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Jacob’s hunger argued with him as the famine continued. When they had eaten all the corn they bought the first time, Jacob told them to go and get seconds. But Judah reminded his father that the Pharaoh’s lieutenant said unless Benjamin came along, they would not see his face again. And Jacob complained that his sons all had a big mouth. Why did they have to go and tell this guy they had a little brother anyway? But all that was water under the bridge. Judah, the one who stood to inherit the Blessing from Jacob, offered to forfeit this Blessing if he did not bring Benjamin back alive.

When they came before Joseph with Benjamin in their company, Joseph ordered lunch for all of them at his own villa. His brothers tried to explain they didn’t know why the money was found in the sacks, but they brought double money this time in case there was a mistake.

Joseph told them fear not, he was paid, so it was their God, and the God of their father who put the treasure in their sacks. And he brought Simeon out to them, free. But when Joseph saw his little brother Benjamin, his only full brother, enjoying himself in the banquet he could not restrain himself. He went into a side room and wept in his joy, and also in anguish for the years he was apart from his cherished playmate. Then he washed his face and went back out to be with them.

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Strangers In Paradise