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Joseph had a prescient gift. He discovered he had many dreams that later came true. One time he told his brothers he dreamed they would someday all fall prostrate before him. That, combined with the fancy long-sleeved coat of many colors his father Jacob gave to him convinced his brothers that Joseph intended to rule over them, and they began to hate him. The hate grew stronger every day. Hate is a psychic poison.

One time Jacob sent Joseph to the fields to do a spot-check on his older brothers, to make sure they weren't being lazy. They saw him coming and the resentment boiled over. Tehy determined to kill him. His oldest brother Reuben took pity on him convinced his brethren to throw Joseph in a pit instead, an his plan was to rescue him later.

The other brothers saw an Ishmaelite caravan passing by and sold Joseph as a naked slave to them. They killed a goat, dipped Joseph's unique coat in the blood and told their father that they had found the blood-soaked coat. They never lied outright to their father, but they let him imagine that a wild animal had killed his favorite son.

When Joseph was stripped of his coat, he embarked on a new chapter in his life. To a Christian, Joseph's coat represents the things Jesus asks us to discard in order to focus only on him. Let go of the created and hang on to the creator.

So Joseph was taken by the Ishmaelites to a new life in Egypt, Meanwhile the Bible returns to Canaan to catch up on what is happening back there.

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