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This is where Yeshua Bat-El spends a lot of his time in the Land We Know. He deserves it.

How did we get to this place? Mike Morrich asked Yeshua when the floor was open for questions. "How" was his main thing. Mike had been left in the dark as to how to escape Hanford and he was still sensitive about that.

Does the concept of a wormhole mean anything to you? Yeshua asked in reply but Mike shook his head. Einstein-Rosen bridge? It's a natural facet of living suns. We were endowed by our creator with links which go from daughter to mother star, bringing point A and point B close together no matter how far apart they really are in actual space. We usually just let them remain microscopic webs and use them to talk to each other. But we can fatten them up a little bit with dark energy and move things through them. You just swam through one such tunnel linking that pond with this pool. We have also deduced that Belial is blocking access to a half-sister of Chokhmah because Chokhmah cannot speak to a sibling like Binah does when she speaks to El Shaddai. So Belial has got another isolated harem. I've enlisted with Binah's dream of liberation and we're fighting for the other harem as well. I've always suspected that Binah knows much more than she's letting on, that she has access to many other elohim somehow, otherwise how could she know how to do all the wonderful things she does? The other elohim guess as much. But Binah always refuses to confirm this.

Lilith turned away from Yeshua's searching gaze and remained silent.

What is this place? Robyn Lokken asked Yeshua next. Her new talent was precognition so she was all about "what". Finding what combination opened the door, or what blackjack deal would pay off.

This place where you're standing is an island about the size of, I guess Indiana. We call it The Land We Know. But it's floating inside a sort of blister in the wormhole between myself and my surrogate mother El Shaddai. Now that doesn't mean we're inside the sun. I can't really explain to you where we are, but the five elohim have passages linking to here, even Belial. Indeed, Belial cannot deny passage to any nephil between here and Gorpai, or Gorpai and here. That was one of the terms of the agreement between Binah and Belial when they mated and brought me into this universe.

I cannot claim it was done out of love, Lilith said. But yes, I am the eloah mother of Yeshua Bat-El. Miriam was his human mother.

Why did you make this place? asked Jill Pennell, a question about the relationships between elohim and harmonizing with her clairvoyance.

It's a transfer station between worlds. Star travel between Sol and Centauri takes at least two years of ship's time and five years of real time if you don't want to flatten your passengers. Keeping people happy for that long takes a very large ship. This is better. And a second life in the Land We Know serves as a kind of chillout lounge at the end of your first life on Earth. One last chance to reform, if you'll take it.

Are any of these ladies available? asked Jerry Aspin, who had spent years in prison locked up with other men. At least he knew his priorities.

These women are my priestesses, some of them are taken from the dead among the women of Earth. I never permit such women to perform tasks back in the World. Others like Ambe Omphal here are begotten in the Land We Know and have been to Earth and Gorpai many times. Sometimes I send begotten men. Sometimes I even send nephilim and you get your Bigfoot stories.

The history of human beings on Earth is a painting, Lilith explained, and Yeshua is putting the final touches on it.

As for their availability, don't ask me, ask one of them. It's none of my business, really. And my sex life is none of yours. Besides, the Roman church always misquoted me. I never said celibate, I said celebrate.

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