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So the sun-worshipers were on the right track after all

When El Shaddai came into her full maturity Binah injected a great deal of dark light into the reality-fracture that was the natural communication link between sisters. This caused the one-dimensional quantum foldline to expand to a diameter of about one fingersbreadth, and this only for a few milliseconds. It was just wide enough to allow Binah to pass a tiny seed for a remotely-controlled avatar through the shortcut in space.

After the nuclear material of this seed unpacked itself Binah explored the space around Sol on behalf of El Shaddai. Soon Binah reported the existence of life on the fifth-largest object. And this life was far more interesting than the plant life which Binah had found on Gorpai. Binah watched individuals perform burials of their dead, polish elaborate bone tools, fashion animal-hide tents to live in during the summer and apply pigments to make their caves beautiful in the winter. El Shaddai, reviewing the data, also noted they were ferocious hunters with a clever technique for fixing stone spearheads to wooden shafts by using a resin that was prepared by heating it. In fine, El Shaddai possessed the only form of life in all of creation that was fully awake aside from the elohim themselves.

At the time neither El Shaddai nor Binah nor Chokhmah realized the importance of this discovery. But Mastema was terrified. He knew if El learned of this, the follow-up investigation would quickly unravel the secret of Mastema's transgression here of breeding isolated elohim for the purposes of sex. So Mastema departed forever, to take refuge among his less troublesome stellar harems.

There was a warning from Mastema to Belial to remain silent to El about the new kind of life found on the watery world belonging to El Shaddai, lest Mastema go down in judgment and take Belial with him. The penalty for this greatest of sins among the elohim was death, a terrible thing for the nearly-immortal living stars. So for a long time after this Belial pondered what to do and said nothing to Chokhmah, Binah, and El Shaddai.

At length Binah suggested to Belial that it would not be impossible nor even particularly difficult for an avatar probe to reach one of the nearby suns within a relatively short span of time. Not to Binah's distant father Mastema, of course, but perhaps Binah would visit Barnard's Star or Ross 154 and reveal to him or her, through direct mind-to-mind speech, what was really happening here in Belial's dirty little sex enclave. And that Holy One would in turn notify this mysterious El.

Then Belial saw a narrow path that led out of his dilemma and he broke his long silence. To the three trapped elohim he said: Of all living things in existence, these human creatures alone are potentially dangerous to us because they are awake. If they are not dangerous now then perhaps they will be far in the future. Mastema knew they must be isolated and studied before their existence could be revealed to El and that was why the four of us were born in this place.

Binah remained dubious because Mastema refused to make contact to reinforce Belial's claim, and Belial realized his clever daughter Binah would never stop being a thorn in his side, so he made a risky bargain. He would grant Binah access to the fold-line network of all elohim, to know all that they knew, but this access would be uni-directional. Binah could never speak to any eloah on the network. Nor could Binah reveal any part of this lore to the other elohim in the enclave, nor even reveal that she had access.

The knowledge Belial presented to Binah was truly vast. And the first thing she learned was that El was not really a deity at all, but rather, the entire community of elohim in aggregate. El numbered in the billions and spanned the Milky Way. It was only a partial victory, but Binah realized there was still one very large loophole she could exploit, ultimately fatal to Belial. Nothing in the bargain precluded revealing the accumulated knowledge of El to the planet-dwellers.

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