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This is where I do most of my work. It is a Dell laptop running Windows XP which somebody kicked to the curb and I picked up from RePC in Tukwila for only $120. I attached a television from Best Buy ($89), and a Microsoft wireless keyboard / mouse combination, which makes it work just like a desktop. The rabbit ears sticking out of the top are to improve the wi-fi situation. Both the television and the laptop use less power than a traditional desktop setup, which is good because there's a space heater on the same circuit that has been known to pop the breaker. Microsoft no longer upgrades the OS but they continue to send out virus definitions and will do so for the foreseeable future. Despite my nom de plume, Linuxgal, I am not political and I will run any operating system that is worth a damn. XP happens to be one of my favorites, perhaps the pinnacle of the Microsoft line, because it is compatible with absolutely everything.

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