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Courtroom sketch of Talishi on trial for inciting infidelity to Belial.

When Lord Israel had sufficient force to move against Talishi without the consent of King Gordiel, the task would have been quite impossible for him if Talishi's closest disciple Khondiel had been present to protect her good friend and teacher. But Talishi, who wished to bring matters to a head, sent Khondiel and all her Fallen Angels away to bring a collection of food to a hungry village far from Aramel, and this provided a narrow window of opportunity for the Eyes of Belial to scoop her up.

Talishi was placed naked in a cubical wooden cage and taken to the city of Belial. There after many torments and humiliations, she was put through a public trial to incriminate herself by her own words so there would be no doubt among the people that her teachings blasphemed the god of House Gerash. Lord Israel served as the prosecutor, while Khondiel, through a special waiver in the law forbidding yen to work, served in her defense.

The ordeal went on for many days, as Israel attempted to trip Talishi up with riddle-words, but he was dealing with an advanced composite being, both eloah and nephil, and Talishi had a suitable answer at every turn. Israel was too stupid to realize he was being soundly beaten, but it did- n't matter, since the outcome of the trial was foreordained.

On the last day Israel turned to the words of Talishi's Sunset Discourse in Aramel, which had been preserved as scripture in a growing collection of books called the Buron.

He said, I find it interesting that you always say 'she who embraces Chokhmah' meaning yen. Do you imply that all yen are your disciples?

Talishi replied, Sadly, no, the patriarchal mind-set is not confined to your gender. By these things you shall know a yin is not my disciple: She is caught up in every fad and does not affirm her uniqueness. She grows annoyed at situations she cannot help, and so she is perpetually angry. Controversies that divide yin and stir up the disciples attract her. Assuredly, no yin who does these things can call herself my disciple.

Israel said, And yet, contrary to the Laws of Belial and the edicts of the Gerash Patriarch Kirodiel, you employ your disciples at labor, and call them Fallen Angels, which some say is an army of females.

Talishi said, A patriarch gathers the wealth and scatters the people. The Fallen Angels scatter the wealth and gather the people.

Israel asked, So you espouse redistributionism?

Talishi replied, I espouse only giving yin work that draws them together in service of their sisters. There is no overlap with the work of yeng.

Israel said, Where do yang fit into your schemes, Talishi?

Talishi said, Just as humans were called out of the animals and given free will, and just as nephilim were called out of the humans to have a closer relationship with the gods here in this world, I call the Fallen Angels out of the nephilim that they may unite and nourish one another.

Israel asked, Do you mean lesbian separatism? I point out that such a thing is considered completely unnatural by all our ancient traditions.

Talishi replied, It is natural to stink. It is our frequent bathing and use of perfumes which are unnatural. Do you suggest turning back the clock on personal hygiene? To the Fallen Angels, the word "unnatural" simply means "not on the level of animals.

Israel ran completely out of arguments. He told the judge there no further questions. The judge ordered a recess before the defense could begin.

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