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Page Words Title Summary
F2 600 Reality 2.0 Robyn lays out the changes they wrought by interfering with the Watergate burglary.
F6 697 Cis-Lunar The Gervasi Crime Family meets up again, this time on the Moon.
F9 567 Taurus The Gervasi Crime Family get their first look at Taurus City, Selene.
G1 688 Deviation The Apollo 17 mission goes wildly off-script.
G3 649 Apollo Robyn encounters the Apollo 17 crew in the Taurus-Littrow valley.
G5 692 Micro Lilith hires a software guru after interviewing legendary nerds from Reality 2.0
G8 723 Ariel Robyn gives birth to Ariel, and Astrodyne gives birth to the Micro.
H0 717 Hunky Jill gives birth to a baby dirk, and Astrodyne ships the Micro-75 computer.
H4 658 Crowded Moon Apollo 18 was five guys instead of just three, and they had to jostle with Russians and Gervasi's folks.
H7 689 Viking Carl Sagan tries to explain new images coming from the Viking Orbiter, and the Micro-77 comes out.
H8 580 Godspeed Sen. John Glenn and Aleksei Leonov meet up with Jill and Ambe in Taurus City and have a chat.
I2 701 Charybdis A mysterious and deadly whirlpool appears in the ocean near New Zealand.
I3 687 Hybla-Dia With Yeshua in attendance, Talishi offers Belial his pick of one of a pair of her planets
I5 Liaison Jerry and Lilith get together, and Astrodyne ships the Micro-79.
I8 728 Brand Lilith gives birth to her own son, Brand, and Astrodyne rolls out the Micro-80
J1 606 Monopoly Astrodyne pushes out the Micro-81 and Mark Felton ends up in court
J2 637 Shyla & Brand Yeshua rounds up Shyla and her half-brother Brand after they fulfill a task for him
J4 707 Chayn Talishi rounds up Chayn after she delivers horses to the Roshites in Nath.
J5 698 Del Lilith rounds up her grandchild Del, a healer of wounded Roshites in Hamar.
J6 696 Axis of Evil The Earth delegations arrive at Taurus City
J8 712 Possession Hunky talks Chuck into having sex and ends up having Chuck's body...literally.
J9 683 Summit Belial opens the Summit by bringing his eternal warfare to an end
K0 759 The Acquisition Hunky adds Chayn to hyz growing collection of Bene Elohim
K1 754 World Shaping Lilith begins to describe the terraforming of the worlds of Sol
K2 753 Defection Jill confronts har son Hunky, who attempts to possess har
K3 720 New Lands Lilith gives the final details of the terraforming program
K4 699 Loose Ends The Summit wraps up with a bone tossed to the Americans
K5 703 Mother Node The Micro-82 comes out, and changes everything
K6 667 Apollyon Hunky meets the son of Emperor Abaddon
K8 646 InterWorld Lilith asks Jill to embark on the first Beater starship.
L0 749 Harem Hunky's ambition takes him to a place where his luck runs out.
L1 739 The Raid Exiler attacks Terel's homestead on Europa
L2 736 Preferences Jill knows Hunky is dead, after making love to Mike one last time
L3 528 The Frigate Terel's family fights off Exiler's crew
L4 654 Underway Jill is seen off to Barnard's Star by Lilith, who warns about Hunky's work
L5 657 White Rock Terel flees to White Rock, obtains sanctuary, but Exiler must go
L6 713 Project Hope Lilith plots Project Hope with Robyn, Mike, and Jerry.
L7 732 Transit Lahatiel and Nuriel transit to Palato, make love enroute
L8 708 Audience Lahatiel brought before Belial, Lilith storms in saying he's a dead god walking
L9 737 Doubling Down White Rock besieged by Chastizer, which is destroyed
M0 624 Confrontation Lahatiel witnesses exchange between Lilith and Belial
M1 749 Inbound Robyn and Lilith to Mercury in tethered ships
M2 685 Promotion Azibeel defeats opponent, Belial makes Lahatiel commodore
M3 686 Umbilical Robyn and Lilith cut their tether and separate.
M4 711 The Draft Lahatiel hand-picks crew of Exiler
M5 732 Bots Robyn and Lil steal bots, Robyn tells of projectiles
M6 677 Shakedown Exiler shakedown cruise puts down some Beaters
M7 693 Catalyst Lilith ignores Robyn, dies in laser hit from Mercury
M8 674 The Recruit Lahatiel's parents are safe in the LWK, Lahatiel is recruited by Yeshua
M9 787 Venus Robyn to Venus, Bot made into Hope.
N0 844 Insurrection The officers of Exiler join Lahatiel in his cabal against Belial
N1 746 Birthday Parents Hope to Earth, Victoria and Mike to adopt
N2 644 Deception The crew Exiler prepare an elaborate ruse for Abbadon
N4 666 The Errand Abbadon orders Exiler to Proxima via Xanthos
N5 744 The Canal Egypt invades Sinai, Lilith reports for duty
N7 701 Incursion Belial and John Glenn embark on their raid of Selene
N8 687 The Beach Del hits beach at Suez
N9 701 Rhene Lahatiel to Rhene, uses blank orders to release criminal in name of Belial.
O1 713 Xanthos Exiler identifies Gnome Dome as the heart of the Iron Fist.
O2 674 Picket Belial's invasion force found by Jerry and Debby on patrol.
O3 746 Suez City The Suez City attack.
O4 624 Cabala Dome Lahatiel captured, held in Cabala Dome
O5 698 First Line Orbiting mines thin out invading force.
O6 604 Buttream Del and Brand are chewed out by Colonel Adan.
O8 685 Air-to-Air Dogfight gets Belial's fleet strung out on a line.
O9 693 To the Front Del goes to the front against's Adan's orders.
P0 713 Proxima Exiler to Proxima, bed down for the night.
P1 693 Crossing the T Taurus City laser takes out ships, Belial takes out Jerry.
P2 670 Airburst Shyla in avatar of Binah takes out Egyptian column.
P3 649 The Convert Ithuriel receives son, decides to give Lahatiel a great gift.
P4 697 North Massif Abaddon goes cross-country towards Taurus City.
P5 676 Galatea Suez City to Galatea, meet up with other half of Bravo Battalion
P6 706 Leverage Exiler crew is shown the FTL pod
P7 739 Massacre The entire DECON detachment is wiped out
P8 613 Deversoir Galatea to Deversoir, attack begins
P9 642 Superluminal Exiler directly to Gorpai, through jumpspace.
Q0 720 Outsider Abaddon reaches the Taurus City rooftop.
Q1 624 Resignation Del resigns hez IDF commission
Q3 688 Duel Abaddon and Gordon fight to the death.
Q4 694 The Mission Exiler to Alodra, dependents received by the queen
Q5 737 Malekwa Malekwa is trained and returned to Earth with a gift.
Q6 713 Hostage Azibeel uses Chayn as a "hostage" to escape Selene.
Q7 664 Marching Orders Exiler departs Central
Q8 626 Nurse Abaddon is prevented from dying by Del.
R0 754 Refurbishment Hope is taken to Earth, and Chuck is entrusted with the Ark
R1 786 Ambush Malekwa hankers after some beef on the hoof.
R2 740 Liberty Call The crew of Exiler enjoys some down time at Taurus City.
R3 695 McWorld Victoria takes Hope to school in the Seattle suburbs
R4 709 Midway El Shaddai has a heart-to-heart talk with Chuck
R6 656 The Quest The Royals in the Land We Know vow to kill Demonstroke
R7 703 Abduction Hope chooses to go with Robyn
R9 631 Gods & Demigods Belial is confronted by Lahatiel.
S0 759 Veritas Robyn tells Hope the truth and nothing but the truth.
S3 683 The Search Victoria and Mike search in morning, find DECON agents searching too
S5 705 Balloon Robyn and Hope ascend Doll Hill without detection.
S7 695 Museum Mark, Mike, and Vic visit a very strange museum
S8 719 Milk Run Exiler to low Earth orbit, with Abaddon aboard
S9 638 The Trail Ends Mike and Victoria follow trail to Sacred Pool, go to LWK
T0 702 The Drop Balloon drop to orbit, Exiler is waiting.
T1 718 Fertility Jill arrives at a new world orbiting Barnard's Star
T2 686 Countermeasures Exiler evades US laser with chaff.
T4 670 Freeball During a Freeball game, Robyn searches for Ark, Chuck follows.
T6 688 The Choice Chuck tries to stop Robyn, Hope offers her Golden Gift
T8 590 Blink and Miss It Exiler to Mars, Chuck assumes ship destroyed
U0 648 The Ready Room Yeshua recruits Jerry and other pilots to fly a final air combat mission
U1 769 Phobos Exiler arrives at Phobos, and Hope is backed up
U3 767 The Attempt Abaddon makes his bid to escape to Palato
U5 772 The Rim Jerry and Mike say their farewells on the rim of the Sacred Mountain
U8 754 Relieved Binah confronts Belial once more and lays down the law.
V0 568 Inbound Exiler approaches Mercury.
V1 720 The Swarm Jerry and his eleven volunteers begin their mission
V3 Half-hearted Selenites battle Mercury, Adnarel deliberately misses them.
V7 Breaking Rules Robyn and Lilith search for mass-driver (Lilith on camps)
V9 Tram Robyn and Lilith ride a tram (Lil on after the camps)
W3 Unraveling Story Lahatiel's explanation fails, Suriel ordered back to Mercury
W4 Auguring In Aerial combat, Vic vs. Joy, and Demonstroke dies.
W5 Sacrifice Play Robyn dies, but saves Sol. Lilith is captured soon after.
W6 Choosing Sides After Suriel and Barakiel restrain Belkin, Suriel turns against Belial's fleet.
W7 Inquiry Lilith witnesses the brutal torture of Lahatiel
W8 Final Business Blackseed stands between Goldstaff and fallen Victoria
W9 Still Neck When Azibeel refuses to stand down, Lilith instructs Jill to wake Yefefiah.
X1 Slumber's End Yefefiah wakes up to Jill's mind-touch
X2 Unveiled Last Selenite ship destroyed. Hope reveals she is Binah.
X3 Ground Duel Blackseed killed by Goldstaff
X5 Girlfight Azibeel and Lilith fight
X6 Rejection Binah is investigated by El, who is repulsed by her memory of torture
X7 Lovebirds Goldstaff courts Victoria
X8 725 Hybla Chokhmah assassinated at Central, rejected by El
X9 Unmasked Azibeel removes mask, reveals he is neither the emperor nor Belial, but Hunky
Y1 772 The Execution Yeshua's death is investigated by El and Bat-El is rejected
Y2 Kurgan Young royals approve new Kingdom of Kurgan.
Y4 Acceptance Hope kills Azibeel, takes control of GIC
Y6 Plea Bargain Mastema pleads to save his life, betrays thousands.
Y7 Startup Robyn and Erik begin hike to Sacred Mountain
Y8 Fate Judgment against Belial, killed by antimatter.
Y9 Third Deluge Gorpai's ice melting, mountains are islands
Z0 Waterfall Robyn and her father cross Catwalk on their way up.
Z1 Lucky roll Exiler finds a new system, moves toward Fertility.
Z2 Side benefits Belial's second harem nearby uncovered.
Z3 Returnees Some of the Belters begin to resettle Gorpai.
Z4 The Top Robyn and Erik reach the top of the Sacred Mt.
Z5 Planetfall Exiler crew settle Fertility, a Kansas planet.
Z6 669 Selene Immortal Del takes charge of graviformed Luna.
Z8 714 City of God Robyn and Erik Lokken attain the ultimate destiny which awaits all things.
Z9 601 Fertility A pregnant Lilith finds the Exiler crew on Fertility with matching bellies, and joins their colony.


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