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As Moses listened to God on Mt. Sinai, he continued to receive instruction on how to trick out the tabernacle (the tent of God) with fine linen decorated by needlepoint for the walls of the court which was to be so many cubits long this way, so many cubits long that, with pillars and sockets of brass and fillets and hooks of silver.

God also mentioned that he wanted the altar (five cubits square and three high) set up like a barbecue with a grate and pans to collect the ashes, and also to have the usual rings in the side so it could be carried by staves like the ark. The altar and all the dinnerware was to be made of brass. The children of Israel were to bring pure olive oil every day as fuel for the candles. Aaron and his sons and their sons were to keep the tabernacle in order from morning to night, and this was their job in perpetuity.

Moses tried to memorize all these detailed instructions but wrote nothing down, possibly because all the scribbling would have distracted God. But later when he was done speaking (and he was nowhere near done speaking) God himself would carve in stone the ten commandments that any child could memorize in Sunday School, just in case Moses forgot something.

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