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Isaac, who is over sixty years old, emigrates to Gerar, whose king is named Abimelech. This king has a friend named Ahuzzath and captain of the guard named Phichol. Back about nine months before Isaac was born, Abraham saw a king of Gerar who was also named Abimelech, and by an amazing coincidence, that king also had a friend named Ahuzzath and captain of the guard named Phichol.

Before Isaac's mother was pregnant with Isaac she was a real hottie, only ninety years old and many years past menopause, and Abraham was afraid that someone in Gerar would try to kill him so they could scoop Sarah right up. So Abraham told everyone that Sarah was his sister. This didn't work out too well, just like it didn't work very well when Sarah was very young and Abraham took her to Egypt and tried the same trick.

He must have told Isaac about this trick, because now in this chapter Isaac is worried that the Philistines will do him in so they can bag Rebecca, so he tells everyone in Gerar that his wife is really (wait for it)...his sister!

The difference is that Abraham was smart enough never to be caught fondling his "sister". Not the case for Isaac. Abimelech discovers Isaac snuggling with Rebecca (which is very cute, in a way, see picture above) and the king goes, "Aha! That's not your sister, that's really your wife!"

Now the last time, the wombs of all the women in Gerar were closed up as a "plague" to punish Abimelech for allowing himself to being deceived by Abraham's lie, but the Lord told him if he begged Abraham to pray for him, he would be forgiven for believing the lie and the plague would be removed. This time, Abimelech didn't even want to start down that road. He decreed that if anyone ever touched Rebecca in an inappropriate way, they would be put to death.

At the end of the chapter the desert oasis of Beersheba is named for the first time (again), consecrated for the first time (again) and Abimelech, Phichol and Azzuhath sign a peace treaty with Isaac to cover multiple generations, just like the other peace treaty they signed with Abraham to cover multiple generations.

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