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As the Summit continued, Lilith revealed more about her terraforming project. At the south pole of Venus, another wormhole will take the hot atmosphere of Venus, which will still be under great pressure but supersat- urated with water vapor, to Mars, where it is too cold and there isn't enough air. Che turned to address the Chinese Special Minister directly, In a very short time, much less than two hundred years, Mars will have greenhouse gases at sufficient temperature pressure to become quite com- fortable. It will remain only to convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen, and that will be accomplished by planting green things. This planting is some- thing that can begin almost immediately.

El Shaddai assigned all of Mars to the People's Republic. But the moon Pho- bos was given to the Soviet Union, and Deimos was to be retained by the Bene Elohim, also known as the Gervasi Crime Family, hosts of the Summit.

On Earth seawater was already being moved to Venus, pouring down a wormhole hundreds of feet wide like water draining from a bathtub. Lilith hadn't asked anyone for permission to do this but there was nothing anyone could do to stop hem. Thus the imbalances of all three worlds would be set aright, with no input of energy aside from that which the elohim used to maintain the wormholes. And the representatives of the non-aligned nations of Earth understood the nature of their own gift. They were to receive much more land as the sea levels dropped to expose new territory beneath the sea. If Lilith's scheme worked, the land area of the Earth would rise from 29 percent to 50 percent in only two hundred years.

But the people of Earth would begin to reap the benefits of that uncovering process almost immediately. New land would be exposed off the coasts, and much of this contained oil deposits which would become newly economical to tap. Indeed, within just a hundred years, all of the North Sea and Baltic Sea would be dry land, with only a single firth reaching southeast to di- vide the two lands at Denmark. Florida would grow to more than double it's width. The ancient land bridge between Siberia and Alaska that the ances- tors of the original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere used to cross over from Asia to North America would be permanently re-established.

The role of the Soviet Union would be to provide ships linking together the worlds of the Sol System in a great transportation network. Most of the lesser bodies of the inner system would be theirs, solely, as well as a constellation of habitats and space stations they proposed to build.

As for Luna, or the Moon, Lilith said, waving her hands all around, With the blessing of El Shaddai I am retaining this world for the Bene Elohim, and it shall be renamed Selene. I propose to build a device which I choose to call the Circumlunar Supercollider. It will be a ring of electro- magnetic coils that will encircle the equator. It will be powered by solar cells and I will use it to make small black holes that will be allowed to drop into the interior. So while Venus and Mars are being terraformed, I propose to graviform Selene. If I reduce the diameter of this satellite to about 900 miles, it will have the same gravity as Earth and it will be able to retain atmosphere and water long enough to allow us to easily replace the losses. In the end, if all goes well, then in two hundred years this star system will have four perfectly habitable worlds.

And as Lilith was winding up that day's briefing, Hunky (his head still throbbing from where Robyn had laid him out cold with a lamp) quietly wan- dered over to the place where Emperor Abaddon was seated. Arrayed around the Emperor were the members of the American delegation, including John Glenn, who had been accepted by Belial where they had been spurned by ever- yone else. And Glenn had wormed his way into the role of advising Abaddon. When Hunky bowed before the Emperor and begged to be given asylum, Glenn warned Abaddon hy could be a spy. Then, suddenly he reversed himself.

I see you are one of Binah's Talented Ones,Abaddon said with delight.

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