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Belial equates nudity with shame, and thinks that alone is sufficient to discredit Talishi among her disciples.

Talishi had been paraded nude in a small cube made of wooden poles all across the Middle Lands of Gorpai to put lie to her teachings about the power of Chokhmah over the hearts of yin. After a season she had been brought to the outskirts of the last holdout city of Aramel in the far west, to taunt her supporters there by day. At night, a black canvas tent was put up around Talishi's cage, with a fire at the mouth of this tent, yet she still suffered greatly, for it was never warm.

One night Israel entered this tent, and even by the flicking light of the fire behind the prophet Talishi could discern immediately that a profound change had overtaken him. He was no longer solely Israel, but was now possessed by Belial, and there was a haughty look to the yang, as though he actually had something to gloat about.

Talishi said, If you think to impress me, Belial, you'll have to try harder. Bat-El did the same thing a hundred generations of humans ago.

Belial was suddenly angry. I never knew that!

Obviously Bat-El never found it necessary to inform you. I hardly need to ask if Israel had any choice in this possession.

Belial made a dismissive gesture, as though swatting an insect.

See, that's where we differ, Belial. Talishi agreed to my possession only after being fully informed of the consequences. In the case of Bat-El, she chose an infant male human whose parents made the choice for him. Binah has not yet sought incarnation, and El Shaddai has sworn never to do it. That might be the most wise course to take, for the changes go both ways you know. If you kill this body I will not take another one.

What do you mean?

Certainly you realize, Belial, that this planet-dweller flesh you inhabit is a composite being whose personality reflects only seven parts in ten of your original self, and three parts in ten remain Israel. Binah says it's built right into the process, and has to do with the way memories are established in these monkey brains. The longer your ego remains down here walking around Gorpai as a nephil the longer this composite being is mapped back onto your eloah self. And if you engage in a series of such possessions you risk the total dissolution of your original self.

This has not happened to Bat-El. She could not hide such a thing.

Bat-El fancies herself a healer, her solution is biological. Self-rejuvenating flesh. Binah is working on a technological solution, of course, because Binah is, well . . . Binah. But now you possess a body and you are equipped to actually go visit Yeshua Bat-El in Nyduly Wood, if you have a care to do so. I am certain she will offer immense hospitality.

I look forward to meeting, instead, your beloved Princess Khondiel, right here at Aramel. I remember my victory over her in the courtroom.

Don't be a reckless fool, Belial. Khondiel's dolls have been operating in this area for years. Doing good. She's got a whole network of favors she could call in if you push her head on, and overnight you could find yourself facing more problems than you've ever had to deal with before in your brief life as a nephil, which would suddenly have an even shorter timespan going forward.

No one is that good, Chokhmah. Surely no yin is that good. But it doesn't matter. Khondiel has at least one fatal weakness. That weakness, of course, is yourself. Certainly you cannot have failed to discern that you are being offered as bait for the destruction of the Fallen Angels.

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