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"I didn't sign up for none of this shit."

After Dr. Earl Roland of the CDC examined Robyn, Jerry, Jill and Lilith for himself he took Pharmadigm up on their offer and conducted the final drug trial on Michael Morrich under conditions totally of his own design. Roland chose the operating room and brought in his own cameras and recording equipment. Of the Pharmadigm team, only Amanda Trochmann was permitted to attend, and that only in the role of an observer who was not permitted to touch any of the apparatus. Of the CDC, only Roland was present.

Amanda could produce no video evidence of Lilith's transition from unmutated human to whatever she was now, but that was not the extent of the problem. Even the charts she had worked up on Lilith and the others seemed to have been altered somehow, after the fact. As far as the medical evidence went, Lilith and the others had the "Z" chromosome from the very beginning and also the physical changes associated with it. The situation was so unusual that Roland couldn't help but suspect it was an elaborate hoax, and if he could prove that, the government would come down on Pharmadigm like a ton of bricks. But Amanda swore up one side and down the other that she didn't understand what has happening.

Therefore when Roland satisfied himself that Mike Morrich was fully human he transmitted two copies of the chart to his office in Washington by two different routes, fax and hand courier, using people he knew and trusted. Then he prepared to administer the drug himself. But all these preparations were to no avail. He would never capture the transition moment.

Before Roland even pushed the plunger to administer the drug, before Mike's crotch-cam was activated and set to record, his tormentors saw that his crotch was already changed, with two penises, and he had grown a foot taller. Mike wasn't going to get a Near Death Experience. It was enough, apparently, that Roland was on track to give him the drug. Actually giving him the drug was a side note. There was a muffled curse from Mandy.

A disturbed Earl Roland reviewed Mike's chart once again. It was completely different, in so many ways it wasn't funny, yet never once was the chart out of Roland's eyeshot. Amanda Trochmann never went near it. Days later, when he returned to the CDC office, he would compare the chart to the two he sent by plane and fax, and they would be identical in every respect, even down to the artifacts of the copy machine.

Roland was frightened. Turning to Amanda Trochmann he said, You have the go-ahead on sterilization. Spay and neuter the whole bunch. But it doesn't matter because none of these people will ever leave this installation.

Roland said this with Mike Morrich fully conscious and aware of what he was saying, since the drug was never administered to him, but Roland didn't care. And Mike was now in direct mental contact with Jill Pennell, so she and the other three "volunteers" knew what was about to happen to all of them, that they would be rendered incapable of reproduction and imprisoned in the Hanford facility for the rest of their lives.

Presently there was a phone call for Roland. This is Sergeant Jim Lasker in Building 1002 at Pearl. Sorry to disturb you Dr. Roland, but you wanted to be informed if any of the five subjects escaped. Jerry Aspin just punched his way out of his holding pen.

How did he get out? Roland snapped off with rage.

We're not sure at this point, Doctor. There was an explosion. But we're getting hits on the motion sensors. Don't worry, Doctor, we'll get him.

I didn't sign up for any of this shit, said Mike, jumping off the examination table, and he simply walked out of the room. Roland and Trochmann were too spooked and astonished to stop him, and by Roland's own contrivance there was no other manpower present to bring Mike to heel.

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