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A J-aerial is a dipole type aerial consisting of a three-quarter wavelength

vertical portion and a quarter-wavelength portion parallel to it, the feeding

points being equidistant from the junction.


The Jacobins were a radical French political group. They were originally called

the Club Breton when they were formed in Versailles, but on moving to Paris in

1789 were renamed the Jacobins. After successive purges they became the

instrument of the Reign of Terror under Robespierre's dictatorship.


Jah is the Jamaican, and more especially the Rastafarian, name for god.


The Jansky is the unit of radiation received from outer space, used in radio

astronomy. It is equal to 10-26 watts per square meter per hertz, and is named

after the USA engineer Karl Jansky.


January derives its name from Janus, an early Roman god. January was added to

the Roman calendar by Numar in 713 BC, he placed it about the winter solstice

and made it the first month because Janus was supposed to preside over the

beginnings of all business. In 1751 the legal year in England was ordered to

begin on January 1st instead of 25th March.


Jass is a collection of Swiss card games. Many of the most popular card games

in Switzerland, especially in the German speaking cantons, belong to the Jass

group, and are played with characteristic Swiss cards, which have come to be

known as Jass cards. All Jass games are played counter-clockwise. The cards are

played in tricks. As usual each trick is won by the highest trump in it, or if

no trump is played, by the highest card of the suit led. The winner of each

trick leads to the next. In many games the player to the right of the dealer

leads to the first trick, but in some games with bidding the declarer leads



JavaScript is an interpreted computer language supported by some client Web

browsers. It was first introduced by Netscape in their Navigator Web browser.

It allows embed commands in an HTML page which are loaded by the client Web

browser as a part of the HTML document. These commands can be triggered when

the user clicks on page items, manipulates gadgets and fields in an HTML form,

or moves through the page history list.

Javelin Plus

Javelin Plus is a financial modelling tool designed for the development and

analysis of business planning models. Because Javelin Plus is faster and, in

many ways, easier to use than a spreadsheet, it appeals to a broad base of

business analysts and financial planning professionals. Javelin Plus's

understanding of time periods such as weeks, months, quarters, and years makes

it helpful in creating time-series models. It automatically calculates monthly

figures from input data. Javelin Plus minimises errors that are difficult to

spot in complicated financial models by using formula-name references rather

than cell references. Javelin Plus allows you to construct a model by defining

relationships rather than by tediously defining a series of cells. Data is

stored in an information base instead of a spreadsheet, so you can create the

relationships between the different values and show them in several views

rather than in a simple, flat matrix (although that is one of the options).

Javelin Plus makes it easy to do forecasting because you can actually draw a

graph in the quick graph view, and the product will insert the respective

numbers into that variable's data table (another view). For example, if you

create a variable called East which is equal to the total sales of Boston, New

York, and Toronto and a variable called First Quarter equal to January,

February, and March, when you call for East and First Quarter, Javelin Plus

automatically adds the data associated with the three cities for the first

three months. One of the most interesting aspects of Javelin Plus is the

snap-in building block capability which allows users to develop fully

integrated add-in tools. Snap-ins are open-architecture design features,

similar to templates, that allow you to create unlimited applications which can

be accessed as needed. Javelin Plus allows text and date variables to be used

in modelling as if they were numeric variables. This means you can base

calculations in models on

umeric data. You can perform true date arithmetic which is especially useful

for querying in models that include databases. Database functions such as

sorting and cross-tabulation are included. Javelin Plus also has improved

worksheet-printing options for the worksheet view, including user-specified

page breaks, margins, setup strings, and printer fonts. Graph styles include

high-low-close, mixed line/bar, and XY plots of up to seven variables.


Jazz is a lively type of music which originated in America amongst the black


Jesuit's Bark

Jesuit's Bark (fever-wood) is the bark of the cinchona or chinchona tree. Its

existence was brought to Europeans by a Jesuit about 1535 but it was not

generally used until 1633 when the wife of the viceroy of Peru was cured of a

fever with it. She brought it to Europe in 1639 and it came into general use in

1680. The active constituent of Jesuit's Bark is quinine.


Jetsam are goods thrown overboard in a storm, or after a shipwreck, and cast

upon the shore.

Johnson Noise

In electronics, Johnson Noise is unwanted voltage variations which manifest in

a receiver as noise and in other types of apparatus as spurious signals in the

output. Johnson Noise is due to the random motion of electrons in a conductor,

which increases with temperature.


The jota is the national dance of Aragon.


Judo is a form of Japanese wrestling.


Judy is an English slang expression for a woman.


Jujitsu is a Japanese form of self defence.


The Jurassic was the tenth geological period, 135,000,000 years ago. The first

mammals evolved.


Jute is a fibre obtained from plants and used for making sacks.

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