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What is 'Occupation' says: every time you spend a buck in grocery store you use arab oil...

Top 10 suppliers of oil to the US, in thousand barrels per day, Jun 2010:

  1. CANADA - 2,197
  2. SAUDI ARABIA - 1,348
  3. MEXICO - 1,066
  4. NIGERIA - 1,066
  5. VENEZUELA - 850
  6. IRAQ - 630
  7. RUSSIA - 437
  8. ANGOLA - 425
  9. COLOMBIA - 387
  10. ALGERIA - 375

In the top three, Canada and Mexico are friendly neighbors. Columbia is a friendly near-neighbor. Angola is a Christian nation, Nigeria is 50-50 Christian and Muslim. Iraq is a virtual protectorate of the US. Venezuela has very heavy crude which only the US is rigged to refine, they have no choice but to sell it to us. Saudi Arabia has done embargos before, but with Iran flexing their claws, the KSA will be brought to heel just as it was in Gulf War I. That leaves Russia's 437,000 barrels a day, which we can make up with new Iraqi production coming on line. Yawn.

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