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As reported earlier, I was using Necromancer's DOS Navigator for file management in DOS, but there were a few annoying bugs that made it clumsy to use. First of all, the mouse cursor kept getting disabled, requiring me to hit the ALT key, sometimes several times, and jiggle the mouse, and mess around until I saw it again. Second, there was no way to get a DOS command line available at all times, I had to go to a pull-down menu to get to the command line, and there wasn't even a shortcut available. Third, there was no auto-refresh of a floppy's file contents when I clicked on the "A" drive, I had to use a key shortcut combination to refresh it.

So I installed the original plain vanilla "Dos Navigator" that Necromancer used as a baseline for his version. Now the mouse cursor is available all the time. The command line is available all the time, just like on Norton Commander and Midnight Commander. The panel automatically scans the "A" drive when I click on it. So with an Orthodox File Manager I can actually use, I set it to automatically PKUNZIP the readme files inside zip files so I can see if the program is worth unzipping. I got more shareware and freeware zipped up ready to install than I have time in the rest of my life to do it. And one of the first things I found was a great 3-D nearby star display program called "3STARS" that is better than anything I found using Linux. I mean this thing is awesome! And things like this makes me happy that I'm digging around in DOS world again.

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