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William Gibson - Pattern Recognition (synopsis):

Cayce Pollard has a phobia of certain product brand labels that produces a physical reaction. She only wears clothing with the labels carefully removed. This phobia is not all down side, however, the book opens with Cayce in London on a five figure contract for the Blue Ant agency as a “coolhunter”. After one glance at a new logo, she says it doesn’t “work”. The Blue Ant people ask her to remain in London for a short time while they rework the logo. Cayce realizes this process must have earned her an enemy in the person of one Dorotea Benedetti, the liaison with the designer. Horrible little things begin to happen that could only be attributed to Dorotea, though Cayce can prove nothing.

In her down time, Cayce is involved in a small global community of enthusiasts who follow and discuss the “Footage”, which is dozens of extraordinary video files that appear at random places on the Web, each one no longer than a minute, with no coherent narrative. The founder of Blue Ant has also heard of the Footage, he considers it a brilliant breakthrough in guerilla marketing and wants Cayce to help him find the maker of the film fragments. He makes nearly unlimited resources available to aid Cayce in her search, but it is her friends in the chat room, especially “Parkaboy”, who get the first lead. They have discovered that the Footage is watermarked with steganography, obviously to track where the files go on the web. And a footage-head named Taki in Tokyo claims to have extracted an encrypted number from one of the files, in a bid to impress “Keiko”, a completely fictional female persona created by Darrell in San Francisco. Now that they have caught Taki, they need to reel him in. To do this, Parkaboy and Darrell enlist a Japanese-American bartender named Judy to create a semi-pornographic image of Taki’s dream girl, and Cayce flies to Japan with the image to make the trade.

Taki has no social skills whatsoever, and the meeting with Cayce makes him nervous almost to the point of death, but he offers up the twelve digits, and Cayce hands over the “Keiko” image, but the deal makes her feel sad and ashamed. Cayce goes into the ladies’ room, writes the number on her hand, and when she comes back out, Taki is gone. Stepping outside the bar, she is accosted by two men dressed in black. Cayce pulls the face of one man into her skull, a move that very nearly kills him, and stomps on the foot of the other man. A retainer for Blue Ant named Boone Chu pulls up in a scooter to help her get away. In an alley they give their jackets to a pair of Yakuza toughs on another scooter, who circle back to where they came from to provide a diversion so Cayce can escape.

Parkaboy emails Cayce and says that the “psychosexual cruise missile that is Judy, tweaked, has found its mark”. Taki has posted 135 twelve-digit numbers, one for each fragment of Footage, and the numbers create a map in the shape of the letter “T”. The chatroom is abuzz. Meanwhile Judy has discovered what they have done to Taki and has taken pity on him. She wants to make direct contact with Tali, and send more pictures, otherwise she’ll blow the whole operation. Cayce encourages Parkaboy to let Judy have her way, and is actually glad someone else is pissed off about what happened to Taki. But Cayce has discovered something big closer to home, the man she messed up in Tokyo is the driver for Dorotea, and worse, Dorotea now works for Bigend. Cayce is angry enough to nearly quit, but Bigend manages to calm her down until Dorotea makes her confession. She was working for a Russian who had burglarized the office of Cayce’s shrink, obtaining sufficient information for Dorotea to attempt to make Cayce uncomfortable enough to refuse the job with Blue Ant. The two goons in Tokyo worked for this Russian too. Someone thinks Cayce is getting too close.

Through her contacts in London, Cayce learns about one Hobbs Baranov, a mathematician formerly employed by the NSA who, it is suggested, was instrumental in the creation of the Echelon system that monitors all Internet traffic, but now, in his retirement, lives in a little trailer and deals in rare mechanical calculators manufactured in the 1940s. He is a singularly unpleasant man who is even more sore lately, having lost an auction for the fourth such calculator ever made. Cayce proposes to buy the calculator with Bigend’s credit card, but only if he can use his connections to discover what email address a certain company sends the video files after they encrypt the numbers. She leaves a photo of the T-shaped map on the table with the 135 numbers.

In a surprisingly short period of time, Baranov obtains the email address, and Cayce makes the trade. She writes an emotional appeal to the creator of the footage, mentioning the loss of her father in the WTC bombing, letting the artist know how important the film fragments have become to her and many other people. She writes that Parkaboy thinks the creator is dreaming for them. Cayce says her search has become a scary adventure, and begs to know who they are, where they are, and if they are real. She has made the connection. The reply says they have lost their father by a bomb, mother too. They mention they are in Moscow. They ask how Cayce obtained the address. And they ask who are these people who are interested in the segments of the work.

Cayce is excited and embarks on a flight to Moscow. Parkaboy emails her and reveals that the proportions of the “T” matches a component of a US Army Claymore mine. Cayce puts him in touch with Blue Ant so he can fly to Moscow too, she says she needs him there with her, because she may be very close to learning everything. She gives him the mystery email address because at that point only Cayce had it. In Moscow, Cayce is contacted by the owner of the email address, Stella Volkova, and they meet for coffee. She is not the maker of the footage, but the sister of the maker, who is Nora. Stella is, however, the one who share’s Nora’s work with the world. The same bomb that killed their parents also hurt Nora very badly. They are protected by the security apparat of their uncle, a very rich man in the world of organized crime, but when Cayce spoke of how her father died on 9-11 she believed that Cayce would not hurt them.

The next day Stella takes Cayce to visit Nora and watch her work. There is a T-shaped fragment of a Claymore mine buried in her head, in a place where it would kill her if anyone tried to remove it. Nora is almost completely isolated, and lives solely through her work. For three hours Cayce watches the outline of the next segment of footage being created on an LCD screen, frame-by-frame. Cayce knows she has found the source of her digital Nile and she leaves in tears.

Before Cayce can check out of her hotel she is accosted by Dorotea, who steers her to a bar and orders Perrier water. Dorotea says she knows Cayce found the maker, and she says Volkov’s people know too, the people who employ her. Soon Andrei Volkov will know, and will consider Cayce a danger because she has met his neices. Dorotea wants to know how Cayce got the email address. She reveals that she is Mama Anarchia, her nemesis on the footage chatroom, and she’s been on to Cayce ever since the day Cayce speculated the makers might be associated with the Russian mob. The water Cayce has been drinking is loaded with something similar to a date-rape drug. Dorotea expects that Cayce will now be compliant and reveal the source of the email address. But Cayce has a paradoxical reaction to the drug and messes Dorotea up at least as badly as the mugger in Tokyo, though she will not remember any of it.

She wakes up two days later in something that resembles a hospital, or a prison, in the middle of a barren wasteland, and simply walks out until it grows dark and cold. She is found with night-vision goggles by a helicopter pilot and met by Parkaboy, who says he emailed Stella after they hauled Cayce away on a gurney and told her what happened, and that he was a friend. Thirty minutes later he was rushed through Moscow to some very high-end real estate to meet Stella, her uncle, Bigend, and the Chinese hacker, Boone Chu, who had hacked her hotmail.

The helicopter takes Parkaboy and Cayce back to the “prison” which Parkaboy reveals is the CGI render farm for the Footage. Bigend is glad Peter found her and relieved that Cayce is well. Bigend and Andrei Volkov, the wealhiest man in Russia, have become partners, if not friends. Andrei had been obsessed with protecting his neices, and the mechanism he put in place for that did not mesh entirely with Stella’s desire to make Nora’s work public, and all of Cayce’s recent troubles stemmed from that. The software they used to track the footage flagged Blue Ant’s interest in the Footage, and that’s why Dorotea was ordered to disrupt Cayce’s relationship with Bigend. Cayce is pressed by Bigend and Andrei’s security chief on how she got the email address and she answers in such a way that both conclude it was a friend of her father’s with access to Eschelon.

Later, Cayce and Parkaboy have become a couple, and Cayce has discovered that she no longer has her allergy to trademarks, perhaps a side effect of the drug Dorotea gave her. She wonders if it also means her work as a coolhunter is impossible. Judy Tsuzuki has flown to Tokyo to be with Taki and at the bidding of Cayce she is employed by Blue Ant there. Cayce has sent some money and information provided by Volkov’s group that will allow her mother to have Win Pollard declared legally dead, which will clear the way for the life insurance and the pension money to come through.


By any stretch of the imagination, the things Mike Morrich saw in Washington, D.C. on October 19, 1973 far surpassed anything Lilith witnessed or endured in the camps, but somehow they affected him far less. Perhaps he was wired differently. That didn't make him inhuman. At seventeen, Mike was a pretty good kid. Sure, he dropped out school just before his senior year, to the great consternation of his father, but Mike figured he kind of work he could obtain after one more year of school wasn't much different from the work he could obtain now, so what was the point? Sure he was a skinny young man with a wild afro, but nobody who lived through the Seven- ties could look back and say they were proud of their hair. His father had a civil service job, his parents were still together, and Mike loved both of them. If he had been born ten or twenty years later, he would have been the exception rather than the rule.

So that Friday he was on the job site in a cavern dug under the city, a space intended to become an ornate Metro station when the system was slated to open just three years later, though it never would. Mike didn't have any construction skills per se, and lacked the upper body strength in any event, but his job was simply to keep the area as clean as possible while the other men worked. He did so with a great deal of youthful energy.

The lights went out and there was something like a long earthquake. There was an eerie white light reflected down one of the connecting tunnels and hot dust filled the cavern even as the light faded to red. But the light never disappeared entirely, for the city above was burning. Mike Morrich and his co-workers were lucky, there were very few survivors so close to ground zero directly under the fireball of the Soviet fusion warhead.

The yield and the corresponding destruction was many times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. On Pennsylvania Avenue between the places where the White House and the Capitol building once sat was now a huge crater so hot the Potomac turned to steam before it could fill the hole. Surrounding this was a ring of total destruction where the Supreme Court, the Treasury building, and all the famous monuments used to be. When Mike stepped out of the subway tunnel and looked to where his home used to be he saw the view was largely unobstructed, yet there was no way for him to locate exactly where it was. All the landmarks were gone. Mike knew in that instant that he was an orphan, there was no point in even trying to look for his parents. They were as gone as anyone could be. So he turned and began to walk in what he guessed was the next best direction, which was away from the pillar of steam that was ground zero. As he walked, he passed through the ring of human bodies that were almost recognizable, but they were charred, and even the beer bottles at their feet were melted.

He passed through the ring of half-standing blackened buildings with white "shadows" along their base that had been people blocking the burning radiation. And it was here that Mike had to pick his way through the rubble of structures that had already been burned out just to exit to the next ring.

Mike passed through the ring of people who were still alive, but burned so badly they had no hope of recovery, and they were in such shock they felt nothing, made no sound, and would soon die. They were the lucky ones.

He passed through the ring of people who did make a sound, for they were in the throes of agony such as they never felt before in their life, and they had stripped themselves naked for their clothes made the pain worse, and their arms were held at a forty-five degree angle at their side, for if their arms touched their bodies the pain of the contact was too great.

Mike's chances of making out of the city were good. He hadn't been injured, but even as he walked the residual radiation of the blast did its dirty work, tearing at the DNA in his body, so that in the end, fifteen years later, he would in fact be a victim of the attack, in the form of an unbelievably painful bone cancer that would ravage him for two years.


Terminal Cruise First Season

Fall 1975 Thursday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Barney Miller On the Rocks The Streets of San Francisco Terminal Cruise
CBS The Waltons Hawaii Five-O Barnaby Jones
NBC The Montefuscos Fay Ellery Queen Medical Story

Winter 1976 Thursday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Barney Miller On the Rocks The Streets of San Francisco Terminal Cruise
CBS The Waltons Hawaii Five-O Barnaby Jones
NBC The Montefuscos Fay Ellery Queen Medical Story

SEPARATE WAYS (Terminal Cruise Season 1 Episode 7)

Page Words Title Summary
C0 752 Vernita Bridge Jerry has a new-found talent for avoiding unpleasant law enforcement situations.
C1 635 Separate Ways The remaining test subjects split up into two groups to increase their odds of escaping.
C2 627 Belial Belial puts on Nephil flesh and gloats, Talishi says Bat-El already did it long ago.
C3 677 Khondiel Princess Khondiel and her Fallen Angels are ambushed by the Eyes of Belial.


Page Words Title Summary
C4 659 Buried Alive Jill and Mike discover their talent in a god-forsaken gravel pit.
C5 705 Egress Earl Roland's own lying eyes watch Lilith and Robyn make good their escape.
C6 607 Alliance King Gordiel comes to the aid of his daughter and the Fallen Angels.

The Knot

Page Words Title Summary
C7 669 The Knot Khondiel impresses Talishi when one of her infamous plans actually works.
C8 698 The Swim Jill and Mike go for a late winter river swim, accompanied by bullets.
C9 614 The Drive Lilith offers the four others one more chance to turn around.


Page Words Title Summary
D0 732 House Calls Talishi voyages to House Larund and Antero, seeking aid.
D1 700 Truce Queen Firegem calls for a council of Royals in the Land We Know.
D2 683 Disposal Dr. Roland loads all the loose ends into a special plane that takes off but doesn't land.

The Sacred Pool

Page Words Title Summary
D3 545 Sacred Pool Lilith's "Gervasi Crime Family" takes a hike that's out of this world.
D4 748 Aramel Belial marches on Aramel with his entire force. Khondiel and Talishi flee west.
D5 697 The Dream Princess Kari Stronghammer relates a strange dream to her parent, the king of Menkal.

The Truth

Page Words Title Summary
D6 733 Flashback In Reality version 1.0, the Plumbers were not arrested at the Watergate June 17, 1972.
D7 688 Four Questions Yeshua Bat-El answers certain questions about the Land We Know, and the women therein.
D8 652 The Truth Talishi and Belial visit the West Lands by turns. The king prefers Talishi's language.

Yom Kippur

Page Words Title Summary
D9 735 Demonstroke On the nature and origin of the last winged dragon in the Land We Know.
E0 682 Yom Kippur North In Reality 1.0 Lilith Gervasi fought on the Syrian front of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.
E1 613 Worlds Apart The Gervasi crime divides again, this time to entirely different worlds.

Spring 1976 Thursday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Barney
On the
The Streets of
San Francisco
Terminal Cruise
CBS The Waltons Hawaii Five-O Barnaby Jones
Fay Ellery Queen Medical Story

The initial setting for Terminal Cruise was 1992, in a timeline very different from our own. Beginning in March, the series jumped back in time to the early 1970s.


Page Words Title Summary
E2 736 Sealiah War comes at last between House Gerash and House Bellon, with Talishi caught in the middle.
E3 613 Council The Council of Royals in Alodra begins with the arrival of the Hamar delegation.
E4 671 Yom Kippur South Under an arrogant President Nixon, the Yom Kippur war escalates to World War Three.


Page Words Title Summary
E5 625 Road Trip Robyn and Lilith head back East on I-90 by car, and find interesting ways to kill time.
E6 661 Refugees Belial captures the city of Mandakar as Talishi and Khondiel struggle to escape Sealiah.


Page Words Title Summary
E7 649 Arrival In the castle of Queen Firegem, more royal delegates arrive.
E8 565 Intervention The Watergate break-in takes a completely different turn thanks to Robyn and Lilith.
E9 743 The Ride The Gervasi Crime Family crosses the Kingdom of Nath making for the Temple of El Shaddai.

The Change

Page Words Title Summary
F0 698 Rumbek Talishi and Khondiel flee to Rumbek as Sealiah Island falls to House Gerash.
F1 665 The Visitors The final delegations of royals arrive in Atria for the Queen's council.
F2 600 Reality 2.0 Robyn lays out the changes they wrought by interfering with the Watergate burglary.

Nine Mile Wall

Page Words Title Summary
F3 757 Hadal The Gervasi Crime Family nears the Temple of El Shaddai in Nath.
F4 702 Nine Mile Wall Belial gains the upper hand in the battle against the other Houses of Gorpai.
F5 691 Testimony The Council convened in Alodra by Queen Firegem begins.

Lost Angel

Page Words Title Summary
F6 697 Cis-Lunar The Gervasi Crime Family meets up again, this time on the Moon.
F7 660 Lost Angel Talishi suffers an terrible and eternal loss.


Page Words Title Summary
F8 611 Luzea The royals have a midday meal and Luzea Cedarbranch incurs the wrath of the Queen.
F9 567 Taurus The Gervasi Crime Family get their first look at Taurus City, Selene.
G0 573 Interlude Kari Stronghammer confronts Telan Blackseed in his chamber.

Terminal Cruise Second Season

Fall 1976 Saturday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Holmes & Yo-Yo Mr. T and Tina Starsky and Hutch Terminal Cruise
CBS The Jeffersons Doc The Mary Tyler
Moore Show
The Bob
Newhart Show
The Carol Burnett Show
NBC Emergency! NBC Saturday Night at the Movies


Page Words Title Summary
G1 688 Deviation The Apollo 17 mission goes wildly off-script.
G2 708 Retreat Talishi evacuates west with the defeated Houses of Gorpai.
G3 649 Apollo Robyn encounters the Apollo 17 crew in the Taurus-Littrow valley.


Page Words Title Summary
G4 673 Baron Bayard Firegem attempts to "punish" Luzea Cedarbranch, and fails.
G5 692 Micro Lilith hires a software guru after interviewing legendary nerds from Reality 2.0
G6 674 Stronghammer The Queen proposes a union of kingdoms in the Land We Know to bring about peace.


Page Words Title Summary
G7 714 Eden As Talishi walks west, she reflects on the real Garden of Eden, which was in Gorpai.
G8 723 Ariel Robyn gives birth to Ariel, and Astrodyne gives birth to the Micro.
G9 684 Dragonthorn When Lord Blackseed expresses displeasure at the new Union of Kingdoms, Princess Stronghammer breaks protocol.


Page Words Title Summary
H0 717 Hunky Jill gives birth to a baby dirk, and Astrodyne ships the Micro-75 computer.
H1 748 First Deluge Talishi-Chokhmah remembers events that transformed the surface of Gorpai.
H2 627 Apostle Lilith attempts to heal a breach in a project that preceded Jerry by many decades.
H3 706 Desecration Princess Keri's poor choices reach the light of day, with far-reaching consequences

There Will Be War

Page Words Title Summary
H4 658 Crowded Moon Apollo 18 was five guys instead of just three, and they had to jostle with Russians and Gervasi's folks.
H5 747 Second Deluge The final Five Houses emerge intact on Gorpai after a second world-spanning flood.
H6 693 Menkal War comes to the Land We Know with an invasion at the Sadl river crossing.

With the episode "Viking" the internal timeline of Terminal Cruise caught up with the actual timeline of the broadcasts. After this point, the series would race ahead and be set increasingly into the near future, reaching as far as 2007.


Page Words Title Summary
H7 689 Viking Carl Sagan tries to explain new images coming from the Viking Orbiter, and the Micro-77 comes out.
H8 580 Godspeed Sen. John Glenn and Aleksei Leonov meet up with Jill and Ambe in Taurus City and have a chat.
H9 720 Sala Talishi is welcomed by the one House on Gorpai that embraces her teachings.

Winter 1977 Saturday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Blansky's
Fish Starsky and Hutch Terminal Cruise
CBS The Mary Tyler
Moore Show
The Bob
Newhart Show
All in
the Family
Alice The Carol Burnett Show
NBC Emergency! NBC Saturday Night at the Movies


Page Words Title Summary
I0 736 Binah's Lab Belial sends Field Marshal Ithuriel through the fold-door to examine Binah's workshop at Proxima.
I1 641 Cartel Robyn and Jill get bored, but quickly find something very interesting to do together.
I2 701 Charybdis A mysterious and deadly whirlpool appears in the ocean near New Zealand.


Page Words Title Summary
I3 687 Hybla-Dia With Yeshua in attendance, Talishi offers Belial his pick of one of a pair of her planets
I4 731 Conquest Lord Telan Blackseed, despite some setbacks, rapidly conquers most of the kingdom of Menkal.
I5 714 Liaison Jerry and Lilith get together, and Astrodyne ships the Micro-79.


Page Words Title Summary
I6 729 Colony The nephilim of Gorpai begin to move out into the Rigilkent system.
I7 728 Nath The war in the Land We Know expands to the kingdom of Nath.
I8 728 Brand Lilith gives birth to her own son, Brand, and Astrodyne rolls out the Micro-80
I9 701 Eggbeater The nephilim spread out into the great swarm of rocks between Rigilkent and Toliman.

The House of Lael

Page Words Title Summary
J0 637 The Ark Belial is arrested for trying to seize the Ark of El Shaddai
J1 606 Monopoly Astrodyne pushes out the Micro-81 and Mark Felton ends up in court
J2 637 Shyla & Brand Yeshua rounds up Shyla and her half-brother Brand after they fulfill a task for him
J3 699 Lael The first human colonists are sent to the Land We Know.


Page Words Title Summary
J4 707 Chayn Talishi rounds up Chayn after she delivers horses to the Roshites in Nath.
J5 698 Del Lilith rounds up her grandchild Del, a healer of wounded Roshites in Hamar.
J6 696 Axis of Evil The Earth delegations arrive at Taurus City
J7 728 Victoria Victoria flies over the Land We Know before being summoned to Taurus City
J8 712 Possession Hunky talks Chuck into having sex and ends up having Chuck's body...literally.


Page Words Title Summary
J9 683 Summit Belial opens the Summit by bringing his eternal warfare to an end
K0 759 The Acquisition Hunky adds Chayn to hyz growing collection of Bene Elohim
K1 754 World Shaping Lilith begins to describe the terraforming of the worlds of Sol
K2 753 Defection Jill confronts har son Hunky, who attempts to possess har

Mother Node

Page Words Title Summary
K3 720 New Lands Lilith gives the final details of the terraforming program
K4 699 Loose Ends The Summit wraps up with a bone tossed to the Americans
K5 703 Mother Node The Micro-82 comes out, and changes everything

Spring 1977 Saturday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Blansky's
Fish Starsky and Hutch Terminal Cruise
CBS The Mary Tyler
Moore Show
The Bob
Newhart Show
All in
the Family
Alice The Carol Burnett Show
NBC Emergency! NBC Saturday Night at the Movies


Page Words Title Summary
K6 667 Apollyon Hunky meets the son of Emperor Abaddon
K7 713 Beaters Gorpai seeds the Toliman system with enemies of Belial
K8 646 InterWorld Lilith asks Jill to embark on the first Beater starship.


Page Words Title Summary
K9 754 Europa Belial thought he'd cherry-pick the best moon at Jupiter, but Europa turned out to be the shit end of the stick.
L0 749 Harem Hunky's ambition takes him to a place where his luck runs out.
L1 739 The Raid Exiler attacks Terel's homestead on Europa


Page Words Title Summary
L2 736 Preferences Jill knows Hunky is dead, after making love to Mike one last time
L3 528 The Frigate Terel's family fights off Exiler's crew
L4 654 Underway Jill is seen off to Barnard's Star by Lilith, who warns about Hunky's work


Page Words Title Summary
L5 657 White Rock Terel flees to White Rock, obtains sanctuary, but Exiler must go
L6 713 Project Hope Lilith plots Project Hope with Robyn, Mike, and Jerry.
L7 732 Transit Lahatiel and Nuriel transit to Palato, make love enroute

White Rock

Page Words Title Summary
L8 708 Audience Lahatiel brought before Belial, Lilith storms in saying he's a dead god walking
L9 737 Doubling Down White Rock besieged by Chastizer, which is destroyed
M0 624 Confrontation Lahatiel witnesses exchange between Lilith and Belial


Page Words Title Summary
M1 749 Inbound Robyn and Lilith to Mercury in tethered ships
M2 685 Promotion Azibeel defeats opponent, Belial makes Lahatiel commodore
M3 686 Umbilical Robyn and Lilith cut their tether and separate.


Page Words Title Summary
M4 711 The Draft Lahatiel hand-picks crew of Exiler
M5 732 Bots Robyn and Lil steal bots, Robyn tells of projectiles
M6 677 Shakedown Exiler shakedown cruise puts down some Beaters

Terminal Cruise Third Season

Fall 1977 Friday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Donny & Marie The Friday Night Movie
CBS Wonder Woman Logan's Run Terminal Cruise
Chico &
the Man
The Rockford Files Quincy, M.E.

For the third season of Terminal Cruise the series was dropped by ABC and optioned by CBS, which added it to their Friday night all science-fiction lineup with Wonder Woman and Logan's Run.

The Bots

Page Words Title Summary
M7 693 Catalyst Lilith ignores Robyn, dies in laser hit from Mercury
M8 674 The Recruit Lahatiel's parents are safe in the LWK, Lahatiel is recruited by Yeshua
M9 787 Venus Robyn to Venus, Bot made into Hope.

The Recruit

Page Words Title Summary
N0 844 Insurrection The officers of Exiler join Lahatiel in his cabal against Belial
N1 746 Birthday Parents Hope to Earth, Victoria and Mike to adopt
N2 644 Deception The crew Exiler prepare an elaborate ruse for Abbadon

The Canal

Page Words Title Summary
N3 757 Hope and the Tadpoles Hope and eleven other children attend Nyduly Academy
N4 666 The Errand Abbadon orders Exiler to Proxima via Xanthos
N5 744 The Canal Egypt invades Sinai, Lilith reports for duty

The Beach

Page Words Title Summary
N6 730 Skiin' USA Bite the Wax Tadpole records their first song
N7 701 Incursion Belial and John Glenn embark on their raid of Selene
N8 687 The Beach Del hits beach at Suez


Page Words Title Summary
N9 701 Rhene Lahatiel to Rhene, uses blank orders to release criminal in name of Belial.
O0 601 Concert Bite the Wax Tadpole gives a concert, Hope spots her mother
O1 713 Xanthos Exiler identifies Gnome Dome as the heart of the Iron Fist.


Page Words Title Summary
O2 674 Picket Belial's invasion force found by Jerry and Debby on patrol.
O3 746 Suez City The Suez City attack.
O4 624 Cabala Dome Lahatiel captured, held in Cabala Dome

Winter 1978 Friday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Donny & Marie The Friday Night Movie
CBS Wonder Woman The Incredible Hulk Terminal Cruise
The Rockford Files Quincy, M.E.

In January 1978 CBS retained the science fiction theme for Thursday night, but replaced Logan's Run with The Incredible Hulk.

Iron Dome

Page Words Title Summary
O5 698 First Line Orbiting mines thin out invading force.
O6 604 Buttream Del and Brand are chewed out by Colonel Adan.
O7 773 Treehouse The children of Nyduly Academy teach themselves their final lesson


Page Words Title Summary
O8 685 Air-to-Air Dogfight gets Belial's fleet strung out on a line.
O9 693 To the Front Del goes to the front against's Adan's orders.
P0 713 Proxima Exiler to Proxima, bed down for the night.

Change of Heart

Page Words Title Summary
P1 693 Crossing the T Taurus City laser takes out ships, Belial takes out Jerry.
P2 670 Airburst Shyla in avatar of Binah takes out Egyptian column.
P3 649 The Convert Ithuriel receives son, decides to give Lahatiel a great gift.


Page Words Title Summary
P4 697 North Massif Abaddon goes cross-country towards Taurus City.
P5 676 Galatea Suez City to Galatea, meet up with other half of Bravo Battalion
P6 706 Leverage Exiler crew is shown the FTL pod


Page Words Title Summary
P7 739 Massacre The entire DECON detachment is wiped out
P8 613 Deversoir Galatea to Deversoir, attack begins
P9 642 Superluminal Exiler directly to Gorpai, through jumpspace.


Page Words Title Summary
Q0 720 Outsider Abaddon reaches the Taurus City rooftop.
Q1 624 Resignation Del resigns hez IDF commission
Q2 700 Purgatory Inge returns to Earth, and Glenn speaks with Yeshua.


Page Words Title Summary
Q3 688 Duel Abaddon and Gordon fight to the death.
Q4 694 The Mission Exiler to Alodra, dependents received by the queen
Q5 737 Malekwa Malekwa is trained and returned to Earth with a gift.

Spring 1978 Friday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Donny & Marie The Friday Night Movie
CBS Wonder Woman The Incredible Hulk Terminal Cruise
The Rockford Files Quincy, M.E.

Show Me Yours

Page Words Title Summary
Q6 713 Hostage Azibeel uses Chayn as a "hostage" to escape Selene.
Q7 664 Marching Orders Exiler departs Central
Q8 626 Nurse Abaddon is prevented from dying by Del.

Blue Skies

Page Words Title Summary
Q9 714 Judas Chayn faces Yeshua in the Land We Know after her death.
R0 754 Refurbishment Hope is taken to Earth, and Chuck is entrusted with the Ark
R1 786 Ambush Malekwa hankers after some beef on the hoof.

The Mission

Page Words Title Summary
R2 740 Liberty Call The crew of Exiler enjoys some down time at Taurus City.
R3 695 McWorld Victoria takes Hope to school in the Seattle suburbs
R4 709 Midway El Shaddai has a heart-to-heart talk with Chuck


Page Words Title Summary
R5 659 Shiprock Captain Smalley is called in after the People.
R6 656 The Quest The Royals in the Land We Know vow to kill Demonstroke
R7 703 Abduction Hope chooses to go with Robyn

The Kidnapping

Page Words Title Summary
R8 684 The Pilgrims 'Malekwa casts his lot with Mark Lange's settlers.
R9 631 Gods & Demigods Belial is confronted by Lahatiel.
S0 759 Veritas Robyn tells Hope the truth and nothing but the truth.

The Search

Page Words Title Summary
S1 762 End Dome Malekwa and Mark Lange lay the groundwork for a new sect.
S2 771 Thalury Bayard relates the tale of Will o the Whisp
S3 683 The Search Victoria and Mike search in morning, find DECON agents searching too
S4 749 Reina Regenta Mark Lange dies when a U-boat torpedoes his passenger liner

Doll Hill

Page Words Title Summary
S5 705 Balloon Robyn and Hope ascend Doll Hill without detection.
S6 759 Desecration The temple of the End Dome Church is destroyed
S7 695 Museum Mark, Mike, and Vic visit a very strange museum

Terminal Cruise Fourth Season

Fall 1978 Sunday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Battlestar Galactica Sunday Night Movie
CBS Terminal Cruise All in
the Family
Alice Kaz
NBC The Big Event Lifeline

The Balloon

Page Words Title Summary
S8 719 Milk Run Exiler to low Earth orbit, with Abaddon aboard
S9 638 The Trail Ends Mike and Victoria follow trail to Sacred Pool, go to LWK
T0 702 The Drop Balloon drop to orbit, Exiler is waiting.


Page Words Title Summary
T1 718 Fertility Jill arrives at a new world orbiting Barnard's Star
T2 686 Countermeasures Exiler evades US laser with chaff.
T3 676 Plan B Mike, Mark, and Victoria join the quest.


Page Words Title Summary
T4 670 Freeball During a Freeball game, Robyn searches for Ark, Chuck follows.
T5 704 Food for Thought Bayard describes the dangers of the Catwalk.
T6 688 The Choice Chuck tries to stop Robyn, Hope offers her Golden Gift

The Catwalk

Page Words Title Summary
T7 681 For the Young The company of the Quest is winnowed down to eight persons.
T8 590 Blink and Miss It Exiler to Mars, Chuck assumes ship destroyed
T9 725 Ascent The Young Royals choose a leader for themselves


Page Words Title Summary
U0 648 The Ready Room Yeshua recruits Jerry and other pilots to fly a final air combat mission
U1 769 Phobos Exiler arrives at Phobos, and Hope is backed up
U2 729 Cascade Mike begins his solo journey to the rim of the Sacred Mountain

The Rim

Page Words Title Summary
U3 767 The Attempt Abaddon makes his bid to escape to Palato
U4 636 Aliwe Aliwe falls off the Catwalk.
U5 772 The Rim Jerry and Mike say their farewells on the rim of the Sacred Mountain
U6 676 Download Binah takes possession of Hope's body

Winter 1979 Sunday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Battlestar Galactica Sunday Night Movie
CBS Terminal Cruise All in
the Family
Alice Kaz
NBC The Big Event Weekend

The Cavalry

Page Words Title Summary
U7 701 Loose Ends Aliwe and Victoria part ways
U8 754 Relieved Binah confronts Belial once more and lays down the law.
U9 680 Volunteers Mike relates what he saw concerning Jerry and his pilots on the rim


Page Words Title Summary
V0 568 Inbound Exiler approaches Mercury.
V1 720 The Swarm Jerry and his eleven volunteers begin their mission
V2 698 Genders Bayard and Victoria speak together as they traverse the Catwalk


Page Words Title Summary
V3 Half-hearted Selenites battle Mercury, Adnarel deliberately misses them.
V4 Hadal Royals arrive at Hadal
V5 D-Day Robyn and Lilith search for mass-driver (Lil on Admiral Ramsey)

The Lair

Page Words Title Summary
V6 Lair Royals find Demonstroke's lair in Hadal
V7 Breaking Rules Robyn and Lilith search for mass-driver (Lilith on camps)
V8 Close-Circuit Azibeel recognizes Robyn on screen.

The Tussle

Page Words Title Summary
V9 Tram Robyn and Lilith ride a tram (Lil on after the camps)
W0 Air Duel Joy mounts Demonstroke to attack, Victoria meets her in the air
W1 The Crux Robyn and Lilith find mass-driver
W2 The Tussle Royals engage in combat with Blackseed's guards


Page Words Title Summary
W3 Unraveling Story Lahatiel's explanation fails, Suriel ordered back to Mercury
W4 Auguring In Aerial combat, Vic vs. Joy, and Demonstroke dies.
W5 Sacrifice Play Robyn dies, but saves Sol. Lilith is captured soon after.


Page Words Title Summary
W6 Choosing Sides After Suriel and Barakiel restrain Belkin, Suriel turns against Belial's fleet.
W7 Inquiry Lilith witnesses the brutal torture of Lahatiel
W8 Final Business Blackseed stands between Goldstaff and fallen Victoria
W9 Still Neck When Azibeel refuses to stand down, Lilith instructs Jill to wake Yefefiah.
X0 Roll the Bones On Lahatiel's final orders before dying, Suriel goes FTL blind

Spring 1979 Sunday TV Lineup

Network 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
ABC Battlestar Galactica Sunday Night Movie
CBS All in
the Family
One Day
at a Time
Alice Just
Terminal Cruise
NBC The Big Event Lifeline

With Terminal Cruise losing in the ratings head-to-head against ABC's Battlestar Galactica CBS relocated the show to the original 10-11 Sunday slot and put All in the Family and Alice in the 8-9 PM slot, which effectively destroyed both ABC's show and Terminal Cruise.


Page Words Title Summary
X1 Slumber's End Yefefiah wakes up to Jill's mind-touch
X2 Unveiled Last Selenite ship destroyed. Hope reveals she is Binah.
X3 Ground Duel Blackseed killed by Goldstaff
X4 All-Points Bulletin Yefefiah reports what Jill has told her to El

The Investigation

Page Words Title Summary
X5 Girlfight Azibeel and Lilith fight
X6 Rejection Binah is investigated by El, who is repulsed by her memory of torture
X7 Lovebirds Goldstaff courts Victoria
X8 725 Hybla Chokhmah assassinated at Central, rejected by El
X9 Unmasked Azibeel removes mask, reveals he is neither the emperor nor Belial, but Hunky


Page Words Title Summary
Y0 Melchizedek In a flashback, an agent of El Shaddai journeys to the Fertile Crescent.
Y1 772 The Execution Yeshua's death is investigated by El and Bat-El is rejected
Y2 Kurgan Young royals approve new Kingdom of Kurgan.
Y3 746 Abram El Shaddai accepted by El.
Y4 Acceptance Hope kills Azibeel, takes control of GIC

Plea Bargain

Page Words Title Summary
Y5 675 Jacob Belial's ass-whopping at the hands of Jacob is investigated by El.
Y6 Plea Bargain Mastema pleads to save his life, betrays thousands.
Y7 Startup Robyn and Erik begin hike to Sacred Mountain
Y8 Fate Judgment against Belial, killed by antimatter.
Y9 Third Deluge Gorpai's ice melting, mountains are islands

To the Death

Page Words Title Summary
Z0 Waterfall Robyn and her father cross Catwalk on their way up.
Z1 Lucky roll Exiler finds a new system, moves toward Fertility.
Z2 Side benefits Belial's second harem nearby uncovered.
Z3 Returnees Some of the Belters begin to resettle Gorpai.


Page Words Title Summary
Z4 The Top Robyn and Erik reach the top of the Sacred Mt.
Z5 Planetfall Exiler crew settle Fertility, a Kansas planet.
Z6 669 Selene Immortal Del takes charge of graviformed Luna.

Omega Point

Page Words Title Summary
Z7 668 Nuptials Queen Victoria and Edik Goldstaff are wed, and Talishi attends.
Z8 714 City of God Robyn and Erik Lokken attain the ultimate destiny which awaits all things.
Z9 601 Fertility A pregnant Lilith finds the Exiler crew on Fertility with matching bellies, and joins their colony.


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