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Glacier National Park, 7-9-10

The glaciers carved a dozen U-shaped valleys and the glacial till of the terminal moraine formed natural dams which backed up water into beautiful lakes. Here's the largest one, Lake MacDonald.

Montana is Big Sky Country but its also the land of big water. Lake MacDonald is fed by MacDonald creek. They call this a creek.

There is a restroom on the side of the road and this is the first look at the scary portion of the Sun Road. It's the horizontal line about halfway up the wall looming ahead. Sunlight reflects off cars as they crawl along the line.

Now we are up on that wall at the same position looking back down at the creek. This is where it starts to get seriously beautiful.

At the Weeping Wall there is a free car wash for people coming back down the Going-to-the-Sun road.

The Going-to-the-Sun Highway is an engineering marvel, but the greenies would never allow it to be built today. That doesn't stop federal "stimulus" dollars from maintaining it. There was a ten minute wait near the top as the construction crews did their thing. Everyone got out of their car to look. We're almost at the top of Logan Pass.

Well, gosh, this is getting really high now. We're moving again and almost to the parking lot.

This is called the Garden Wall, it's part of the Great Divide and just one more thing to make you go "Oooo" "Aaahhh" when you see it. Two drops of water fall here, one goes to the Pacific, one goes to the Atlantic. I remember this from the first time I came here when I was age eleven.

Ta-da! Here is the parking lot at the top, Logan Pass, 6,646 feet above sea level.

The critters love Glacier Park just as much as the folks.

The trail to Hidden Lake is only 1.5 miles, but on July 9, 2010 it was covered with snow all the way up. But the air temps were about 70, so I didn't need to bring my jacket after all.

There be marmots here.

Here's the destination of my hike after 500 feet of elevation gain, Hidden Lake. Still frozen in early July. I need to come back one of these Septembers to see it again when it's liquid. Still, it's not so much the lake but the scenery all around it that makes the trip worthwhile.

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