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Now Joseph could bear to continue his charade no more. He ordered all the Egyptians to leave, so there was only the sons of Jacob present when Joseph revealed himself as their brother. “I am Joseph! Is my father still alive?” This stunned all of them to silence.

So Joseph bid them all to draw near, and he said, “I am Joseph, whom you sold to Egypt. Don’t be angry with yourselves, for God sent me here to save your lives. Now I am a ruler throughout the land of Egypt. So go and fetch my father, and return quickly! You shall live in Goshen, you and your children and grandchildren and all their animals, and I will feed you, for there is yet five years left of this famine.”

And there was a big group hug, and much weeping, but this is not the emotional climax of this great story, for that is yet to come when Joseph meets his father.

When Pharaoh heard that Joseph’s brothers were come, he was greatly pleased. He gave them enough wagons to make the move, fully provisioned, and reinforced Joseph’s order to return quickly.

When they returned to their father and told them Joseph was alive, Jacob refused to believe it, after all, Joseph could have sent word long before this, but when Jacob saw the big wagon train that Pharaoh had provided for the move he made his decision to go south.

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