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Jacob left Beersheba and journeyed toward the house of his uncle Laban. When he arrived at the place called Bethel, or Beit El (a place of God), Jacob lay his head down on the Stone of Scone and fell asleep.

Jacob had a dream. And in it, there was a ladder from heaven down to the earth, and the angels of God were seen going up and down this ladder. At the top of the ladder, Yahweh stood there and told Jacob that the land he was camping in already belonged to Jacob. God gave it to Jacob's grandfather Abraham and Jacob's father Isaac, and it would be the land of Jacob's many descendants. All the families of the earth would see themselves blessed in Jacob and his progeny. God promised that he would always be with Jacob, and that he would make his Divine vow concerning this land into reality.

Jacob awoke and he was in a state of religious awe. This place, he knew, was where Yahweh stood, and he knew it not. Therefore he turned the stone pillow he laid on into a pillar, and poured oil on it, and consecrated it, vowing that if God brought him safely to Laban's house, and back to his father's house in peace, then Yahweh would be his God. And he would give a tenth of his increase back to God.

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