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The avatar of Binah flees Gorpai with a very precious package aboard.

Binah had seen the avatar of Belial fall to Gorpai from space, and she was already descending before Chokhmah even requested support. Binah landed on the plateau of Magodon close to Talishi. Belial marked this interference, and began to close up his own unfolded avatar to prepare for launch again.

There is very little time. Chokhmah said directly to Binah, Take Khondiel away from there, I don't want to lose her.

And Binah said in reply, Forget the little yin, you don't have the resources to deal with the avatar of Belial, you need me down there.

Khondiel perceived that Talishi was conversing with Binah, and asked what she was saying. Talishi told her, She says forget about you. Don't you know by now that's the one thing I can never do?

And Khondiel wept with joy mixed with sorrow. For the first time in her life she knew her own love for Talishi was being truly reciprocated.

Talishi told her, All those things I preached about love were just so much straw. I didn't even know what love meant until now, neither as Talishi nor as Chokhmah. But oh, now I do, and it might be too late!

A rising noise came from the avatar of Belial, and Khondiel guessed the time was very short now. She said, Speak plainly to me now, Talishi. What do you want me to do?

Talishi said, Binah will take you far away from this place. I want you to go. No, I need you to go. Something happened to me just now. Khondiel, you...are the most important thing in heaven or Gorpai to me.

Khondiel wanted to protest, but she could see the avatar of Belial starting to rise above the battle plain, and she could see that Talishi needed her to do this thing. So she kissed Talishi and climbed inside the avatar of Binah like she had seen Talishi do two other times before. Then the avatar of Binah immediately leapt in to the sky with fire and smoke and noise, and Khondiel felt herself to be too heavy to move, and she was deeply terrified, which was an extraordinary thing, for Khondiel led the famous Fallen Angels. The avatar of Belial lumbered into the sky after her.

After a time the noise and vibration stopped, and Khondiel floated free inside the small space provided for her inside the avatar of Binah. Her fear dropped completely away. She gazed with great wonder out of the glass at Gorpai, which had become a white sphere crossed by a narrow trench of green and blue far below which was the West Lands, and the sky had become black, but she could see the orange and yellow suns, and also many stars.

But the avatar of Belial smote the avatar of Binah with a fearsome blood-red light, and the avatar of Binah was destroyed, which was no small feat, for it had been made in the belly of a sun. Khondiel riding inside the ava- tar of Binah instantly died and was lost forever to Talishi.

In that very moment Talishi knew Khondiel was dead, and the world seemed to turn empty and gray to Talishi, and she refused to speak a word for long afterwards, for she was utterly lost in her grief. Since her possession Talishi had been in perfect union with Chokhmah, and even when her nephilim body perished, Chokhmah-Talishi would continue her long and joyous life as a living sun. But that joy would always be tempered by the terrible and eternal loss of Khondiel, and Chokhmah-Talishi would never forget.

In a daze, Talishi fell in among the forces of House Antero and Larund as they returned to the west, fighting a rear-guard action against Belial that soon faded to nought as Belial focused on licking his own wounds and consolidating the addition of the Bellon capital to his growing world empire.

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