 1687 Johannes Hevelius, astronomer (star cataloger), dies on 76th birthday
  • 1754 Ludvig Holberg, Danish lawyer/writer (Hendrig og Pernille)
  • 1810 Andrew Hofer, Tyrolian rebel against French & Bavarians, is shot
  • 1829 William Burke, murderer/body snatcher, executed in Edinburgh
  • 1903 Robert Planquette, French composer (Cantinire, Nel Gwynne), dies
  • 1918 John McCrae, Canadian poet & physician, dies
  • 1924 Simon Abramsz, writer (Artist book), dies
  • 1935 Michail M Ippolitov-Ivanov, Russian composer/conductor, dies
  • 1938 Bernd Rosemeyer, German race car driver, dies
  • 1939 William Butler Yeats, Irish poet, dies in France at 73
  • 1957 Fred Stein, TV panelist (Live Begins at 80), dies at 88
  • 1959 Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker of Israel Knesset (1949-59), dies at 73
  • 1963 Jean Felix Piccard, swiss explorer, dies on his 79th birthday
  • 1965 Johan Fiolet, actor/director, dies
  • 1972 Cut Wagemaker, (Adrian B), statue artist, dies
  • 1973 John Banner, actor (Schultz-Hogan's Heroes), dies on 62nd birthday
  • 1975 Antonin Nov¢tny, Czechoslovakian president, dies
  • 1977 Burt Mustin, actor (All in the Family, Andy Griffith Show), dies at 9
  • 1980 Jimmy Durante, NYC, comedian (Jimmy Durante Show), dies at 86
  • 1984 John Macvane, newscaster (United or Not), dies at 71
  • 1986 Christa McAuliffe, astronaut, dies in Challenger disaster
  • 1986 Ellison S Onizuka, Hawaii, Mjr USAF/ast, dies in Challenger disaster
  • 1986 Francis R Scobee, Wash, USAF/astronaut, dies in Challenger disaster
  • 1986 Judith Arlene Resnik, Akron Oh, astr, dies in Challenger disaster
  • 1986 Michael J Smith, Beaufort NC, Cmdr USN, astr, dies in Challenger
  • 1986 Ronald E McNair, Lake City SC, astr, dies in Challenger disaster
  • 1991 Dale Long, hit HRs in 8 consecutive games, dies at 66
  • 1992 Clark Tippet, dancer/choreographer, dies at 37
  • 1992 Nahman Avigad, Israeli archaeologist (Discovering Jerusalem), dies

Special events for January 28

  • 1099 1st Crusaders begins seige of Hosn-el-Akrad Syria
  • 1393 Fire during Royal Ball at Paris, 4 die (Ball of the Ardents)
  • 1495 Pope gives his son Cesare Borgia as hostage to Charles VIII of France
  • 1547 9-year-old Edward VI succeeds Henry VIII as king of England
  • 1561 By Edict of Orleans persecution of French Huguenots is suspended
  • 1581 James VI signs the 2nd Confession of Faith in Scotland
  • 1613 Galileo may have unknowingly viewed undiscovered planet Neptune
  • 1787 Philadelphia's Free Africa Society organizes
  • 1788 Lord Gordon found guilty of libel of queen of France
  • 1807 London's Pall Mall is 1st street lit by gaslight
  • 1814 Stendahl's 1st book is published
  • 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles 1st lands in Singapore
  • 1821 Bellingshausen discovers Alexander Island off Antarctica
  • 1824 William Kneass becomes 3rd US chief engraver (1824-40)
  • 1830 The opera "Fra Diavolo" is produced (Paris)
  • 1846 Battle of Allwal, Brits beat Sikhs in Punjab (India)
  • 1848 King of Naples grants his subjects a constitution
  • 1851 Northwestern University (Chicago) chartered
  • 1858 John Brown organized raid on Arsenal at Harper's Ferry
  • 1860 Britain formally returns Mosquito Coast to Nicaragua
  • 1864 Battle of New Bern, NC
  • 1865 Pres Jefferson Davis names 3 peace commissioners
  • 1871 Paris surrenders to Prussians
  • 1875 J Palisa discovers asteroid #142 Polana
  • 1878 1st telephone exchange (New Haven, CT)
  • 1878 George W Coy hired as 1st full-time telephone operator
  • 1878 Yale Daily News published, 1st college daily newspaper
  • 1889 A Charlois discovers asteroid #282 Clorinde
  • 1899 American Social Science Association incorporated by Congress
  • 1909 A Kopff discovers asteroid #679 Pax
  • 1909 US milt forces leave Cuba for 2nd time
  • 1911 Frenchman Henri Rougier wins 1st Rally of Monte Carlo
  • 1915 1st US ship lost in WW I, William P Frye (carrying wheat to UK)
  • 1915 US Coast Guard created from Life Saving & Revenue Cutter services
  • 1915 US Pres Wilson refuses to prohibit immigration of illiterates
  • 1916 1st Jewish Supreme Court justice, Louis Brandeis, nominated
  • 1916 German colony of Cameroon surrenders to Britain & France
  • 1916 The opera "Goyescas" is 1st performed (NYC)
  • 1917 M Wolf discovers asteroid #862 Franzia
  • 1918 Strike on Berlin ammunition's factory
  • 1918 Trotsky become the leader of the Reds
  • 1922 American Pro Football Association renamed "National Football League"
  • 1922 J E Clair turns Green Bay franchise back to NFL
  • 1923 1st "Reichs Party" (NSDAP) forms in Munich
  • 1923 Demonstration against a Dutch University in Ghent
  • 1923 NSDAP 1st election in Munich
  • 1925 -46ø F (-43ø C), Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (state record)
  • 1927 M Wolf discovers asteroid #1069 Planckia
  • 1927 Serbian-Croatian-Slavic govt of Oezonowitsj falls
  • 1928 Christopher Hornsrud chosen PM of Norway at age 101
  • 1930 K Reinmuth discovers asteroids #1143 Odysseus & #1144 Oda
  • 1932 1st US state unemployment insurance act enacted-Wisconsin
  • 1932 Japan occupies Shanghai
  • 1933 French cabinet of Paul & Boncour falls
  • 1933 German cabinet of von Schleicher falls
  • 1934 1st US ski tow (rope) begins operation, Woodstock, Vermont
  • 1938 A Patry discovers asteroid #1516 Henry
  • 1942 German troops occupy Benghazi Libya
  • 1943 Forward Doug Bentley sets NHL record with 5 points in a game
  • 1945 Gen "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell & truck convoy reopen Burma Road to China
  • 1947 "Bay Psalm" book auctioned for a record $151,000
  • 1950 Goethe Link Observatory discovers asteroid #1615 Bardwell
  • 1950 Preston Tucker, auto maker, found not guilty of mail fraud
  • 1953 J Fred Muggs (the chimp) joins NBC's "Today Show"
  • 1953 WJTV TV channel 12 in Jackson, MS (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1956 Elvis Presley's 1st TV appearance (Dorsey Bros Stage Show)
  • 1956 Elvis' 1st TV appearance "Dorsey Brothers Show"
  • 1958 Construction began on 1st private thorium-uranium nuclear reactor
  • 1958 Dodger catcher Roy Campanella is paralyzed in an automobile wreck
  • 1959 Soviet Union wins 62-37 for 1st international basketball loss by US
  • 1960 1st photograph bounced off Moon, Washington DC
  • 1960 Goon Show's final episode on BBC
  • 1960 NFL announces Dallas Cowboys (1960) & Minn Vikings (1961) franchises
  • 1961 Republic of Rwanda proclaimed
  • 1962 Johanne Relleke gets stung by bees 2,443 times in Rhodesia & survives
  • 1963 -34ø F (-37ø C), Cynthiana, Kentucky (state record)
  • 1967 Rolling Stones release "Let's Spend the Night Together"
  • 1969 Barbara Jo Rubin becomes 1st woman jockey to win in N America
  • 1973 "Barnaby Jones" premiers on CBS TV
  • 1973 Henry Boucha, Detroit Red Wings, scores 6 sec into a game vs Mont
  • 1973 Ron Howard appears on M*A*S*H in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"
  • 1976 NBA Atlanta Hawks begin a 28 game road losing streak
  • 1978 "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Montalban premiers on ABC TV
  • 1982 K Jensen & K Augustesen discovers asteroid #3309 Brorfelde
  • 1984 E Bowell discovers asteroid #3064 Zimmer
  • 1984 LA Kings stop Wayne Gretsky 51 game scoring streak
  • 1984 Mr Glynn Wolfe marries for non-bigamous record 26th time, Las Vegas
  • 1984 Record 295,000 dominoes toppled, Fuerth, W Germany
  • 1986 25th Space Shuttle (51L)-Challenger 10 explodes 73 sec after liftoff
  • 1986 Angolian Unity Leader Jonas Savimbi visits Washington, DC
  • 1987 T Niijima & T Urata discovers asteroid #3585
  • 1987 Wrestler Jim Neidhart indicted for assaulting a flight attendant
  • 1990 Defending champion Ivan Lendl beats Stefan Edberg for Australian Open
  • 1991 "A Closer Look" with Faith Daniels premiers on NBC-TV
  • 1991 18th Annual American Music Awards
  • 1991 Dictator Siad Barre flees Somalia ending 22 year rule

Songs for date January 28

  • 01/28/49 --- Careless Hands (Kaye, Sammy)
  • 01/28/56 --- No, Not Much! (Four Lads)
  • 01/28/56 --- Moriat-Theme From A Three Penny Opera (Hyman Trio, Dick)
  • 01/28/67 --- Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Casinos)
  • 01/28/67 --- Gimme Some Lovin' (Davis, Spencer)
  • 01/28/67 --- Beat Goes On, The (Sonny & Cher)
  • 01/28/78 --- Thunder Island (Ferguson, Jay)
  • 01/28/84 --- New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)
  • 01/28/84 --- I Want A New Drug (Lewis, Huey & The News)
  • 01/28/84 --- Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Lauper, Cyndi)
  • 01/28/89 --- Don't Tell Me Lies (Breathe)
  • 01/28/89 --- Roni (Brown, Bobby)
  • 01/28/89 --- Paradise City (Guns N' Roses)
  • 01/28/89 --- Lost In Your Eyes (Gibson, Debbie)
  • 01/28/89 --- My Heart Can't Tell You No (Stewart, Rod)
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