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In the Land We Know, there is a Z sex chromosome in addition to the X and Y chromosomes found on humans of Earth. Because men cannot get pregnant, it is impossible for an infant with two Y chromosomes to be born. As a result, there are five distinct genders in the Land We Know.

Genes Adult form Child form Plural Pronouns
XY Man Boy Men he, his
XX Woman Girl Women she, her
YZ Yang Dirk Yeng hy, hyz
XZ Jen Jist Jin che, hez
ZZ Yin Doll Yen sha, har

Men and women do not possess the Z chromosome, so they are very much like the humans of Earth. In the Land We Know, these people are called Mundanes. The three genders who possess the Z chromosome are called Enchanteds. This designation does not have anything to do with magic powers. Even though women are "mundane" they still retain their powers through the agency of their goddess Candra. But men's powers died with the passing of their god, Hyblo.

A woman possesses two ovaries inside her body associated with a single vagina. She has a single clitoral hood at the apex of two sponge-like corpora cavernosa which erect and form an inverted "V" or wishbone shape. A man carries two testicles outside of his body in a single scrotum below a single penis which is a bundle of two corpora cavernosa and a urethra. A yang carries one testicle each, inside two separate scrotums below two penises. The anterior penis possesses a urethra and one corpora cavernosa structure, the posterior penis possesses only a single corpora cavernosa. A jen possesses one ovary/vagina in the posterior position and one testicle/penis in the anterior, with one corpora cavernosa structure associated with each organ. The jen urethra is bundled with the penis. A yin possesses two vaginas, each associated with its own ovary, as well as two seperate clitoral heads attached to single corpora cavernosa structure.

In character or disposition, the five genders are roughly arrayed between masculine and feminine traits as shown in list below. There is overlap between the genders, and outliers are known to exist, such as hyperfeminine men or even butch yins. In the Land We Know, hair color is a direct indicator of disposition, a blond yang is more feminine than a brunet man, a brown-haired woman is roughly as butch as a red-haired jen.

Masculinity scale:

  • 9. Yang
  • 8. Yang/Man
  • 7. Man
  • 6. Man/Jen
  • 5. Jen
  • 4. Jen/Woman
  • 3. Woman
  • 2. Yin/Woman
  • 1. Yin
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