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  • RT @CSteven: Libs can write a Gun Ban bill in DAYS but can't write & pass a budget IN 4 YEARS.

aleykhat: .@Hummertoe I can 4see point of care DNA mouth swabbing in those instances ;)

  • RT @aleykhat: Had to go to ER. Had to put my palm on a optical scanner // And if you go in with hands chopped off you are out of luck
  • To be born twice is to die once, To be born once is to die twice.

Jethro_Aryeh: THANKS! @crhousel @P2Blogs @BlkLightDisco @BlkLightDisco @MyHooliganism @JoanieGentian @nescdem @iChrisg2009 @Bflo2LKN @millietes @Hummertoe

  • America will be forever in Barack Obama's debt, and that's precisely the problem!
  • RT @1SalPal: What are the chances Obama signs an executive order making it Barack Obama day? // Even God only wants 10% of your income
  • Forget Gun Control, I Want *CRIMINAL CONTROL*
  • If so strong in the ways of the Force Yoda is, construct a sentence with words in the proper order then why can't he?
  • I thought Obama was only going to tax the rich. How'd I get rich so fast in a recession?
  • The afterlife does not frighten those who are signatory to the Salvation Agreement Voiding Eternal Damnation (SAVED)
  • Danny Glover sez the 2nd Amendment was created to put down slave rebellions and subjugate Native Americans. Ooookay!

Jethro_Aryeh: RT @millietes: @Hummertoe @Jethro_Aryeh let's see how safe the slain parents who purchased the guns felt now

  • ObamaMath: $250,000 = Millionaire
  • Virus checking initiated... Completed. All viruses functioning normally.

millietes: @Hummertoe @Jethro_Aryeh let's see how safe the slain parents who purchased the guns felt now

  • RT @Coondawg68: Why do we need the 2nd Amend? It isn't as if the govt sent police at midnight to arrest a guy 4 blasphemy on YouTube
  • RT @JrcheneyJohn: Obama's Goal: Have Those That Work Hard, Work Harder For Those That Don't.
  • RT @Jethro_Aryeh: 15 Year Old Goes on Shooting Spree killing 5 in Albuquerque // Whoops, forgot the background check on this kid
  • RT @TheAdam2014: Background check to own a gun, but not to run a country.
  • RT @beesnguns: Gallup: 75% Would Vote 'For' Term Limits on Congress // Here's a thought...don't vote for the incumbent. Just sayin'
  • RT @BradleyStrohl: In my experience, #catholics are far worse than #muslims. // Sure. Those seventy-two virgins? They're nuns.
  • Jesus did not come to make God's love possible, but to make God's love visible.
  • RT @akstkpkr2: DiCaprio: I will fly around the world doing good for the environment http://t.co/axDrrrJN // Hollyweird hypocrites
  • Politically Correct term for terrorism: Muslim activist-assisted homicide.
  • RT @BCkjn: Why is it the Mass Shooters are Never NRA Members, and are always registered Democrats?
  • Good health is grand, the fine for not getting health coverage will be two grand.
  • The majority isn't silent, Washington is deaf
  • So, where's the American Civil RESPONSIBILITIES Union?
  • A penny saved is a Congressional oversight
  • Politics: (n.) involuntary movements of a TelePrompTer-reading parrot
  • Obamacare combines the efficiency of the postal system with the compassion of the IRS
  • The United States is home to the richest poor people in the world
  • Paul Revere'd the right to bear arms. Will you?
  • Communism is dead...they all became Democrats
  • Clintoon: "I feel your pain".... Obama: "I *AM* your pain!"
  • Liberals, my last cow just died, so I won't need your bull anymore.
  • Money talks, but ever since Obama became President all mine ever says is "See ya!"
  • Jimmy Carter today quietly celebrated his ascent to number 43 on the list of all-time greatest Presidents.
  • MSNBC is so far to the left you need a second television screen just to see it.
  • The difference between Obama and the dog he ate? His dog didn’t poop on the rug and blame it on the prior dog.
  • The difference between traditional free-market capitalism and centrally-planned liberal socialism is plenty.
  • Link to a map showing the addresses of all the criminals in the US with guns...oh that's right, criminals don't register their guns.
  • Percentage of millionaires: Congress=50%, USA=1%. Seven of the ten richest suburbs in America are clustered around DC. Go figure.
  • What is the definition of gross ignorance? 144 Democrats
  • The Democratic emblem is a jackass — obviously a character reference
  • True, Obama is eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction, but it shouldn't impact the average American living in the new communes.
  • Liberals prefer their Constitution printed on a convenient 250 sheet twin-ply roll
  • 92% of convicted murders are Democrats...Conclusion: Guns don't kill people...Democrats do!
  • BHO Admin.: The outcome in Syria may be 180 degrees out from our previous position but we'll see which side wins and take credit.
  • The American flag is the decoration of independence
  • The West Wing is just like a cactus, except the pricks are on the inside
  • WA built light rail, but there's no parking because you're supposed to ride your carbon-neutral bike to the train from your commune
  • You can burn the flag and put Jesus in urine at taxpayer's expense, but burn the Koran and it's a matter for the United Nations.
  • Liberals: Talk radio causes home grown terrorism. Conservatives: Devil Music causes teen suicide
  • If you're not part of the solution, you're a liberal
  • RT @wife3kidsnodogs: I've never met a liberal that was generous // They are awful generous with MY money
  • Capitalism is the naturally unequal production of wealth. Socialism is the artificially equal distribution of poverty.
  • I caught a liberal trying to open the trunk of my car yesterday. I had to tell him I locked him in there for a reason
  • I like that teacher who would staple McDonalds job applications to the tests of students who failed. Give that one a raise.
  • BBC: Top Afghan militant captured (terrorists are "militants", rioters are "youthful activists", US drones only hit day care centers)
  • The ChiComs force Chinese Catholics to substitute the Roman Catholic Church in China with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.
  • RT @HeyTammyBruce Martian rock in Sahara desert estimated to be 2 billion years old // Once you scrape under the Jihadist graffiti
  • RT @GreatDismal The Als: Gore and Jazeera // Also Wintermute and Neuromancer.
  • Christ paid a debt he didn't owe to satisfy a debt we couldn't pay. #tcot
  • RT @hale_razor: If I had a $ every time capitalism was blamed 4 the problems caused by govt I'd be a fat filmmaker with a baseball cap
  • "When Machine Stops Remove Clothes" - explaining a naked liberal in a laundromat
  • U.S. admits Mexican cartels control parts of the border (I'm glad SOMEONE is controlling it).
  • If Rabbi Daniel Lapin posted links to his blog on Twitter, would that be kosher Spam?
  • Those who say President Obama is not really a born again Christian are afterbirthers.
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