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Baron Barard was supposed to arrange a terrble punishment for Luzea, but things turned out way, way different.

When Baron Bayard Firegem was alone with Luzea Cedarbranch in his chambers he commanded her to disrobe, but Luzea balked, saying:

The Queen would give me twelve whistling lashes I fear you more than a hundred slashes

Nonsense, Luzea, I know you have seen the whipping tree do its work. It may be the tamest form of life imported from Gorpai but it is nasty enough. Twelve lashes means at least two cracked ribs and maybe even some kidney damage, and you heard the queen, she would not let the priestesses of Bat-El lay their healing touch on you for at least a week. So remove that dress and let me see what I bought with my lies to the Queen.

Luzea slowly complied, but she was trembling. He commanded her to lie back on the bed so he could drink in the vision of her nude body. How like a yin, but with hair like a jen or a man, even to the small dark patch between her legs. Luzea was lovely, but her purely animal fear took all the appeal out of what he wanted to do with her, and he sighed.

Alodran nobility are officially all trites, Luzea. You commoners can do as you like but here in Alodra among the royal family yeng are only supposed to mate with yen upon pain of exile. When the Queen sets her mind to exile she has an array of options that are really out of this world.

Luzea sensed that he was relenting in his enthusiasm for punishing her and her trembling began to subside a little bit.

Oh, but only if you knew how good you look to me, he lamented. I'm an officially trite yang with a decidedly predator taste for human women.

My Lord endeavors not to let this show, But tell me does your mother the Queen know?

Yes, Luzea, she has known for a long time. In practice my taste for human female flesh was overlooked as long as I kept things quiet and discreet. But when that didn't work she sent me to Gorpai, a world of neverending violence. So now I'm a good little trite Baron with two nephilim wives, yet I am still a predator and there's no denying it.

There was a scratching sound in the ceiling above, and the Baron rolled to one edge of the bed just in time as a ceiling panel gave way. Aliwe Halil fell to the bed just then, landing on Luzea's nude body amid many wooden splinters. One naked leg of Luzea curled around Aliwe almost instinctively with pleasure, a conditioned response from many sweet nights together.

The Baron smiled, got fully dressed, and strode toward the door to leave them alone. I do ask that you put my room back in order when you are done, ladies. I'll tell the guards to give you an hour alone. He remembered something and turned to Luzea. There's still my mother's wrath to allay. You will have to feign some kind of injury so horrible that you refuse to speak of it. I think that will satisfy my mother. He looked at the two of them starting to squirm and tilted his head. And that should be me there wrapped in your lovely arms and legs, young Luzea!

Aliwe and Luzea were not practicing lesbians, they were damn good at it. After the Baron left they immersed themselves in a timeless enjoyment of each other's bodies. They knew a position where the clitoris of one rubbed against the thigh of the other girl simultaneously, pure physical joy steadily rising to a frantic thrashing as both girls climaxed together, followed by an emotional release so complete that each returned to themselves wearing tears on their faces as they gradually cooled off, pelvic muscles quivering and clenching involuntarily, pulsing like earthquake aftershocks, wrapped in each other's arms and legs, holding hands, the wet warm folds of each other's labia pressed together, the ultimate in comfort.

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