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In the wake of the 1982 Summit the fortunes of the United States declined markedly due to the irrational response of certain Christians who led the country after they were faced with the actual angels, gods, messiahs and devils of their own theology. In many ways their reaction paralleled what happened in Judea after Alexander the Great died and left no heir.

Alexander' generals divided the empire between themselves and became rivals. They put on royal crowns and so did their sons after them. The gen- eral named Seleucus I Nicator founded an empire centered in Asia Minor that ruled much of the land conquered by Alexander from Thrace to India. At that time many Jews began to adopt the ways of the Greeks who dominated them. They built gymnasiums where nudity was standard, tried to reverse their circumcision, and no longer observed the ordinances of the Mosaic Law.

With some support of these secularized Jews, Antiochus IV Ephiphanes declared Judaism abolished and dedicated the temple in Jerusalem to Zeus. Many Jews were willing (even eager) to abandon their old religion, but the priest Mattathias began a set of terrorist acts to deter Hellenized Jews from sacrificing to Zeus. This eventually became a full-scale revolution to return Judea to the fundamentalist doctrines instituted by Ezra.

In America the revolution was from the top down and was chiefly manifested by the creation of a secret agency called Domestic Enemies Classification, Observation, and Neutralization, or DECON. Domestic enemies were defined as those American citizens who embraced the changes brought by the bene elohim at the Summit which the United States boycotted. Mere possession of a Micro was a felony. It was a curious fact that partisan politics had very little to do with it. Although President Ford (R) established DECON in 1983, President Kennedy (D) appointed Senator Glenn (D) to head it in 1985.

Two hundred DECON agents making up an expedition to invade the Moon were lofted using a new launch laser constructed at the Florida cape named after the President's assassinated older brother. In the sudden zero gravity many of the agents began vomiting, some from an upset stomach, but more perhaps from fear. It set off a chain reaction of vomiting and there was misery all around in the earliest hours of the flight. Even space veteran and DECON director John Glenn had to close his helmet before the smell made him puke.

Abaddon traveled by fold-door from Palato to his temple on the southeast corner of the Land We Know, where he was picked up by a transport identical in every way to one of Glenn's except for propulsion. Abaddon had been willing to give the Americans the prints to the spacecraft, but kept matter-flippers secret. Each one of these vessels could carry twenty-five yeng or men. The Emperor's son Azibeel accompanied him, and there no longer was any need for pretense. Father and son understood one another. Abaddon said to hym, I am counting on your knowledge of Taurus City to lead us directly to the Ark of the Covenant so the humans have no way to attract the attention of a star. If Ithuriel has a breakthrough I can be waiting for Binah's ship with a fleet. If both plans fail, the community of elohim will reject my enemies for putting on the bodies of Earth primates.

El Shaddai has never accepted a merger with planetdweller flesh.

For that case I have a blade poised over his head at Mercury.

Abaddon's troop transport was joined by seven more, and all of these flew in formation with the spacecraft carrier Trespasser, whose name, at this particular time, was apropos. The ID Grid orbited Ganymede, Ganymede orbited Sol, Sol orbited the galactic center and the whole shooting match was flying toward the Great Attractor. So none of the elohim knew precisely where the ID Grid was with respect to Jupiter, all they had to do was send vessels flying far enough west from the Land We Know to the structure, wherever it was. And where they popped out, due to perfidy, was the Earth- Sun L2 point, about three-quarters of a million miles past the moon.

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