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Now Joseph pulls the trigger on the final part of his design. He has his majordomo fill his brother’s sacks with corn once again, and put his special silver dream interpreting cup in the sack of the youngest boy, Benjamin. And when his brothers were on their way home, he sent his majordomo and some other men to overtake them and accuse them of taking Joseph’s cup.

And Judah said, “Why the heck would we even thing about doing that? Recall that we returned the money that we found in our bags and came all the way back from Canaan with it. Why would we now steal silver out of your master’s house? Search all of us, and whoever has it dies, and the rest of us will become your lord’s slaves.”

So the majordomo searched, and began at the eldest, and left at the youngest: and the cup was found in Benjamin’s sack. Busted! So they all returned to Joseph’s house to face judgment. They stood ready to become his slaves, all of them. But Joseph declared his justice. Only the one who had the interpreting cup would be his slave, the rest could go free with a clear conscience back to their father.

Judah begged to allow himself to be held in slavery in place of the boy. He dreaded to see the horror that would be on Jacob’s face should they return without Benjamin, and it would probably kill him.

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