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DITAA(1) General Commands Manual DITAA(1)


      ditaa - convert ASCII diagrams into proper bitmap graphics


      ditaa [options] input [output]


      This manual page documents briefly the ditaa command.
      DiTAA  is  a small command-line utility that can convert diagrams drawn using ASCII art
      ("drawings" that contain characters that resemble lines, like | / and -),  into  proper
      bitmap graphics.
      DiTAA  also uses special markup syntax to increase the possibilities of shapes and sym‐
      bols that can be rendered.


      --help Show summary of options.
      -v, --verbose
             Makes ditaa more verbose.
      -A, --no-antialias
             Turns anti-aliasing off.
      -d, --debug
             Renders the debug grid over the resulting image.
      -E, --no-separation
             Prevents the separation of common edges of shapes.
      -e ENCODING, --encoding ENCODING
             The encoding of the input file.
      -h, --html
In this case the input is an HTML file. The contents of the
 tags are rendered as diagrams and saved in the images directory and a new
              HTML file is produced with the appropriate <img> tags.

       -o, --overwrite
              If the filename of the destination image already exists, an alternative name  is
              chosen.   If  the  overwrite option is selected, the image file is instead over‐

       -r, --round-corners
              Causes all corners to be rendered as round corners.

       -s SCALE, --scale SCALE
              A natural number that determines the size of the rendered image. The  units  are
              fractions of the default size (2.5 renders 1.5 times bigger than the default).

       -S, --no-shadows
              Turns off the drop-shadow effect.

       -t TABS, --tabs TABS
              Tabs  are  normally  interpreted  as  8 spaces but it is possible to change that
              using this option. It is not advisable to use tabs in your diagrams.

       DiTAA was written by Efstathios (Stathis) Sideris.

       This manual page was written  by  David  Paleino  <dapal@debian.org>,  for  the  Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                        April 15, 2010                                DITAA(1)
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