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Sea Epi Act Sce Action
0 A 0 B In slow motion, Union and Confederate soldiers converge on a bridge.
0 A 0 C They begin shooting, and men fall on the bridge from both sides.
0 A 0 D Too close to fire, the men leading the attacks engage in fisticuffs.
0 A 0 E Normal speed. The Union wave reaches nearly across the bridge.
0 A 0 F Rebels skirmishers drive their foes back across the bridge as bodies pile up.
0 A 0 G A Union cannon fires canister shot and Rebel soldiers die in droves.
0 A 0 H At a remove from the bridge CSA artillerymen reposition their guns.
0 A 0 I The Union cannon is taken out of the battle in a massive barrage.
0 A 0 J One more Rebel attack gains the bridge but is stopped by rifles.
0 A 0 K The fallen bodies from both sides have become a hill on the bridge.
0 A 0 L Infantry from both sides focus their musket fire on the bridge.
0 A 0 M A Union COLONEL observing the battle is shot off his horse.
0 A 0 N The COLONEL sees the bullet was stopped by the pages of his Bible.
0 A 0 O The COLONEL orders a fresh wave of troops to assail the bridge.
0 A 0 P Rebel troops are driven back by the new Union assault.
0 A 0 Q Rebel CAPTAIN: "Sir, the boys are almost out of powder."
0 A 0 R A rebel MAJOR orders bayonets fixed, and leads a final charge.
0 A 0 S The rebels briefly gain sole occupation of the bridge.
0 A 0 T The COLONEL picks up the colors and leads his men back to the fight.
0 A 0 U Union men attain the summit of a mass of bodies on the bridge.
0 A 0 V Union men fire, swap their empty muskets for fresh ones, fire again.
0 A 0 W The last of the rebels are either shot, captured, or run away.
0 A 0 X COLONEL: "Tell the commanding general we won a bridgehead here."
0 A 0 Y A LIEUTENANT salutes, then sees the bridge is stacked with bodies.
0 A 0 Z The LIEUTENANT spashes across the creek, which is only ankle deep.
0 A 1 A Title Card: SOL SYSTEM - 9550 BCE
0 A 1 B A white-hot drop separates from the sun, cools.
0 A 1 C Yellow changes to orange, then red, and the droplet grows spines.
0 A 1 D The object approaches Mercury.
0 A 1 E The object surveys a lifeless sun-blasted landscape.
0 A 1 F The object rises into space again on a fiery blast.
0 A 1 G Next stop is Venus. The object dives under the clouds.
0 A 1 H This planet is even hotter and less hospitable for life than Mercury.
0 A 1 I Once again the object rises through the clouds into space.
0 A 1 J The third planet out, blue and white, is much more promising.
0 A 1 K The object descends below the clouds and cools off in an ocean.
0 A 1 L The object crosses the shoreline and reaches land, green with trees.
0 A 1 M The object plows through some trees, observes apes fleeing.
0 A 1 N Some of the apes flee over the ground, using all limbs to move.
0 A 1 O The object observes one of the apes being killed by a predator.
0 A 1 P The object performs a suborbital arc, explores another continent.
0 A 1 Q There is a plain with a single mountain dominating it for miles.
0 A 1 R The object observes a group of apes that walk on two legs.
0 A 1 S The object transforms into a nearby white stone and observes.
0 A 1 T The object observes a burial ceremony for a newly dead hunter.
0 A 1 U Women polish elaborate bone tools with stone tools.
0 A 1 V Men fashion animal hide tents to live in during the hunt.
0 A 1 W Night. A tendril of the object snakes into a cave occupied by the group.
0 A 1 X A woman applies pigment to the wall in a beautiful painting.
0 A 1 Y The object observes resin boiling in a pot over a fire.
0 A 1 Z The resin is used to fix a stone spearhead to a shaft for hunting.
0 A 2 A Title Card: NEBRASKA TERRITORY - 1862 CE
0 A 2 B Too small to be a tribe, hunters of the Kaleetan people ride over the plain.
0 A 2 C WANICA, the best of the hunters, rides in the lead.
0 A 2 D A herd of bison drinks water at a ford in a small river, upwind of the hunters.
0 A 2 E The Kaleetan descend into the ravine carved into the plain by the river.
0 A 2 F WANICA signals for his men to bring their horses to a halt.
0 A 2 G The men dismount and tie their horses off to stumps and logs.
0 A 2 H WANICA leads the men toward the river on foot.
0 A 2 I Some of the animals seem to be nervous.
0 A 2 J The hunters of the Kaleetan creep through the grass to watch the herd.
0 A 2 K The male of the bison stops drinking and stares, sensing danger.
0 A 2 L Judging the moment to be right, WANICA stands and looses an arrow.
0 A 2 M The arrow strikes a cow in a flank, but it's not a lethal shot.
0 A 2 N All the animals hear the cry of the cow, panic, and run.
0 A 2 O A series of shots are made by other hunters, but all of them miss.
0 A 2 P The bison ascend a slope, making for the cover of a low cloud bank.
0 A 2 Q The hunters follow the herd up the slope, and a dark fog envelopes them.
0 A 2 R Bows held at the ready, turning left and right, but nothing is visible.
0 A 2 S The fog clears, the sun comes out, and some bison are exposed.
0 A 2 T Arrows are loosed, and strike home, dropping one of the bison.
0 A 2 U Two surviving bison run back down off the mountain into the fog.
0 A 2 V Young braves are tasked with carving the body of the fallen animal.
0 A 2 W Meat is loaded on a skid made of animal skin to be dragged away.
0 A 2 X WANICA turns away with two companions, all three are mounted.
0 A 2 Y The summit of the mountain stands alone over a sea of clouds.
0 A 2 Z WANICA: "I name this place the Island in the Sky."
0 A 3 B A Confederate GENERAL watches the Federal lines through binoculars.
0 A 3 C GENERAL: "General Lee, sir, the enemy is not making ready to attack."
0 A 3 D General LEE appears to be anguished, knowing his invasion of the North has failed.
0 A 3 E LEE: "Your orders are to move the army back over the river, General."
0 A 3 F The GENERAL (astonished by this decision): "General Lee!"
0 A 3 G LEE: "But this is the important thing, General: The retreat must be in good order."
0 A 3 H The GENERAL motions to subordinates, issues his orders.
0 A 3 I All over the battlefield men begin to break down their tents.
0 A 3 J The Confederates cross back south over the Potomac on pontoons.
0 A 3 K A sergeant orders his men to form up, but some wounded walk on.
0 A 3 L The Union army is also waiting near their tents and watching.
0 A 3 M A white church has been turned into a field hospital for the Union army.
0 A 3 N Blood splatters the interior walls. A doctor uses ether to sedate a man.
0 A 3 O Other men use saws to hack off limbs, which they throw into a pile.
0 A 3 P Men outside the the church on stretchers moan with post-op agony.
0 A 3 Q A messenger arrives at the church by horse, addresses the doctors.
0 A 3 R MESSENGER: "Orders from the commanding general..."
0 A 3 S MESSENGER: "…Get your wounded on hoof or wheels and the hell out of here."
0 A 3 T The amputated legs and arms are thrown into a pile and burned.
0 A 3 U Wagons carrying wounded men begin to roll away.
0 A 3 V Every bump in the road illicits screams from the men inside.
0 A 3 W The last ambulance wagon passes a group of civilians riding horses.
0 A 3 X Parishoners of the white church have ridden out to see their church.
0 A 3 Y They gasp, for their church is riddled with bullet holes and shell damage.
0 A 3 Z Suddenly before their very eyes the church collapses in ruin.
0 A 4 B A prairie storm hurls lightning, rain, and hail.
0 A 4 C ADAMU picks his way to the base of the mountain, clad in skins.
0 A 4 D CHAVA, his mate, carrying her child, follows ADAMU, also wearing skins.
0 A 4 E ADAMU finds a cave in the mountainside, and enters for shelter from the storm.
0 A 4 F CHAVA sits on a boulder as ADAMU starts a fire inside the cave.
0 A 4 G A noise other than the crackling fire startles both of them.
0 A 4 H ADAMU moves deeper into the cave with a torch to investigate, CHAVA follows.
0 A 4 I The tunnel twists and turns, but rather than growing darker it grows lighter.
0 A 4 J ADAMU and CHAVA reach another cave opening where it should be the center of the peak.
0 A 4 K ADAMU and CHAVA stare in wonder at a new world before them, with a purple sky.
0 A 4 L A branchless tree resembling a whip stirs into motion, pounds the ground before them.
0 A 4 M The whip tree grabs ADAMU's torch and hurls it away.
0 A 4 N The torch lands nearby, and starts a fire.
0 A 4 O ADAMU and CHAVA are unable to emerge from the cave entrance due to the whip tree.
0 A 4 P The fire begins to spread to engulf the land around the cave entrance.
0 A 4 Q ADAMU and CHAVA edge back into the cave on account of the fierce heat.
0 A 4 R When the whip tree catches fire it begins to thrash like never before.
0 A 4 S ADAMU and CHAVA are deep inside the tunnel, illuminated by the fire outside.
0 A 4 T The whip tree grows motionless and dies, burned to a crisp.
0 A 4 U ADAMU and CHAVA return to the cave entrance as the fire begins to abate.
0 A 4 V A large black patch of several acres lies before them, smouldering.
0 A 4 W ADAMU and CHAVA step across the blackened soil warily, watching for movement.
0 A 4 X The turn and look back towards the cave. The whole world seems to be their own.
0 A 4 Y CHAVA clasps ADAMU's left hand in her own and utters his name, "Adamu."
0 A 4 Z ADAMU touches his woman's face with his right hand, and says, "Chava."
0 A 5 B The summit of Yellow Mountain lies above a sea of white fog.
0 A 5 C A herd of bisons are grazing warily on the mountaintop with hunters nearby.
0 A 5 D Native American horsemen stalk the animals from the mountain flanks.
0 A 5 E A flying machine drifts out of the sea of fog on jets of flame.
0 A 5 F The bison and most of the men scatter at the noise of the machine.
0 A 5 G Only WANICA and his fearless steed remain to watch what happens.
0 A 5 H The flying machine drops a white ball, then moves away to explode loudly.
0 A 5 I The white ball bounces to a stop on the summit of Yellow Mountain.
0 A 5 J WANICA watches the white ball change shape to become like a man.
0 A 5 K The faceless white man walks toward WANICA, then sits on the ground.
0 A 5 L The head of the white man opens in six petals, revealing a golden object.
0 A 5 M WANICA dismounts and draws near to look at the golden thing.
0 A 5 N WANICA takes ahold of the golden object while the white man remains motionless.
0 A 5 O The golden thing fits in WANICA'S hand like a sword hilt.
0 A 5 P WANICA squeezes the Golden Gift to produce a hissing black beam.
0 A 5 Q When WANICA no longer squeezes the Golden Gift, the black beam retracts.
0 A 5 R The petals of the head of the white man close once more.
0 A 5 S The white man changes shape to become an inert white dome on the mountain summit.
0 A 5 T The bison begin to return to the summit area of Yellow Mountain.
0 A 5 U WANICA conceals the Golden Gift in the pack tied to his horse.
0 A 5 V The companions of WANICA also return to the summit, where they see the white dome.
0 A 5 W WANICA lifts a stone and sets it near the white dome.
0 A 5 X The companions of WANICA join him, picking up stones to place them near the dome.
0 A 5 Y The men finish their work and stand back to look.
0 A 5 Z The white dome is concealed by a stone cairn.
0 A 6 A Some of the women parishoners are weeping at the damage.
0 A 6 B Pastor KELLER: "Do not grieve, my friends. Yes, our church is gone…"
0 A 6 C KELLER: "…but soon a more beautiful one will stand in its place."
0 A 6 D Deacon LANGE: "But what is to stop the new church from the same fate?"
0 A 6 E KELLER (narrowing his eyes): "What do you mean, brother Lange?"
0 A 6 F LANGE: I mean Virginia is just over yonder river. They'll be back.
0 A 6 G KELLER: "Rumor has it they've taken a whuppin. Marse Robert won't be back."
0 A 6 H LANGE: "Last month there was a second battle of Manassas, brother Keller..."
0 A 6 I LANGE: "...This is a good place to ford the Potomac. Lee will be back."
0 A 6 J KELLER: "Where are your thoughts wandering, Brother Lange?"
0 A 6 K LANGE: "I say we rebuild our church at my uncle's spread."
0 A 6 L KELLER: "And leave our farms? Start all over in Pennsylvania?"
0 A 6 M LANGE: "Our horses have already been moved up there as a precaution against thieves."
0 A 6 N KELLER: "So you will not help rebuild our church here, is what I gather."
0 A 6 O LANGE: "Me and as many of the flock who are of the same mind."
0 A 6 P KELLER: "Then lets have it out. Who is with deacon Lange for leaving?"
0 A 6 Q The Savitt family, the Hillings, the Bergins, the Zinters move to Lange's side.
0 A 6 R They are joined by the Brannens, Krauses, Porters, and the Wustners.
0 A 6 S Staying with Keller are the Sunkels, the Clarks, the Martins.
0 A 6 T Also staying behind are the Johnsons, Hickeys, and Davidsons.
0 A 6 U KELLER sees that his flock has been divided in half, and sighs.
0 A 6 V KELLER: "For a decision of this import, surely the Lord must weigh in?"
0 A 6 W LANGE: "We have already consulted the Lord in prayer, brother Keller."
0 A 6 X KELLER looks at the faces of LANGE's group, who nod assent.
0 A 6 Y KELLER: "Make ready then. You shall leave in a fortnight."
0 A 6 Z LANGE: "And God willing we will make a peaceful new life in Gettysburg."
0 A 7 A Title Card: BARBELO - 9350 BCE
0 A 7 B ADAMU emerges from the cave carrying two dead rabbits
0 A 7 C ADAMU has returned from Earth after hunting for game.
0 A 7 D CHAVA skins the hares and prepares them to be cooked.
0 A 7 E ADAMU gets a fire going, and CHAVA positions the animals over the flame.
0 A 7 F Grass has grown on the patch of burnt soil. ADAMU and CHAVA run barefoot and free.
0 A 7 G Their happy play is interrupted by the appearance of a black featureless man-shape.
0 A 7 H ADAMU and CHAVA embrace in fear as the black man emerges from the cave.
0 A 7 I The black man is followed by a small herd of bison, who proceed to eat the grass.
0 A 7 J The black man carries a double-headed axe, and proceeds to the edge of the burn.
0 A 7 K A native plant has started to take root in the burnt area and is growing quickly.
0 A 7 L The black man lays the axe at the base of the plant and chops it cleanly off.
0 A 7 M The black man turns the axe around and uses the pick-like handle to pry at roots.
0 A 7 N The intruding plant is pried out of the ground. The black man tosses it away.
0 A 7 O The black man gets between the cave entrance and ADAMU, and approaches them.
0 A 7 P ADAMU and CHAVA back away until the reach the perimeter of the burned area.
0 A 7 Q The black man extends the tool and motions for ADAMU to take it.
0 A 7 R ADAMU is frozen in fear. The black man motions again.
0 A 7 S ADAMU tentatively takes the implement from the black man, who then steps back.
0 A 7 T Under the watchful gaze of the black man, ADAMU approaches the edge of the burn.
0 A 7 U ADAMU finds another native plant that is growing in his "garden".
0 A 7 V ADAMU duplicates the actions of the black man and kills the native plant.
0 A 7 W The black man offers a sharpening stone, makes a movement with it over his hand.
0 A 7 X ADAMU takes the sharpening stone, and uses it to restore the tool to a keen edge.
0 A 7 Y The black man is pleased, and leaves them alone, returning to the cave.
0 A 7 Z ADAMU and CHAVA are left alone with their new herd of bison.
0 A 8 A Title Card: NEBRASKA TERRITORY - 1862
0 A 8 B The People are feasting on the bison killed on Yellow Mountain.
0 A 8 C The animal's horns have been fastened to leather thongs.
0 A 8 D One of fat Chief TATANKA'S women fasten the two horns to his garment at his shoulder.
0 A 8 E TATANKA and WANICA eye each other, with no mutual respect.
0 A 8 F TATANKA: "There are five stories how this animal was taken, but none are the same."
0 A 8 G WANICA allows his gaze to drift away from the chief and he blows a puff of smoke.
0 A 8 H TATANKA: "About the kill then. What say you, Squaw Who Hunts?"
0 A 8 I WANICA's gaze returns to the Chief sharply, as though he had been slapped.
0 A 8 J WANICA: "We followed the herd up the grassy mountain, and there was a cloud..."
0 A 8 K WANICA: "…I could not even see the other hunters. We each ascended alone…"
0 A 8 L WANICA: "…on the top of the mountain the cloud was no more, and we took the bison…"
0 A 8 M WANICA: "…then the Sky Father himself appeared out of the cloud to bless our hunt."
0 A 8 N TATANKA: "You lie so easily, Squaw Who Hunts. I should give you another name."
0 A 8 O WANICA: "I say only what I saw. The Sky Father was as white as snow..."
0 A 8 P WANICA: "He sat on the top of the mountain and became like an egg. The others saw."
0 A 8 Q The hunters who had been with him nodded their assent and grunted. They saw the egg.
0 A 8 R TATANKA: "And what did you do when you saw this egg?"
0 A 8 S WANICA: "We built a lodge of stones for the Sky Father, to honor him in return."
0 A 8 T TATANKA (pulling out his knife): "Lies! You dare to tell such lies to my face?"
0 A 8 U WANICA stands and faces the chief with empty hands. "That IS what we saw and did."
0 A 8 V TATANKA flicks the tip of his blade at WANICA'S face, and draws blood.
0 A 8 W TATANKA: "I know what I will call you now, young liar: Hole In Cheek!"
0 A 8 X WANICA puts his hand to his cheek and runs out of the range of the fire light.
0 A 8 Y Chief TATANKA sits down and laughs, but nobody else does.
0 A 8 Z WANICA'S simple wife YUHA follows her man to their tipi.
0 A 9 B Pastor Mark LANGE walks to his church, finds all the pews scattered outside.
0 A 9 C Union officers are sitting on his pews smoking cigars and resting.
0 A 9 D LANGE (arms outstretched in wonder): "Those are my pews!"
0 A 9 E Inside the church General MEADE is pouring over maps laid on the altar.
0 A 9 F MEADE: "Bobby Lee hit us on the left yesterday and the right the day before…"
0 A 9 G MEADE: "…if he attacks he's going to hit us here, right in the center."
0 A 9 H MEADE turns to go outside, bumps into LANGE, and says: "Who the hell are you?"
0 A 9 I LANGE: "I'm the pastor of this church. This is my church!"
0 A 9 J MEADE: "The hell you say, sir! This is the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac!"
0 A 9 K LANGE: "General, would you tell your men to lay a lighter hand on church property?"
0 A 9 L MEADE: "You're brave, pastor, I'll give you that. Now get out of my sight!…"
0 A 9 M MEADE: "…Or I'll put a musket in your hand and put you up on the stone wall!"
0 A 9 N Just then a hole bursts in one wall, filling the church with flying splinters.
0 A 9 O On Seminary Ridge 140 guns of the rebel artillery open up a furious barrage.
0 A 9 P MEADE runs out of the church picking splinters out of his skin and barking orders.
0 A 9 Q The officers sitting frozen on the pews begin to scatter. Shells burst nearby.
0 A 9 R Union artillery is brought up to answer Lee's guns back.
0 A 9 S Pastor LANGE remains inside his church, as though his presence would save it.
0 A 9 T Another hole is made in the wall, severely wounding LANGE with splinters.
0 A 9 U LANGE puts his hands together and prays: "Lord, forgive your stiff-necked servant."
0 A 9 V Exterior of the church. Shells and shot land all around it.
0 A 9 W LANGE: "West! I see that now, Lord! You wanted us to move West, not North!"
0 A 9 X A well-placed shot pierces the wall for a third time.
0 A 9 Y Inside, the shower of splinters causes LANGE to swoon and fall under the altar.
0 A 9 Z Outside, the church is seen to collapse in ruin with LANGE still inside.


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