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The final day of the Summit was supposed to be a simple matter of tidying up all the dangling threads. Talishi placed her army of Fallen Angels un- der the command of the seraphim of the Gervasi Crime Family, and Yeshua assigned most of his priestesses to Lilith to offer healing on Earth and Gorpai, although at least a thousand of them would remain in the Land We Know to serve him. Lilith named her new organization Femina Caelestis, or Star Woman, the presence of a number of men and yeng in FC notwithstanding.

But the hypermasculine Emperor Abaddon (and by automatic extension the House of Bellon) couldn't stomach the very concept of a Femina Caelestis and refused to have anything to do with them. The House of Sala fully em- braced Femina Caelestis and pledged to support them with bases on Dia and Gorpai. The Antero and Larund patriarchs thought it unwise to antagonize Belial so soon after the Summit and said they would welcome only Yeshua's healers. But these healers possessed hands of glorified flesh, even as Yeshua's entire body was glorified, which meant their hands had been recon- figured with nanotechology and were not even truly alive anymore. In this way they were like Yeshua before he was crucified, or Kephas afterward, and their hands could heal many infirmities, even reviving the recently dead.

Permission was granted for the humans, nephilim or jen who were native to the Land We Know to migrate to the Jupiter colonies or Gorpai or Hybla-Dia if they chose to do so, but those humans of Earth who were experiencing the Land We Know as Purgatory, as a kind of second life for their spiritual development, would not be permitted to leave. And soon the white skies over the Land would be filled with crossing ships as the Land We Know be- came the way to fly between star systems, not merely to walk between them.

At the very end of the Summit Emperor Abaddon stood up and said, Many gifts and agreements have been passed back and forth, but we have failed to reward the American people of Earth and this strikes me as very rude.

Silence fell over the Summit as people tried to guess what Abaddon meant.

Abaddon walked over to an inert silver robot with the size and shape of a little child. I call this a Bot. It is designed to work on the termi- nator of an airless world, at the very transition between day and night.

Lilith knew that Belial had gotten the plans for his Bot from the Lore of the Elohim, and che was mildly surprised, for che had grown used to being the sole user of that store of knowledge. Binah probed that store now and was even more surprised to find nothing on Bots. Belial had given access to a redacted set. If Lil could prove it, the ancient bargain was off.

Abaddon said, If El Shaddai permits, I propose to give the First World of Sol system to the Americans. They will be aided by many of these Bots. The terminator line moves at walking speed, so the Bots will never cease moving, but they will also gather together resources for export and to make more Bots. So close to the sun, this world is rich in energy, which the Americans will be able to transmit to the Soviets to power their ships. The Iranians also stand to benefit, since the main port for moving the American's products to their final destination will be the Second World.

Talishi moved close to Lilith to whisper, What is Belial doing?

I don't know, but hy's playing it beautifully, saving it for the end of the Summit. Hy's cooking up something with Hunky. We have no choice but to give Mercury to the Americans, or we ruin the spirit of the whole thing.

Yeshua caught this exchange and said, Emperor Abaddon is wise, for we were on the brink of being unforgiving hosts and snubbing the Americans.

El Shaddai said, Then I grant title of Mercury to the American people, and my gifts are without repentance. Let it be as Belial has proposed.

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