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Belial never was a very happy camper.

Talishi had begun to teach the nephilim of Gorpai how to reach space. Before sha had succeeded in doing this, Belial, using antimatter production technology stolen from Binah's workshop at Proxima, staked out a stronghold for a growing Navy on the surface of the small moon named Palato. Belial's avatar would soon be vulnerable to a sneak attack. For protection, the actual location of hyz avatar inside a growing number of identical hangars scattered across Palato was maintained as a state secret of the highest order. A spy might note the hanger it landed in, but after the retractable roof closed, the avatar was taken by a system of underground railroads to another hanger chosen at random, any distance away, and only the Eyes of Belial knew the precise location. At odd intervals the avatar was moved yet again, and wherever it was currently located was Belial's throne room.

Only there did Emperor Abaddon feel free to speak without being overhead, and hy questioned Hunky closely for the first time since Hunky joined the imperial entourage at the Summit. What do you know of the elohim?

My Lord, Hunky replied. I know the elohim are living suns with great wisdom, that Lilith Gervasi is the elohim named Binah clothed in jen flesh, and hez knowledge comes from the lore of all elohim in the universe.

And the bit you mentioned about the source of Lilith's knowledge, have you shared that with Talishi or Yeshua or El Shaddai?

Everyone in my Family speaks freely with the elohim we know, my Lord.'

Belial was coldly amused. I see that Binah has contrived a loophole in our ancient bargain. And what power did Binah confer upon you?

My own talent, my Lord, is the ability to be very persuasive in any argument. I have been required to be present at many critical negotiations.

Do not attempt to use your talent to persuade me of the least thing, Abaddon warned Hunky. It would only result in your immediate demise.

Hunky wanted to express hurt that Abaddon would even suggest such a thing, but it would only come across as insincere. Hunky said only, Yes Sire.

And deep within hyzelf Hunky was overcome with regret and loneliness, thinking hyz mother had cut hym off forever, for sha no longer replied to hyz attempts to communicate with har by clairvoyance. Hunky knew the elohim played fast and loose with the timeline of those travelers who went to and from the Land We Know but hy did not know that the present moment in Gorpai was offset twenty years after the present moment at Earth-Selene.

At that moment the Emperor's young son Apollyon crossed the hangar along a far wall, sweaty from knife practice, and hyz passage was marked by Hunky.

For years the best instructors among the Eyes of Belial had trained Apollyon in the art of personal combat with the aim of preserving the dirk's life in the death struggle mandated by Belial's own ancient law which was the gateway to reproductive rights and full yanghood. But the dirk was too weak and clumsy to have a chance of surviving no matter what he was taught, and the Emperor, advised of that fact by hyz secret police, was beginning to resign himself to the certainty hy would lose hyz own son.

When Hunky first learned of Apollyon hy focused on the fact that the dirk had never been allowed anywhere near a female since hy had been weaned, and this would not change until hy emerged alive from the approaching death combat. But using hyz own body Hunky could present Apollyon with a very realistic simulacrum of a yin willing and eager for the dirk to plunge into hym, and in the height of passion hy would be unable to resist Possession. Apollyon in his sexual naivete would take the extraordinary sensation to be normal. Hunky was on the hunt again, and there was no one to stop hym.

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