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Page Words Title Summary
F6 697 Cis-Lunar The Gervasi Crime Family meets up again, this time on the Moon.
J2 637 Shyla & Brand Yeshua rounds up Shyla and her half-brother Brand after they fulfill a task for him
J4 707 Chayn Talishi rounds up Chayn after she delivers horses to the Roshites in Nath.
J5 698 Del Lilith rounds up her grandchild Del, a healer of wounded Roshites in Hamar.
J8 712 Possession Hunky talks Chuck into having sex and ends up having Chuck's body...literally.
K0 759 The Acquisition Hunky adds Chayn to hyz growing collection of Bene Elohim
K2 753 Defection Jill confronts har son Hunky, who attempts to possess har
L0 749 Harem Hunky's ambition takes him to a place where his luck runs out.
L2 736 Preferences Jill knows Hunky is dead, after making love to Mike one last time
P8 613 Deversoir Galatea to Deversoir, attack begins
Q0 720 Outsider Abaddon reaches the Taurus City rooftop.
Q1 624 Resignation Del resigns hez IDF commission
Q3 688 Duel Abaddon and Gordon fight to the death.
Q6 713 Hostage Azibeel uses Chayn as a "hostage" to escape Selene.
Q8 626 Nurse Abaddon is prevented from dying by Del.
R0 754 Refurbishment Hope is taken to Earth, and Chuck is entrusted with the Ark
R2 740 Liberty Call The crew of Exiler enjoys some down time at Taurus City.
R4 709 Midway El Shaddai has a heart-to-heart talk with Chuck
R7 703 Abduction Hope chooses to go with Robyn
R9 631 Gods & Demigods Belial is confronted by Lahatiel.
S0 759 Veritas Robyn tells Hope the truth and nothing but the truth.
S3 683 The Search Victoria and Mike search in morning, find DECON agents searching too
S5 705 Balloon Robyn and Hope ascend Doll Hill without detection.
S7 695 Museum Mark, Mike, and Vic visit a very strange museum
S8 719 Milk Run Exiler to low Earth orbit, with Abaddon aboard
S9 638 The Trail Ends Mike and Victoria follow trail to Sacred Pool, go to LWK
T0 702 The Drop Balloon drop to orbit, Exiler is waiting.
T1 718 Fertility Jill arrives at a new world orbiting Barnard's Star
T2 686 Countermeasures Exiler evades US laser with chaff.
T4 670 Freeball During a Freeball game, Robyn searches for Ark, Chuck follows.
T6 688 The Choice Chuck tries to stop Robyn, Hope offers her Golden Gift
T8 590 Blink and Miss It Exiler to Mars, Chuck assumes ship destroyed
U0 648 The Ready Room Yeshua recruits Jerry and other pilots to fly a final air combat mission
U1 769 Phobos Exiler arrives at Phobos, and Hope is backed up
U3 767 The Attempt Abaddon makes his bid to escape to Palato
U5 772 The Rim Jerry and Mike say their farewells on the rim of the Sacred Mountain
U8 754 Relieved Binah confronts Belial once more and lays down the law.
V0 568 Inbound Exiler approaches Mercury.
V1 720 The Swarm Jerry and his eleven volunteers begin their mission


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