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Macadamising was a system of road-making invented by John Macadam in 1819

involving the use of stones broken to six ounces weight and the use of clean

flints and granite chippings.

MacDraw II

MacDraw II, the enhanced version of MacDraw by Claris, includes all the

functionality of MacDraw and is well-suited for graphic designs, diagrams,

floor plans, engineering applications, and low-end CAD applications. The

product includes a slide manager that lets you create a rolling slide show on

images on-screen and a slides title-sorter to rename and reorder slides. You

can also create notes to attach to a document and can optionally be displayed

on-screen or printed. MacDraw II is very fast and offers scrolling and keyboard

shortcuts. Advanced features for precise and intricate design tasks include a

layering capability that lets you create documents with unlimited overlapping,

hidden transparent layers, and the ability to rearrange them in any order. A

zoom capability lets you work on documents up to 32 times their original size.

The ruler settings can be customised and set to draw with an accuracy of 2,000

dpi. Objects and text can be rotated a full 360 degrees in increments as small

as 1/100 of a degree. Pen widths can be fully customized from zero to one and a

half inches with an accuracy of four decimal places. You can have up to 255 pen

widths per drawing. MacDraw II has strong text and precision capabilities. You

can customise your font sizes and line spaces from 1 to 127 points and

paragraphs and notes can have multiple type fonts, sizes, and styles. Unlike

MacDraw, MacDraw II lets you edit text by single letters. A 100,000-word

interactive spell checker is included. MacDraw II includes a library feature

that lets you name created objects, store them in the library, and recall them

from anywhere within the application. Corporate logos, component parts, and

symbols need only be created once.


MacLinkPlus/PC by Dataviz is an advanced file-transfer and translation software

program that provides built-in communications. The program is designed to allow

seamless file exchange between Macintoshes and IBM PCs or Macintoshes and

Macintoshes. It can be used with modems or cable and includes software for both

the Macintosh and the PC. The package includes a serial cable to connect a PC

(25-pin) to Mac SE, Mac Plus or Mac II (8-pin DIN). If you are using a Mac 128

or 512, which uses 9-pin serial ports, Dataviz includes a card that can be sent

in, with the original cable, to exchange for the correct cable. The package's

file translation capabilities provide a clean conversion of file format and

contents, including control codes, spreadsheet formulas, and databases.

Translations are supported between application formats such as MacWrite,

Microsoft Excel, Lotus, Microsoft Word, MultiMate, WordStar, WordPerfect,

OfficeWriter, dBase, and DIF. If you have PCs and Macintoshes sharing files

over an AppleTalk network, MacLinkPlus/PC offers a local mode to provide file

transfer and translation over network cabling. The product supports batch file

transfers. One window displays hard disks, folders, and files on the Macintosh,

while another window displays similar information on the PC. MacLinkPlus/PC

includes a special communications mode to allow your Macintosh to dial or

hard-wire to systems that support ASCII TTY or XMODEM communications. You can

use this mode interactively with local mode, translating files in local mode

before sending them or after receiving them from a remote system.


Macrocephalia is the medical condition of having an excessively large head.

MacroMind Director

MacroMind Director gives users with artistic talent the power of a production

department at their desk. The product lets you combine and manipulate text,

graphics, animation, and video. These elements can be synchronised with music

and sound effects for on-screen presentations, video productions, product

prototypes, and the simulation of complex processes and concepts. The product

provides several features that allow you to make impressive productions

quickly. However, creating your own animations and special effects takes some

time. MacroMind Director is made up of two major parts, Overview and Studio.

Like the director of a movie, Overview controls the sequence and timing of a

presentation-up to 30 frames per second. You create a document that references

a group of other documents that will be part of the presentation. Overview

makes sure that all the documents are available and make it to the screen on

time, stay on-screen for as long as needed, get off the screen, and remain

ready, if necessary, for a later appearance. Studio offers the tools needed to

create multimedia presentations. Included is a comprehensive painting program,

image import functions, and animation commands that control image positioning,

sequence, the relationship of images to each other on the screen, and sound

effects. The Auto Animate feature provides quick access to several animated

text effects where text can be entered and choices can be made about the type

of effect, tempo, and colour. The Transitions feature provides a number of

precreated methods to move from one image to another including dissolves,

reveals, wipes, and pushes. Both of these features quickly add

professional-looking effects to presentations. MacroMind Player is a run-time

version of Director which allows a presentation to be distributed to other

users, even if they do not have Director on their Macintosh.


Madrasso, also known as Mandrasso or Magrasso, is perhaps the most popular and

widespread card game in Venice and the surrounding region, where it has over

the last 50 years practically replaced the older game Scarabocion. In the

ranking and values of cards and the presence of a trump suit it is related to

Briscola, but because the necessity to follow suit (as in Tressette) Madrasso

offers greater scope for sophisticated card play technique. There are four

players, two against two in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other. A

40 card Italian pack is used - for authenticity it should be the Venetian

pattern, also known as Trevigiane.

Madura Foot

see "Mycetoma"


Magenta (fuchsine, rosein, harmaline or aniline red) is the hydrochloride of

rosaniline, an aniline dye.


Magnadur is a cermaic material used for making permanent magnets. It consists

basically of sintered oxide of iron and oxide of barium, and is therefore

non-mettalic, although possessing ferro-magnetic properties. Because of its

ceramic structure it is a good electrical insulator.


see "Magnesium oxide"


see "Magnesium oxide"


Magnesium is a metal element with the symbol Mg that burns with a very bright

white light.

Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide is formed when magnesium is burnt in the air. It is a white

powder that is used to treat acidity in the stomach.

Magnesium Peroxide

Magnesium peroxide is a white, tastless, water-insoluble powder used as an

antiseptic and as an oxidizing and bleaching agent.

Magnesium Silicate

Magnesium Silicate is a fine, white, odourless, tastless powder with variable

hydration. It is insoluble in both water and alcohol and is used as a rubber

filler, a bleaching agent, and odour absorber and in the manufacture of paints

and resins.

Magnesium Sulphate

see "Epsom Salts"


A magnet is a piece of one of the so-called ferromagnetic materials which has

been magnetized, that is to say it has acquired, either permanently or

temporarily, the power of attracting or repelling other pieces of similar

material and of exerting a mechanical force on a neighbouring conductor

carrying an electric current.


Magnetostriction is small changes in the length of a piece of magnetic material

which accompany the process of magnetization.

Magnetron Effect

The magnetron effect is the deflexion of electrons emitted from a straight

filamentary or thin tubular thermionic cathode and accelerated towards a

co-axial cylindrical anode, the deflexion resulting from the application of an

axial magnetic field.


Malayalam is a Dravidian dialect closely related to Tamil and widely spoken on

the west coast of south India.


Malayalim is a Dravidian language allied to Tamil.

Maleic Acid

Maleic acid is a colourless, crystaline, water-soluble solid. It has an

astringent taste and faint acidulous odour. It is used in the manufacture of

synthetic resins, the dyeing and finishing of textiles, and as a preservative

for fats and oils.

Maleic Anhydride

Maleic anhydride is a colourless, crystalline, unsaturated compound that is

soluble in acetone and hydrolyses in water. It is used in the production of

polyester resins, pesticides, fumaric acid and tartaric acid.

Maleic Hydrazide

Maleic hydrazide is a cystalline compound used as a plant growth inhibitor and


Malic acid

Malic acid is an organic compound extracted from fruits.


Something which is malleable can be hammered into a new shape with out

fracturing or returning to its original shape.


A mallet is a large and heavy hammer, usually made of wood.

Malonic Acid

Malonic acid is a white, crystalline, water-soluble dibasic acid easily

decomposed by heat and used chiefly as an intermediate in the synthesis of



Maltol (Larixinic acid) is a crystalline compound obtained from larch bark,

pine needles, chicory or roasted malt and used for enhancing flavours and

aromas in foods, wines and perfumes.


Maltose is a sugar formed naturally from starch during the germination of

grain. It is two glucose molecules combined.


The mandolin is a stringed musical instrument descended from the lute.


Manganese is a metal element with the symbol Mn.

Manna of St Nicholas of Bari

see "Aqua Tofana"

Mansbridge Capacitor

A Mansbridge capacitor is an electronic capactitor having metal foil plates and

paper dielectric and so designed that, should the insulation break down to

puncture of the dielectric, the discharge between the plates at the seat of the

breakdown oxidises the metal and thus restores the insulation resistance.


Manx is a dialect of Gaelic once spoken in the Isle Of Man.


Mao is a recent addition to the Eights group of card games, which is especially

popular in the USA. The main feature of Mao which distinguishes it from its

predecessors is that there is a rule against explaining or asking about the

rules. New players are expected to join a game and deduce the rules of play by

observation, trial and error.


see "Butterine"

Margerine Act

The Margerine Act of 1887 declared that butterine, and other substances like

butter must be termed margerine. The term butter being restricted to the

product of milk or cream, or both.


Marias is the most popular card game in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It

exists in versions for 2, 3 and 4 players and is played with a German suited 32

card pack. It is closely related to the Hungarian game Ulti.

Marine Society

The Marine Society was an institution founded in 1756 by James Hanway for the

instruction and maintenance of boys for the navy. It instituted the first

training ship on the Thames in 1786, HMS Warspite which was burned in 1876

where upon the boys were removed to the Conqueror.


Mariolatry is worship of the virgin Mary. It began in the 4th century and

greatly increased in the 10th.

Mariotte's Law

see "Boyle's Law"


Marjapussi is a trick taking card game. There are no trumps at the start, but

if the side winning a trick hold the king and queen of a suit, they can make

that suit trumps. Trumps can change in this way several times during a hand.

Points are scored for cards won in tricks, for making trumps, and for winning

the last trick. Players bid according to how many points they think their side

can take. The partnership that wins the bidding is allowed to exchange some

cards and lead first, but they must take as least as many points as their

contract in order to score. The side which first reaches or exceeds 500 points



Maskador is a tradename for para-di-chloro benzene


A masquerade is a party or dance at which fancy masks and costumes are worn.


In physics, mass is the quantity of matter which a body contains.

Master Disk

Master Disk by Rosenthal Engineering prepares PC floppy diskettes used as

masters for software duplication and distribution. Software duplicated from

these originals are more reliable and resistant to virus contamination. It

examines the diskette and drive for flaws and errors, and verifies the quality

and integrity as being suitable for use as the original master, fills unused

sectors and boot tracks with special security code. The documentation includes

extensive anti-virus test data.


MathCAD by MathSoft Inc. is a unique non-structured computer program that

allows you to work with numbers logically in an open, flexible environment. The

extraordinary calculating ability of MathCAD gives technical professionals the

opportunity to explore mathematical options unavailable through standard

spreadsheet-like programs. You enter equations and text anywhere and the

program formats the equations, checks for errors, and solves the equation.

Results may be displayed numerically or they may be plotted. Plots correspond

to mathematics and change in real-time as equations are modified. MathCAD

performs numerical operations on real and complex numbers. Precision is

automatically monitored to 15 digits. Trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic,

and Bessel functions are built-in. Operators include absolute value, factorial,

square root, summations, and subscripted variables. The product performs

dimensional analysis automatically. You can solve systems of equations and

perform matrix arithmetic. MathCAD's text-editing capability makes it easy to

transform mathematical notes into specifications and document designs quickly

and accurately.


In chemistry, matter is anything which occupies space and has mass.


see "Crazy Eights"


The maund was a unit of measurement used in India around 1900. It is equivalent

to 40 seer.


Maw was a card game, popular in 16th century Britain, and an ancestor of a

group of games normally associated with Ireland and Irish communities abroad.

The descendants include Spoil Five and a series of games named after the number

of points required to win: 25, 45, 55, 110, 120.

Maxi Form

Maxi Form by Herne Data Systems Ltd is a floppy disk formatting program for the

PC that gives more space on a disk: 360k disks are expanded to 420k, 720

becomes 800k, 1.2 mb becomes 1.4 mb and 1.44 mb is boosted to 1.6 mb. The disks

are user transparent to DOS version 3.20 or later and can be used

interchangeably with normal DOS disks.


The maxwell is the c.g.s. unit of magnetic flux. It is now replaced by the SI

unit, the weber (one maxwell equals 10-8 weber). The maxwell is a very small

unit, representing a single line of magnetic flux. It is equal to the flux

through one square centimetre normal to a magnetic field with an intensity of

one gauss.


A maze is a confusing network of passages and winding interconnecting paths.

A maze was a British measurement for herring equal to 615 fish.


Meliorism is the doctrine that the world may be made better by human effort.


A melodeon is a type of accordion.


Melody is the tune of a piece of music.


Mendelevium is an artificial metal radioactive element with the symbol Md.


Menispermine is an alkaloid discovered by Pelletier and Couerbe in the seeds of

Menispermum cocculus. It crystallizes in prisms and in insoluble in water but

soluble in alcohol and ether from which it deposits in the crystalline state.


Menkar (Ceti) is the chief star of the constellation Cetus.


A menorah is a seven-branched candelabrum used in Jewish worship.


Menthol is an alcohol derivative of menthone and occurs in peppermint. It is

also known as menthylic alcohol and camphor of peppermint.

Menthylic alcohol

see "Menthol"


see "Methaqualone"

Mercuric cyanide

Mercuric cyanide is a very poisonous compound prepared by dissolving yellow

mercuric oxide in aqueous hydrocyanic acid.


Mercury is a dense, mobile, silvery liquid metal element, symbol Hg.

Mercury fulminate

Mercury fulminate is an explosive used in detonators and percussion caps.

Merman XXX

Merman XXX is a Scottish ale brewed with a mix of roast and crystal malts to a

19th century recipe by the Caledonian Brewing Company of Edinburgh.

Merry thought

A merry thought (or wish-bone) is the forked bone of a fowl's breast which is

used in sport bu unmarried persons, each taking hold of and pulling at one of

the forks, the possession of the longest piece being an omen of an early

marriage to the one who gets it. In other folk-lore, the holder of the longest

piece gets to make a wish.


Mesh are an English PC manufacturer based in London with a reputation for

producing high specification computers at a low price for the retail market,

though they also operate a corporate wing for business customers. As of 1998

they are the sponsors of Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Mesh Elite 300H

The Mesh Elite 300H is an Intel Pentium II based PC. The CPU is clocked at 300

mhz and the PC is supplied with 128 mb of RAM, an 8 GB hard disk. CD-ROM, 17

inch monitor, 8 mb Hercules terminator 3d graphics card, Creative Labs PCI

sound card, 50 watt speakers and a 56 kbps modem.


Mesmerism (or hypnosis) was a system popularised by Franz Anton Mesmer who

called it Animal Magnetism. He believed that the stars exercised an influence

over men, and identifying this with magnetism sought to effect cures by

stroking his patients with magnets. Finding that Gassner effected cures by

stroking with his hand, Mesmer abandoned the use of magnets. The Marquis de

Puysagur discovered that sleep could be induced by gentle manipulation and

pioneered the scientific study of mesmerism away from Memser's mysterious



see "Germ layer"


Mesons are charged particles observed in cosmic rays, and having rest masses

greater than that of an electron but less than that of a proton.


Mesural is a tradename for Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride


Metal is a class of elements.


A meteor is a small solid body which sails through space.


A meteorite is a piece of rock or metal from space.


A meteorograph is an apparatus for registering the various changes in the

atmosphere in the form of a diagram. It was invented by father Secchi of Rome

who received a prize for it at the Paris International Exhibition in July 1867.


Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon. It is an odourless gas that is explosive

when mixed with oxygen.

Methanoic acid

Methanoic acid is a fuming liquid that occurs in stinging nettles.


Methanol is the simplest alcohol having the formulae ch3oh.


Methodism is a religious movement. It was founded by John Wesley, Charles

Wesley and George Whitfield in reaction to apathy within the Church of England.

Methyl aldehyde

see "Formaldehyde"

Methyl salicylate

Methyl salicylate (wintergreen oil) is the essential oil of Gaultheria

procumbens. It is an oily liquid with a pleasant smell used as a flavouring and

for the preparation of natural salicylic acid.


see "Toluidine"


see "Toluene"


see "Cresol"


see "Thymo"


see "Caffeine"

Methylethyl acetic acid

Methylethyl acetic acid is an isomeric variety of valeric acid found in plants.


A metronome is a device for regulating time in the performance of music. The

first was patented in 1816.


Mezzotint is a method of engraving on copper or steel.


Mho is the unit of conductance, the reciprocal of the ohm.

Miami Seahawks

see "Baltimore Colts"


see "Boodle"

Michigan Rummy

see "Three in One"

Micrografx Designer

Micrografx Designer is a high-end illustration package that works under

Microsoft Windows. It is designed primarily for graphic artists and technical

illustrators who require tools beyond those found in the basic drawing

packages. Micrografx Designer offers all the basic drawing tools typically

found in drawing programs and includes features such as Bezier curves, curve

smoothing, parabolas, polylines, and layering normally found in CAD programs. A

freehand tool can be used to dynamically smooth and reduce the number of points

in Bezier curves. The product sizes, scales, and rotates graphics and text in

1/10 degree increments, draws standard shapes and fills them with colour or

patterns, and prints in colour or shades of gray. Micrografx Designer includes

an autotrace feature to trace almost any scanned image including images saved

in .PCX and TIFF format. This lets you create an object-oriented version that

can be resized without loss of image quality or proportionality, and printed at

high resolution. You also have the choice of tracing the entire image or only a

portion. A zoom feature lets you do detailed work with three levels of

magnification. Curves may be edited, smoothed, and unsmoothed.


A micrometer is an instrument for measuring minute lengths or angles with great

accuracy; different types of micrometer are used in astronomical and

engineering work. The type of micrometer used in astronomy consists of two fine

wires, one fixed and the other movable, placed in the focal plane of a

telescope; the movable wire is fixed on a sliding plate and can be positioned

parallel to the other until the object appears between the wires. The movement

is then indicated by a scale on the adjusting screw. The micrometer calliper,

of great value in engineering, has its adjustment effected by an extremely

accurate fine-pitch screw (vernier).


The micron is a unit of length equal to one thousandth part of a millimetre.


A microphone is the first component in a sound recording system. It converts

sound waves into electrical energy. A simple microphone is the telephone

receiver mouthpiece.

Microsoft Chart

Microsoft Chart is a very visual, high-end business-charting package that

provides eight chart types in a total of 45 standard formats. Each format is

pictured in a series of illustrated menus called the gallery so you see exactly

how a chart type will look before you choose the format. The gallery shows

examples of area, bar, column, high-low, line, mixed, pie, and scatter charts.

Each chart type has five to eight standard formats from which to choose. Your

data is immediately displayed in the format you have selected. You can even

create a custom chart. If you find your data is not well-represented with the

chosen chart type, it is easy to switch between formats until you find the one

that best conveys the information you want to present. Because it is so easy to

switch from one graph type to another, Microsoft Chart is excellent for finding

the best fit between data and its graphic representation. Once you have found

the appropriate format, you can tailor your chart to meet your precise needs.

Microsoft Chart lets you improve the clarity of a chart by changing its four

components: axis, data, labels, or legend. Text can be tailored to your chart

by varying the font, size, location, or amount of text. You can even draw an

arrow from a note to the element of the chart to be noted. You also have full

flexibility to change the chart as a whole. For example, you can change size,

colours, pattern, position, or border. As you modify, move, size, position,

colour, and shade elements, you can watch the changes on the screen. To make

working even simpler, the program offers automatic scaling, spacing, and

centering for all elements of the chart. Microsoft Chart offers a hotlink

between your chart and a spreadsheet file, so you can set the charts to

automatically update when data in the originating program changes. Microsoft

Chart also has an editor for inputting and correcting data from the keyboard.


A microtome is an instrument used for cutting very thin sections of organic

tissue for microscopic examination.


The mile is a unit of the imperial scale of measurement of length equivalent to

8 furlongs, 1760 yards or 1.6093 kilometres.


see "Three-Day Event"

Milky Way

The Milky Way is the large, disk-shaped aggregation of stars, or galaxy , that

includes the sun and its solar system. Its name is derived from its appearance

as a faintly luminous band that stretches across earth's sky at night. This

band is the disk in which the solar system lies. Its hazy appearance results

from the combined light of stars too far away to be distinguished individually

by the unaided eye. The individual stars that are distinct in the sky are those

in the Milky Way galaxy that lie sufficiently close to the solar system to be

discerned separately. From the middle northern latitudes, the Milky Way is best

seen on clear, moonless, summer nights, when it appears as a luminous,

irregular band circling the sky from the northeastern to the southeastern

horizon. It extends through the constellations Perseus, Cassiopeia, and

Cepheus. In the region of the Northern Cross it divides into two streams: the

western stream, which is bright as it passes through the Northern Cross, fades

near Ophiuchus, or the Serpent Bearer, because of dense dust clouds, and

appears again in Scorpio; and the eastern stream, which grows brighter as it

passes southward through Scutum and Sagittarius. The brightest part of the

Milky Way extends from Scutum to Scorpio, through Sagittarius. The center is in

the direction of Sagittarius and is about 26,000 light-years from the sun.


Millennium is a period of measurement being 1000 years.

Millennium Master

Millennium Master from MFX Research is a software package for the PC which can

change short date formats in all applications and data files by catching them

at the machine code level. The package claims to work with all custom and

bespoke applications, changing the dates to a year 2000 compliant format.


A mineral is an element or compound occurring naturally due to inorganic



Ming is the name of the Chinese dynasty which ruled from 1368 to 1644.


The Minuet is a dance which came to Paris in 1650 and reached its greatest

popularity in the reign of Louis XV. It combined gracefulness with ceremonial



The Miocene was the sixteenth geological period, 25,000,000 years ago. The

first apes evolved.


see "Spiegel-eisen"


In chemistry, miscible refers to being capable of being mixed.

Mittlere Jass

Mittlere Jass is an unusual Swiss Jass game for three players. It is a point

trick game, with the basic object of each hand being to avoid ending up with

the middle score. Mittlere is played with a 36-card jass pack. There are four

suits: acorns, shields, flowers, and bells. In each suit, there are nine cards:

ace (or sow), king, ober, under, banner, 9, 8, 7, 6. If you cannot obtain such

a pack, you can play it with a bridge or poker pack, using queens for obers,

jacks for unders, 10s for banners, and discarding cards smaller than 6s.


In chemistry, a mixture is an aggregate of two or more substances which are not

chemically combined and which exist in no fixed proportion to one another.


see "Mizzen"


A mizzen is the fore and aft sail on the after side of the mizzen-mast of a

three-masted ship.


MMX is a set of multimedia instructions built into Intel's microprocessors.

MMX-enabled microprocessors can handle many common multimedia operations, such

as as digital signal processing (DSP) that are normally handled by a separate

sound or video card.


Modem is a contraction of the term Modulator/Demodulator. It is a device that

modulates and demodulates signals on and off a carrier frequency. It is not

limited to computer data use, thus the telco-specific term data set for

data modems.


Modulation is alterations in the characteristics of analog carrier waves,

impressed on the amplitude, phase and/or the frequency of the wave.

Molal solution

In chemistry, a molal solution is a solution containing one mole of a solute in

1,000 grams of solute.

Molar solution

In chemistry, a molar solution is a solution which contains 1 gram-molecular

weight of solute in one liter of solution.


In chemistry, a mole is the molecular weight of a substance expressed in grams.

Molecular weight

In chemistry, molecular weight is the sum of the atomic weights of all the

atoms in a molecule.


A molecule is the smallest particle of any substance that can exist and still

exhibit the properties of the substance.


Molybdenum is a metal element with the symbol Mo.


Monday is the first day of the week.


Monosaccharide is a simple carbohydrate.


A monsoon is a seasonal wind occasioned by the deflection of permanent winds

from their normal path through the heating of a neighbouring land mass.


The month is a unit of measurement of time based upon the motion of the moon

around the earth.


The moon is the natural satellite of the earth. It is 3476 km in diameter and

has a mass 1/8th that of the earth. It orbits the earth every 27.32 days.

Morals and Health Act

The Morals and Health Act was passed in 1802 as the first legislation in

Britain to improve the appaling conditions in British factories.


More by Symantec is a powerful outlining tool which integrates multiple

presentation capabilities. The program provides a variety of tools to plan,

organise, and produce presentations efficiently. More features advanced outline

for organizing ideas and information, a built-in word processor, drawing

capabilities, and an on-screen slide show function. More provides the ability

to use two monitors: one for the audience to display the presentation, and one

for the presenter to display speaker's notes, a mini view of the presentation,

and the time elapsed. More contains an outline processor that lets you gather,

sort, organise, and reorganise information in virtually limitless ways. Word

processing capabilities include wrapping headlines, headers and footers, page

breaks, rules, automatic on-screen labeling, and a 100,000-word spell checker.

More lets you create presentation-quality tree charts or bullet charts from

outlines. It maintains lists of things to do, client information, or your

personal calendar. More's powerful outline-editing feature lets you organise

ideas and rearrange outlines to suit your needs. You can expand and contract

sections, zoom in on a line, and add descriptive text. You can use templates to

save frequently used formats such as addresses or expenses. Several templates

are included or you can create your own. Similar to other desktop presentation

programs, More lets you create colour or black-and-white slide shows, overhead

transparencies, or hard copy complete with speaker's notes and audience

handouts. Templates increase the production speed of a presentation and slides

can be re-ordered from the outline or thumbnail sketch view. More can also be

used to create organisation charts. The spell checker and thesaurus included

with More can be used with other applications such as word processors that do

not contain a spell checker or thesaurus.


Moreen is a fabric made from wool or wool and cotton in imitation of moire.


Moroxite is the crystallised form of apatite, occurring in crystals of a

brownish or greenish-blue colour.

Morse Code

Morse Code is a telegraphic code, devised by S. F. B. Morse, wherein letters,

figures etc. are represented by differing arrangements of long and short pulses

(dots and dashes).


Mountaineering is the practice of climbing mountains.


MS-DOS (MicroSoft Disk Operating System) is a clone of CP/M for the 8088 put

together in six weeks by hacker Tim Paterson, who is said to have regretted it

ever since. It has numerous features, including vaguely UNIX-like but rather

broken support for subdirectories, I/O redirection, and pipelines, were hacked

into version 2.0 and subsequent versions; as a result, there are two or more

incompatible versions of many system calls, and MS-DOS programmers can never

agree on basic things like what character to use as an option switch or whether

to be case-sensitive. The resulting mess is now the highest-unit-volume OS in

history. Often known simply as DOS, which annoys people familiar with other

similarly abbreviated operating systems (the name goes back to the mid-1960s,

when it was attached to IBM's first disk operating system for the 360). The

name further annoys those who know what the term operating system does (or

ought to) connote; DOS is more properly a set of relatively simple interrupt



MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) is a statistical method developed and

administered by the U.S. military for purposes of estimating maintenance levels

required by various devices and systems. Since accurate statistics require a

basis of failures per million hours of operation, an MTBF estimate on a

single device is not very accurate; it would take 114 years to see if the

device really had that many failures! Similarly, since the MTBF is an estimate

of averages, half of the devices can be expected to fail before then, and half

after. MTBF cannot be used as a guarantee. Telecommunications systems operate

on the principle of Availability, for which there is a body of CCITT



Mu-metal is a nickel-iron alloy characterised by its high permeability at low

field strengths and its small hysterisis losses.

Mudrane GG

see "Phenobarbital"


A muffle is an arched fire-brick furnace used in assaying operations.


see "Five-Up"


Multileaving is an IBM Bisync-era method of interspersing message blocks for

various applications on a single line.


Multum is a tradename for Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride


A mummy is any dead body, human or animal, that has been naturally or

artificially preserved. Natural mummification can occur through freezing,

drying, or preservation in bogs or oil seeps. Artificial mummification may be

achieved by embalming (for example, the mummies of ancient Egypt) or by



Mungo is a material similar to shoddy which is made from old woollen fabrics

which have been torn up for remaking.


Munjeet is a dye obtained from the roots of the Rubia cordifolia plant which is

grown in India.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic Acid was a former name for Hydrochloric acid.

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law reads: "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of

those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it."


Murrine vases were priceless vessels brought from Carmania in Persia and used

in ancient Rome as winecups where it was believed they would break if poison

was mixed with the wine.


Mus is a popular Spanish card game, of Basque origin. It is unusual in that

although its mechanics - drawing cards and then betting on who has the best

hand - are reminiscent of gambling games like Poker, Mus is a partnership game

which does not need to be (and usually is not) played for money. Mus is

actually quite quick and straightforward to play, with a lot of scope for bluff

and jokes.


Musk is a substance used in perfume and obtained from the Musk-deer. Musk is

also used in medicine as an antispasmodic.


Muslin is a fine thin cotton fabric first imported into England in 1670 from



Mustamaija is a Finnish card game generally thought of as a children's game,

though the tactical play is sufficiently interesting that adults can also enjoy

playing it. The name translates roughly as "Black Maria", but its only

relationship to the British game of Black Maria (a variant of Hearts), is that

in both games the aim is to avoid being given the queen of spades. Mustamaija

is not a trick taking game like hearts - it is a beating game of the multiple

attack type. There is no winner, only a loser of each hand. The loser is the

player who is left holding the mustamaija (spade queen) when all the other

players have run out of cards.


Mycology is the study of fungi, including the identification, description and

classification of the great diversity of fungi.


Myrrh is a gum resin produced by a tree found in Arabia. It is used as incense

and in embalming.

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