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IDF Major Lilith Gervasi has led a full and crazy life, and it's about to get fuller and crazier.

Lilith Gervasi was the daughter of English parents Benjamin and Edith Gervasi and at fifty-six years of age she was the oldest of the five "volunteers", having been born a few years before World War II. Lilith was a survivor of Ohrdruf Nord, the first Nazi concentration camp to be liberated by the US Third Army and she had the numerals 271828 tattooed on her arm. It was a tragic irony, therefore, that Lilith found herself in the hands of an American, distaff version of Doctor Mengele, but Jews on the whole haven't fared so well in America in the wake of the "limited" exchange of nuclear warheads that terminated the 1973 Yom Kippur War. She signed up to avoid deportation to the radioactive wasteland that was Eretz Yisrael.

Too young to have served in the War of Liberation, she was a sergeant in the Sinai in the '56 war, and a captain in the '67 war, but by '73 the religious right in Israel had prevailed to keep women out of combat roles, and Lilith was not allowed to enter the country when the call to overseas reservists went out. It was just as well, she might have been incinerated, or barring that, would certainly have died of radiation poisoning later.

The final slide in Dr. Amanda Trochmann's presentation wasn't a still image at all, but a digital video file of the actual drug trial involving Lilith Gervasi, filmed the day before in what resembled an operating room, but Dr. Roland thought it resembled a pornographic shoot a lot more, for Lilith was nude, and there was a second camera pointed right between the woman's legs presenting a close-up for the team to watch as the drug took effect.

There's the transition, Dr. Trochmann. Shit! Blink and you miss it.

In Lilith's crotch shot, she was now sporting a brand new penis, uncircumcised, as well as her original vulva just below it. And she had grown at least six inches, instantaneously, for her knees were now elevated.

I did miss it, Mandy said. Rewind the video.

They tried to comply, but they couldn't find the footage where Lilith had no penis, not even when they reached the beginning of the file. As far as the record was concerned, Lilith had been mutated from the very beginning. But absolutely everyone attending the experiment knew that wasn't the case.

And absolutely no one could explain any of it. But Pharmadigm was sufficiently frightened that they invoked an emergency protocol and transferred everyone, everything to Hanford, the whole shooting match.

The chromosome studies showed that only one half of Lilith's sex chromosome pair was modified. She is now XZ, not XX like Robyn and Jill, or YZ like Jerry. That covers all the bases, because YY doesn't work."

Except that I don't believe a word of it, Roland said.

We're ready for that, Amanda said. We have one more volunteer. We will administer the drug with yourself attending, and you can define the parameters of the experiment any way you like.

And assuming that convinces me, Dr. Trochmann, what is it, exactly, you're asking the CDC to do?

It should be obvious. Every chromosome is changed, Dr. Roland. Faster than fast. Even their gametes. They can pass these changes along to their children. So we're really talking about a new species here. I'm asking for sterilization, right after you see what it does to Mike.

You've got four right now, but you're asking to sterilize five of them, right after you make the fifth one?

Mike Morrich is black, she said, and Roland's objection melted away.

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