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During this time a couple in the tribe of Levi bore a son, and they hid him for as long as they could. When that was no longer feasible, his mother made a little boat, put the child within, and let it float in the Nile. And the daughter of Pharaoh found it. She remembered her father’s command to kill all the Hebrew children, but she had compassion on the babe and kept it, and gave it to a servant to nurse, and later the baby became her official son. She named him Moses.

Later when Moses was grown up, he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. At some point in time Moses came to understand he was not really an Egyptian but a Hebrew, and now one of his kinsmen was being assaulted. He slew the Egyptian and buried him, thinking that no one saw it. But the Hebrew he saved had a big mouth, apparently, and word got around, and Moses became known as an “Egyptian” who kills other Egyptians. And word of this even got up to Pharaoh, who sought to have Moses executed. Moses in turn heard that Pharaoh was looking for him and fled to the land of Midian, where he met a girl named Zipporah and married her. They had a son named Gershom.

“I have been a stranger in a strange land.” — Moses

The collective moaning of the children of Israel in bondage rose all the way up to heaven and finally came to the attention of the omniscient deity. Then the all-knowing creator of the universe remembered his covenant with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and the eternal supreme being concocted up a plan to release them.

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Strangers In Paradise