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According to the scroll given to Lael, he was to seek a man of the tribe of Judah from among the exiles in Egypt with four unmarried daughters and who was willing to allow them to be trothplighted to Lael's four unmarried sons, even though two of his sons were yet boys. Zethan was such a man, and so this was the full tale of the colonists from the tribe of Judah: There was Lael, and his wife Sariah; Sethan and his wife Atara; Elam the eldest son of Lael and his new wife Serach; Jemel the second son of Lael and his new wife Ischa; Rosh the third son of Lael and his betrothed Sela; and Rimon the youngest son of Lael and his betrothed Dinah.

From among the remnant of the tribe of Benjamin, Lael chose Abner, who had four sons, and Jabez, who was willing to allow his four daughters to marry them. And so this was the full tale of the Benjaminite colonists: Abner and his wife Tabitha; Jabez and his wife Keziah; Asa the eldest son of Ab- ner and his new wife Jemima; Josiah the second son of Abner and is new wife Keturah; Tobiah the third son of Abner and his betrothed Susannah; and Asher the youngest son of Abner and his betrothed Leah.

And it came to pass that the twenty-four colonists traveled from Egypt to the downfallen kingdom of Judah, where every dwelling had been completely looted by the Babylonians and later by robbers from neighboring kingdoms. The Judahite and Benjaminite colonists made their way to the charred debris upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and stood in the very place that had been the Holy of Holies. And they suddenly found themselves inside the Holy of Holies in the twin temple of El Shaddai in what would become Nath. When they were led outside the colonists beheld the full glory of this tem- ple and there were many tears of joy, for it was far more glorious than Solomon's temple had been, even before it was brought down to ruin. Yet it had been built by nephilim and no sacrifices were yet performed there.

And Chayn the youngest daughter of Robyn and Lilith came to Lael, accompa- nied by horses she had gathered together using her talent of taming ani- mals, all wild horses from the land that one day would be called Menkal. Talishi had joined the demigod Chayn when she was about to quit camp the morning after she had found and broken fifteen animals to her will.

May I offer you a horse, Lady Talishi? Chayn asked at that time. I have heard that you have done quite enough walking for one lifetime.

Talishi accepted the offer and led the way to El Shaddai's temple, stopping in places to load the horses with arms, shields, fresh fruit, and gifts of gold and silver to give to Lael and his people, for it was appointed that they should make their home in the Land We Know. And in the years that followed they multiplied exceedingly. Some even found mates from among the nephilim, and the first jen appeared in the land who were not Lilith, Del, or Ariel, anchorless sojourners in time of the Gervasi Crime Family.

Talishi and Chayn came through the fold door to Taurus City only a few mo- ments after Abaddon had been arrested. Talishi strode a few steps direct- ly toward Abaddon and slapped his face, hard. It was so unexpected he did absolutely nothing to fend her off. That is for killing Khondiel, ac- cursed one.

Abaddon turned to Lilith. You had better kill this body, Binah, because whatever deal you're putting together here is now impossible.

Oh, no, you mustn't take that attitude, Belial, Talishi said. You are bargaining for passage of your colonists to and from Hybla.

Carrot and stick, we say on Earth, Lilith said. Stick doesn't work so good because you can always possess another body. So we're banking on carrot. I'm putting together a summit. The first and perhaps the only time the elohim will meet with the leaders of the nephilim and humans. And as Talishi has just hinted, it would be in your best interest to attend.

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