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Lilith leads her group on a hike that's out of this world, so to speak.

I've decided on what to call our little group, Lilith said as she walked north along a forgotten woods road with Robyn, Jill, Jerry and Mike. We are the Gervasi Crime Family now.

But we're not really gonna do crimes, right? Robyn asked.

Not really. No. It's just funny in an ironic sort of way. Certainly Belial will consider us criminals. And we did bust out of jail just now. Stay on this dirt road until we get where we're going. There's a lot of intentional and unintentional booby traps around here. Mine shafts and that sort of thing. Very dangerous. This land has been abused.

You seem to know it very well, Mike said.

I know where we're going even better, Lilith replied. In fact, the name of the place we're heading for is literally The Land We Know.

Why that name?

Because I helped to make it.

How does one get to be a star? Jill asked, sincerely curious.

Didn't your mum tell you the one about the birds and the bees?

You know what I mean.'

Well, stars don't get around a lot, so we're really just talking about phone sex. What happens to the female at the climax of star phone sex is there's a kind of ripple that goes out from her, like on a pond, but it's a sphere, not a circle, and it moves at the speed of light. Months and years go by. If that ripple finds a core of nuclear material that is hot enough, but not too hot, and isn't already a living star, then it fertilizes the part of that core that is the right temperature. A layer of the core organizes itself into a girl eloah. Mom can do this exactly twice. On the second time, she is transformed permanently into a male eloah. That means ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of elohim are male.

The competition for female elohim must be something fierce, Robyn said.

You said it. This leads to all sorts of bizarre behavior from the males, and some of that is illegal and immoral. So we get our Belials.

They arrived at a pond of calm water surrounded by a berm of earth in the shape of a 'C' ring. Lilith jumped in without further ado, fully clothed, and the others knew she expected them to follow. The water was icy cold, but counter-intuitively it got warmer and lighter the deeper one went. They followed Lilith head first and the water grew comfortably warm. They broke the surface and could see varnished wooden decks, towels, plus a dozen striking women to help them out of the water and offer to dry them off.

I'm using this body, Bat-El, Lilith said, to give a heads' up.

I met one of your people before, Yeshua Bat-El said with a smile.

Jerry sat himself down at Yeshua's feet, and the others were shocked at the transformation of his swagger into genuine humility. Jerry said, I apologize for what I said here before, sir. I didn't think you were real.

No offense taken, son. Forget it ever happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, ah . . .Jesus.

The one and only, Yeshua said.

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