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Moses made one last prophetic utterance:

All the firstborn of the land will die at midnight. The firstborn humans, the firstborn of the beasts, and even the firstborn of the Pharoah himself. But all the children of Israel and their beasts shall escape this judgment. And when Pharoah’s servants came to Moses and bowed down before him, begging him to take the people and leave Egypt forever, only then would Moses go.

The Israelites asked their Egyptian friends and neighbors to “lend” them jewels of silver and gold, ostensibly to wear for the feast, and much clothing for the trip. Not having heard about the threat to kill all the firstborn of Egypt, they all assumed the Hebrews would return within a week after their religious leave and return their jewelry so they were happy to oblige, Of course the Hebrews had no intention of giving it back, and they would keep the jewelry even up until the time at Mt. Sinai when God carved tablets ordering them to never, ever steal.

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