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Top Ten Xena Disclaimers

  1. No major historical event was faithfully reproduced in the course of making this episode.
  2. No plot ideas were stolen from online fan fiction in the production of this motion picture.
  3. Efforts by Miss O'Connor's agent to give Gabrielle a "Rachel" hair cut were successfully fended off.
  4. Due to an unfortunate oversight Xena and Gabby managed to be cheerful throughout the entire episode.
  5. This episode of Xena: Warrior Princess was brought to you by the number "6" and the letters "B" and "W".
  6. No faithful equine companion appeared in this episode, but this *was* another episode featuring that horse's ass, Joxer.
  7. Unfortunately one cedar tree gave its life to provide the lumber for Xena and Gabrielle's crucifixion.
  8. No physical ailment incurred by one of the actors was written into the script of this episode at the last minute.
  9. No explanation as to how Xena and Gabrielle got through all the action depicted in this episode without smudging their make-up.
  10. Do they or don't they? Only their hairdresser knows for sure.
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