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In the Black Hat Girl's Locker Room After The Game

"TheMOM wanted it more than we did. She out-hustled us. We got a wake-up call today. We weren't mentally prepared. We beat ourselves. And Bluedaisy ate our lunch. She's had our number all season. This is a bitter pill to swallow. I take full responsibility for this loss. We didn’t get the battle won. My witch's hat is off to her. And give XCatholic credit. The best army won today. XC always has her army ready to fight. She stepped up and made the kill. They just made the big kills and we didn't. We just lost our focus. We didn't maintain our intensity for the entire sixty minutes. There were too many defensive lapses. Our defensive legions just didn't show up today. We dug ourselves a deep trench and shot ourselves in the foot. The ball just didn't bounce our way. We didn't get the big breaks today. We’ll just have to put this slaughter behind us. I’m really proud of our girls."

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