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Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband art thou to me.

Moses, ever the pragmatist, doubts God and fears that the Pharaoh won't listen to him, and the Israelites won't believe him. So God teaches Moses a few magic tricks to use as a passport. But Moses still wants to wiggle out of his mission, and God starts to get angry. Finally God says Moses can let his brother Aaron tag along to do all the actual talking to Pharaoh and the people.

In our journey through the odd corners of the bible we find our first "jump cut". If the bible was a movie, this would look like a scene that had been caught in the gate of the projector and melted, and the theater had to cut out the ruined part and splice what was left over together.

Moses picked up his wife and kids, and started down to Egypt, and when it got dark, they stopped at an inn. Then, abruptly (the fragmented jump) it gets weird:

On the way, at a night lodging, Yahweh met him -- and was ready to kill him. Zipporah took a flinty stone, cutting her son's foreskin, and touched it to Moses. She said, "Because you are my blood bridegroom." Yahweh withdrew from him.

So what just happened? Moses was a henpecked husband who didn't even stand up for himself when Yahweh came to kill him. Zipporah, his wife, wouldn't allow Moses to circumcise the baby. More than eight days had passed, and Yahweh came looking for Moses to kill him for being late. Zipporah did some quick thinking, did the bloody deed, and then smeared the blood on her husband. This was sufficiently gory for Yahweh, who backed away going, "Oooooooooo-KAY!!"

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