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The second plague was a great swarm of frogs that would cover every square inch of Egypt. Pharaoh’s magicians were also able to make frogs, but they could not remove the frogs, so this time the Pharaoh said he would grant the religious leave if Moses made the frogs go away. Moses made the frogs go away, but Pharaoh went back on his promise and did not grant the three days of religious leave.

The third plague was lice, and Pharaoh’s magicians could not duplicate the plague, but Pharaoh did not let the Hebrews go on religious leave to worship God.

The fourth plague was a swarm of flies that only came upon the Egyptians but left the Israelites alone. Pharaoh begged Moses to remove this plague, but after Moses did, he refused to grant the religious leave. At this point Moses, though he wasn’t quite certain, began to discern a trend.

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