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This is Audacity 1.3.7 running natively on Puppy Linux. Previously I had only been able to get it to run in the Windows version under Wine. To get it to work I needed to install libiconv.1.13 and jack 0.116.1. Audacity is a great audio editor, but on this computer, I cannot use it to record anything I generate on my soundcard because this piece of crap $300 Compaq doesn't have a loopback circuit on the sound card. That will soon be remedied by installing a USB external sound card.

Audacity can be used to convert .WAV files to .MP3 and vice versa, but one must go to Preferences and get it to find the MP3 codec in the lib directory. I use lame. Audacity is totally free. One time in my bad old Windows Days I paid actual money for Voyetra's AudioSurgeon, which nagged the hell out of me with an activation code every time I reinstalled it (which was every time my old computer crapped out or Windows 98 itself had to be reinstalled) and eventually this activation server was shut down. Other audio software allowed .WAV to .MP3 conversions but it counted how many times you did it, and when you hit twenty conversions, you had to shell out money to activate the service permanently.

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