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Nyduly Wood was famed for its trees, the Academy for its treehouse. There the children learned their final lesson, though none of the elohim or bene elohim were present as teachers. It was a lesson learned by countless children since the dawn of time: "I'll Show You Mine & You Show Me Yours."

Inge had straight hair so blonde it was almost white. The eyebrows over her baby blues were nearly white as well, giving the appearance at first glance of having no eyebrows at all, yet her face was peppered with brown freckles for spice. By lot, she was the first one to strip. Everyone had the same academy shirt and tie, but the bottom half of their uniform depended on gender. Inge dropped her gray skirt and panties, and everyone could see her freckles extended over her whole body. They saw the fat lips of her labia but the nephilim wanted to see better so one of them said, Legs up!. Inge lay on the floor for their inspection, and they saw that human girls were "two holers." The nephilim were astonished that Inge had only a bare stretch of skin where her other pussy should be.

Abdiel, a dirk of the Brown Hairs, was the next name pulled out of the hat. He dropped his red trousers and undershorts and assumed the position with- out being ordered to do so and without a shred of body modesty. As you can see, hy said, one holer, two dicks, two nutsacks, one nut each.

Dory was a budding bodybuilder in build, but when sha doffed her shirt and red skirt, going completely nude, her muscles were not so bulky that they overrode the feminine layer of fat on her skin, which was darker than any of the other kids. Sha was beautiful, but Dory would always be what cruel kids called a Butterface. That is, a great body, "but her face..."

It was Inanna's turn, and che wore red shorts, but the other children were curious why Muran, also a jen, wore gray shorts. They made the two strip together so they could do a side-by-side comparison, and everyone saw they where complementary jen. Muran had a dick above hez pussy, Inanna had a pussy above hez dick. And everyone remembered that Muran had taken to skis at Stampede Pass, while hez sibling Inanna merely rode a sedate inner tube.

Malekwa was a few years older than the rest of the children. He was old enough that some tentative hairs were beginning to grow around his genitals, and the "lesson" in the treehouse had excited him to the point that his dick was standing at attention. So the children learned yet another new thing. Legs up and they had him written down as a one holer, with one nutsack and two nuts, rather than two nutsacks with one nut apiece. And just like Inge he had that smooth bridge of skin that was unique to humans.

Hope never needed to go to the bathroom, so she had never seen what the other kids did in there. Seeing the variety of genitalia on display there was a completely novel experience for her. Now it was her turn, and it dawned on her, too late, that perhaps she had made a mistake by agreeing to participate in this impromptu lesson. The other children sensed her reluctance to strip and poured the pressure on. At length, Hope did remove her gray skirt, and what everyone saw was a girl as anatomically incorrect as a Barbie doll. Maybe her pussy was hiding. The ordered Hope to drop to the floor and put her legs in the air like the others had done, but no joy. Hope was a zero holer. How do you pee? How do you poo? they asked.

I don't, was the honest reply, and what followed was an even bigger mistake than Hope agreeing to attend the session. The children could have kept it all quiet and just forgot about it. Instead they shunned Hope as though she was a monster and evacuated the treehouse like it was on fire. Their frantic questions filtered up the chain of adults and in short order Victoria and Mark back at Taurus City knew their careful plans to keep Hope convinced that she was a human girl were in complete disarray. But Robyn said they'd have to deal with it later. Right now it was all hands on deck. Sha needed Victoria to fly down to Eilat with Brand, Shyla, and Ariel. Vic was to get aboard the Galatea to help Del save Israel.

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