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Israel prepared his people and livestock for a full migration to Egypt, but along the way he stopped at Beer-sheba to make a sacrifice to Yahweh. In a vision, God told Jacob not to have anxiety about moving south. In Egypt, said he, the descendants of Israel would become a great nation, and God would lead them out again to the land he had promised to Abraham and his seed.

The easternmost reaches of the Nile delta was called the land of Goshen, and there Israel brought his mobile operations to a halt. Word reached Joseph, who got a set of wheels from the chariot pool and rushed to meet his father.

When Israel saw Joseph again, the son he had believed to be dead, they embraced and both wept, but it was tears of joy, and Joseph's brothers could hardly bear to look at them for the raw emotion they knew the two of them were feeling. Israel said he was content to die, because he had seen alive the son he thought was dead.

But Joseph never told his father that he had been sold into slavery by his own brothers because it probably would have actually killed Israel to hear it, and for his part Joseph wasn't ready to watch his father die, even if his father did say he was ready to go.

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