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Now it was time to install dosbox to Hacky Linux so I could run my old DOS programs without booting to FreeDOS. I used my Debian Sarge DVD and copied dosbox-0.63-2_i386.deb to my .PET folder, converted the .DEB to a .PET, and clicked on it to install. Then when I tried to run dosbox, it complained that I was missing So I went looking for that library file on the Debian disk, found it, installed it, but the library sitting in my /usr/lib folder was named so I made a copy of it in my /lib folder and renamed it to what dosbox is looking for. Then I tried to run dosbox again. No go.

This time it wanted Lather, rinse, repeat. Sometimes it was difficult to find the libraries I needed, because for example would be in the svgalib package, or would be in the aalib package. Sometimes I needed to use Google to find out where to find what Ineeded. The last two missing libraries were and

I was doing this old school. The "real" Linux distros like Ubuntu or SuSE have package managers that automatically detect and download missing dependencies. Not so my humble Hacky Linux. This is a hand-crafted operating system.

Finally it was done, and dosbox worked. I had all my DOS programs in a folder on my home drive, and I created a virtual "C" drive by typing mount c /mnt/home/dos. Voila! Then I ran my beloved Skyglobe, shown above, to make sure all is well.

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