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I want to log every Tweet that uses the #tcot hashtag, even when I'm asleep, but Twitter doesn't have this feature. Enter Puppy Linux and the pschedule program, which is a GUI front end for editing crontab. And crontab in turn is the configuration file for the cron daemon. I set it up as shown, and every minute, just like a clock, the cron daemon wakes up and issues a wget command to grab the latest search results for "tcot" from Twitter. And my root directory fills up with html files which are snapshots of what's going on in #tcot.

I also used it to log the #scripture chatroom on Undernet because Edub provides a feed to his website. But he didn't like me hammering his site every sixty seconds and blocked my IP. Pschedule is not just for logging websites. I could add a job to clear out the root directory once a day by moving the log files to a hard drive, for instance. Or run a script once a week to unmount a hard drive, run fsck on it to check for and repair any errors, and remount the drive. The idea is to get the machine to do all the work.

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