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If you wanted a "pre-owned vehicle" back in 1972, these beaters were pretty much all you had to choose from.

There were things Lilith and Robyn could not do in 1972, because neither one had valid drivers' licenses. They couldn't fly aboard an airline, and they couldn't write checks, but they could buy a used car with cash on the barrel head, and using Robyn's talent of precognition they could avoid being pulled over by the police. So from the Seattle area they headed back East on the same freeway they took from Hanford. Lilith said they would probably end up getting some cheap motel right there in the Tri-Cities again because of their late start, which bothered Robyn.

Relax, it's twenty years ago. There's no Pharmadigm, Doc Troch is a kid in junior high school, DC is still in one piece, and we'll have no problem crossing into Idaho because we're all one big happy country again.

Twenty years ago. So that's why the minidresses, Robyn said, referring to the very small polyester things they were both wearing.

I'm a jen, Lilith explained. That's a chick with a dick. If I went with slacks, I'd have to explain the bulge.

Are you sure you can even carry it off? Robyn asked, meaning the dress.

Nephilim who are jen from birth are halfway between men and women on the femininity scale, but I've got fifty-six years of experience as a human woman and that's not something you can just sluff off. Our jen children will be closer to the norm.

Our jen children?

I mean that only in a catholic sense, Robyn. I'm talking about all of us in the Gervasi Family. And I did wear these kind of clothes in the Sixties before everything went to hell. I've had a lot of fun in my time.

You don't show your age by day, Lil. You look like a million bucks. But I've seen you when you're sleeping and you're, well, fiftyish.

My talent is shapeshifting, but when I'm in REM sleep I can't hold that shape. It's like when you try to sleep sitting up, when you dream you sag against your seat belt. You'll find out about that soon enough, because this trip is going to take a week. We're sharing the driving.

Later when they checked into some no-name hotel in Kennewick, Washington, and nothing interesting was on the three available channels of local television, Robyn said, after much thought, I didn't really mean I found the concept shocking back there when I said, "Our children?"

They had been coy, trying not to appear undressed in front of each other, but Lilith was a sharp cookie and guessed where Robyn was going with that. She stood up and removed her military panties and bra so Robyn could see what she thought she wanted to get. Lilith had retracted her somewhat ample breasts to modest A cups, and there was no body hair. Her new penis was small as such things went, but attractive and already starting to stand up in anticipation. Her new balls hid her original vulva, but that was just as well, Robyn might have second thoughts if they took this too fast.

Robyn said with a gentle laugh, I guess you're the first woman to find out what it's like on the other side of the great barrier reef.

Lilith nodded her head and smiled. I certainly understand a lot of very strange behavior by men now. And the star part of me understands a lot of very strange behavior by people in general now.

So Robyn opened her arms and legs to gather Lilith in to herself, but Lilith had to be an ambitious lover that first time, because Robyn was yin, and one visit downtown was only half the job done.

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