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The exciting part of Exodus continues as God gives directions for making his tent out of ten curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, adorned with images of cherubim, twenty-eight cubits by four cubits each. Two sets of five curtains must be attached together with a hundred blue rings and fifty gold clasps. Another set of eleven curtains, thirty cubits by four cubits, made from goats hair, is to cover the tent, but this time the hundred clasps are to be made from brass. Then another covering for the tent is to be made of ram skins dyed red, and yet another covering made of badgers' skins.

Now on to the woodwork. Twenty boards for the north and south side of God's tent, ten cubits by a cubit and a half, with tenon joints. The east and west side get six boards each. All the boards get silver sockets and bars of wood overlaid with gold. And a veil is to be made to divide the tent into just plain vanilla holy and super holy holy. The ark of the covenant gets set up in the super holy part, but the table for the showbread and the candles get set up in the plain vanilla holy part.

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