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Mike and Jill rented a cabin a few miles from Central. It was a small wooden cube floating willy-nilly in the gravitational null zone between Hybla and Dia. Within the privacy of this cabin they made love for what they knew could very well be the last time. A yin and yang with two sets of genitalia each, they engaged in the plain vanilla missionary-position sex practiced by the majority of nephilim on Gorpai. Mike and Jill (who made it their hobby to catalog all the possible sexual preferences and po- sitions between the five genders) called it "trite" sex, which described it well and sounded vaguely like straight sex. Still, any sex was good sex, and no couple ever got bored of having four simultaneous orgasms.

Jill once also had sex with Robyn, who was another yin. At the time Robyn seemed to take the passive role, lost in har vast ecstasy, so Jill called har a "bliss". Jill was more active that time, so sha called harself an "amazon". Mike, on the side, had slept with Jerry, who took a more mascu- line role, so Mike called hymself a "punk". Jerry was a "rough", which also described the sex to a tee. This relationship was known to Jill by Mike's own confession and sha felt not the slightest twinge of jealousy.

Robyn was primarily pair-bonded with Lilith, who was a jen with both male and female genitals. Mike and Jill called Lilith's role as the penetrator in that kind of sex a "plunge" while Robyn was a "snare". Jill knew that Lilith had also been intimate with Jerry, who was a yang. They called Jerry in that case a "bear" and Lilith was a "twink", borrowing some slang from the gay community, yet the product of their union was Brand. Sex with jan was always breeder sex, never purely recreational. Jill knew of Li- lith's sex life through har power of clairvoyance, which also gave har in- sight into the deeply private lives of the other bene elohim unless they deliberately blocked har, as did Hunky, Chayn, and Chuck.

Hunky was killed by Belial eight years up the timeline, so Mike and Jill were not yet aware their nephilim son was dead. But after hyz attempt to possess Jill, sha was aware Hunky had bonded chiefly with Chuck, a human male. So they called Chuck a "merry", vaguely suggesting a gay, and Hunky in the more feminine role was called a "trinket", suggesting a plaything. Chuck also had more traditional gay sex with Brand, where he was called a "pitcher" while Brand was a "catcher".

But when a passive gay like Brand got together with an ultra-feminine yin like his half-sister Shyla, he was relatively dominant. Mike and Jill called him a "tyke" while Shyla was called a "muffle". And Shyla had also experienced sex with har niece Victoria, a human woman. In that case Vic- toria was called a "tribade" while Shyla was a "snatch".

In side action Victoria had engaged in lesbian sex with Chayn, making her a plain "dyke" and Chayn a "femme". Chayn got around. She had straight sex with Gordon and also for a short time had sex with her niece Del, a jen. Mike and Jill called Del a "snap" in that case, and Chayn was a "bent".

Del was pair-bonded chiefly with hez aunt Ariel, who was also a jen. Mike and Jill called this "flex" sex, because half of the time, depending on their mutual genital configuration, the jan couple had to assume the "six- ty-nine" position to make everything fit simultaneously like they do in trite sex. Ariel also mated with hez brother-in-law Gordon, a human male. Mike and Jill called him a "bauble" and Ariel was a "knot".

All of these sexual permutations were assigned by Binah under the theory that the family that plays together stays together. There was, however, one remaining combination which none of the bene elohim had tried yet (to the best knowledge of Jill) and that was a "predator" yang with a "shag" woman. It was of course quite common in the Land We Know, but what set the Gervasis apart from lovers in the Land was that their preferences were not set in stone. Victoria, for example, had never experienced the male touch, but this was simply a matter of opportunity, not choice.

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