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Michael Garrison. Departure & Runaway

I've been absolutely in love with this song ever since I heard it at the Grand Coulee Dam laser light show last September, and I finally found out what it was. Yeeee-HAW! I'll settle on YouTube for now, but it's better to watch it accompanied by red, green, and blue lasers dancing on a wall of falling white water about 350 feet high and 1700 feet wide.

Michael Garrison was an American electronic musician who performed in the Berlin School genre, but he wasn't very well-known, and even I was remiss. He was, unfortunately, an alcoholic who died in 2004 before he was even fifty, and the first time I heard of him was when I grabbed a memorial tribute album from USENET in 2005. The Michael Garrison albums I did listen to were 80's synthesizer cheese storms. I listened to a few of them and set them aside.

After I saw the laser show, I've been going crazy trying to find this song. At first I thought it was a Giorgio Moroder piece, and I hit everything he did on YouTube trying to nail it down. Even the website of the company that put the laser show together was no help. Then I went to and searched the track listings of albums named "Synthesizer Masterpieces" and such, and when I did that, I stumbled over the name Michael Garrison, and it rang a bell. Then I went to YouTube and started playing videos until I found this. It's all totally crazy, I know, but when I have an obsession I gnaw away at it until I win.

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