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Kinuachdrach: Iran will wipe out Israel if it gets half a chance, and dominate the Middle East once it does so. But Iran does not seek to overpower Europe — Europe’s tribute will be enough.

I can't believe you wrote that. Iran fought Iraq for eight years and it was a draw. We fought that same Iraq for three weeks and their army melted away into the population rather than get shot, and we found their Maximum Leader hiding in a spider hole.

Iran can't "wipe out" Israel the instant they get their first nuclear bomb. First of all, they have to build more than one bomb, so they can test their design. Then they have to figure out how to miniaturize their design so it will fit on a missile or fighter plane, because Iran doesn't have any big bombers.

Iran isn't working on a thermonuclear "metro-area killer" but just a fission bomb, the kind we use merely as triggers for a fusion bomb. The Hiroshima fission bomb killed 70,000 people out of 300,000. That was a city made of paper. Israel has underground shelters. So cut that death rate in half. Call it 35,000 deaths per nuke. Suppose Iran manages to get five nukes through the IDF air force and missile defenses and hit the five largest cities: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Haifa. Rishon Lezion, and Ashdod. That's 175,000 dead Jews out of 7.4 million. The nation survives. And they bring 100% of their military might to bear on Iran, now that the nuclear "taboo" was broached. The result of that will be an Iran that is in no shape to demand "tribute" from anyone, ever again.

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