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The  Tabernacle,  or Meeting Tent, was constructed by materials  and  labor  which  was donated by artisans from Israel, Hamar, and Nath.  The  required  materials  were gold, silver, brass, fine linen, goats' hair,  rams'  skins  dyed  red,  badgers'  skins, shittim wood, oil for the  light,  spices  for  anointing oil and for sweet incense, onyx stones, and stones to be set  for  the  ephod  and the breastplate. With these materials, craftsmen  made  the  tabernacle, the staves to carry the Ark, the altar and its staves, all  the  altar's  vessels,  and  the showbread. They made the  candlestick  for  the  light,  the incense altar, and the hanging for the door at the entrance  of  the tabernacle.  At this door Mike and Gordon blocked the way.

Abaddon hesitated.  He was nearly exhausted, for one thing.  But the Emperor could not back down in the sight of  his son without  contradicting many  centuries of patriarchy bluster, and both Gordon and Mike knew it.  Abaddon  asked, Which ones are they, and what are their powers?

The  one  with the rifle is Mike, father, one of the original  five  bene elohim.   He can...hold his breath for a very long time.  The other one  is Gordon,  son of Jerry and Ambe.  He can move small objects with  his  mind, which makes him great fun at parties but he's essentially harmless.

Spectators began to arrange themselves about in trees, on boulders, and  in  nooks and crannies all around them.   Whatever happened, it was going to be  even better than Freeball.  Intrepid journalist Diane Sawyer rushed to  the  scene with a crew bearing lights and camera gear, yelling Wait!   Immediately  she had her Interworld crew set up their equipment, while a  half-dozen girls attended to both Gordon and Abaddon with make-up.  

Abaddon's dignity was at a breaking point.  What is this? hy yelled.    

Diane  gaped  at hym.  Do you realize how many people are  watching  this war,  Sire?  Do you want to look like hell on camera?  And  she  motioned  for the girls to continue to make Abaddon look good but ridiculous.

When the emperor saw that Diane was finally ready to shoot, he drew out his  sword.  In  a sign of contempt for his foe, Abaddon bypassed   the   traditional  opening   formalities of salute  and  counter-salute.    He  simply  stood  there  with his blade in hand and tried to stare Gordon  down.   Few  could withstand the withering gaze of the Gerash Patriarch.

So Gordon, in reply, also bypassed the traditional opening formalities.  He  completely  skipped the stupid alpha-male bluster, like rams beating  their  heads  together, where  the opponents circled one another and  made  little  quick thrusts and parries to gauge the opponent and try to  shake loose  an  opening.   Don't  macho men always have to do that, he thought?    In   his  childhood  fistfights in the Land We Knew he had always begun by   throwing   open   palms  against the other kid's chest, saying Come on!  over  and  over  again until  they had made each other angry enough to start  throwing  fists.   But then the Fallen Angels taught him fists were lousy weapons and  open hands even  more  so.  They trained Gordon to grab his foe immediately  and  pull his face into a rising knee. So it was that Gordon let go of  his  blade and let it hover in the air.  The blade flipped to the horizontal and  pointed  directly  at Abaddon.  Then the blade became a missile  that  flew  right into the emperor's chest. No fanfare.   It was  totally   unexpected,  therefore  it succeeded.  The point was to kill the emperor, not jerk off.

Azibeel saw that his father's wound was mortal.  Abaddon turned to hyz  son  and  tried to speak, but no words came out.  Before he could  die,  Azibeel  was  determined to let hym see that hyz son was determined to complete  the  mission.   He  pointed a gun at Chayn's head and stood  forth  so  everyone  could see. Bring forth the Ark of the Covenant or this woman will die.     And you will die directly afterwards, said Mike, but after some hesitation he and Gordon entered the tent to retrieve the Ark.

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